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Baronne Prevost just keeps giving me “one last bloom”

Lisa Adams
December 6, 2018
last modified: December 6, 2018

It’s been raining here, thankfully. I couldn’t stop myself from going our into the downpour to snip these beauties. Pictures to follow in comment, as usual.....Lisa

Comments (22)

  • jerijen

    She's wonderful that way.

    Lisa Adams thanked jerijen
  • Lisa Adams

    A big fat bloom

    I tried to rearrange the roses, after taking the first photos. The Baronne is so prickly that everything else came out of the vase, along with the rose stem. This is one where my stem strippers should have been used:)

    This is a little better.

    I took this photo, just to show all the side buds. I’m pretty sure they will open indoors, promising long time enjoyment.

    A darker picture.

    I really do love Baronne Prevost. In my dry climate, his foliage stays quiet clean (never been sprayed). I cut each cane back very deeply when I deadhead or cut blooms for the vase, and at his largest,(which is this time of year) my Baronne Prevost is about 3-4F wide by about 6F tall. I’m sure he’d be much larger, if I let him. The Damask-like fragrance is one of my favorites. This Hybrid Perpetual is one of those roses, that many remark upon when they see it. As my sister said, “ I didn’t know that roses like that really existed anymore. I’ve only seen this kind of rose in old paintings!” Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    Jeri, is Baronne the title for a “she” or a “he”? I ought to look it up, but I think Ingrid once called the Baronne a “he”, so I just went with it. Not that it matters. I call most of my roses “she” or “her”, unless they have a “manly” name, like ‘Mel’s Heritage’. Lisa

  • Lisa Adams

    A couple of bonus pictures. I’ve been under the weather, so I haven’t been out much. I did snap a few while I cut the above roses, and a FEW weren’t blurry.

    An Evelyn bloom way up high.

    I hastily cut a couple stems that were within easy reach.

    One ........oh no! My foggy brain can’t dredge up the name:(. A David Austin that does well in the heat. Got it! Carding Mill.

    And a single stem of Golden Buddha, picked just before our rainstorm.

    Lots of beautiful blooms for a single stem!

    That’s all for now. Somehow just posting has exhausted my brain today. Hope you enjoyed:). Lisa

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    I very much enjoyed, Lisa, and lovely roses to see on this rainy and extremely windy morning. Baronne, by the way, is a she, while Baron is the he version. I'm so happy that she's doing so well for you, but then most roses seem to love your conditions. The white and blue flowers with her cool pink color are perfect. Your Carding Mill is big and beautiful and was also great for me in the heat, but if I had to choose now I'd choose Evelyn, with her more demure and gentle appearance.

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  • Lisa Adams

    Thank you, Ingrid. I should have known Jeri was correct in referring to Baronne Prevost as “she”. Now I just have to retrain my mind to call her a “she”. Once something sticks in my mind, I have a hard time changing it:)

    She’s been a great success here, and I’m very happy with each “last bloom” I get. Her fragrance fills my bedroom. The companion blooms have self sown everywhere, so I have a good supply during all but the very hottest months of the year. The Chinese Forget-Me-Nots even bloom during the heat, if given enough shade and water.

    I would agree with you about ‘Carding Mill’ vs ‘Evelyn’. Evelyn’s blooms are more my colors, and they hold up better in a vase. I’m still eyeing that one ‘Evelyn’ bloom from my window. It’s not easily accessible, the rain is POURING down, and I’m feeling unwell, so I’ll probably have to leave it outside. It’s very tempting, though. I hope you’re getting as much rain as I am:). Lisa

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    We're getting a good amount of rain, Lisa, although it's the LA area that's really getting hammered. These are storms, and we've even had thunder and lightning. Please don't go outside, it's pouring now, and Evelyn will have to fend for herself. Getting wet and cold will not be a good thing for you.

    Lisa Adams thanked ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9
  • Genevre

    Hi, Lisa -- What lovely photos of a glorious rose! I've had the Baronne for several years, all in a small pot until this spring. Even in that pot, she put out huge fragrant flowers. Her flowers have actually been smaller in the ground this year. I'm hoping for more and bigger blooms now that she is more established in the border.

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  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)

    I can smell Baronne and the scent is wonderful. Mine is will be 1;year old in Feb. It is still growing but hates the rain. It has the cousin of BS not sure the name. It rain a few days ago and I see a few leaves being affected already. Nevertheless, it still blooms. I hope mine will grow big like yours.
    Lisa, your blooms are beautiful. It is getting dark here so I took a pic or two.

    Lisa Adams thanked Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Well, thanks a lot for more enabling

    Yes Lisa and Jin I am looking at you. I have my perfect garden plan all set and then you post a picture of the Baronne. 12 minutes ago I was all set for roses and now, good grief ! Now I cant possibly live without the Baronne. Oh well, I guess I better buy another pot.

    Seriously , what a fabulous rose!

    Lisa Adams thanked Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
    Kristine, you kidding !! You have fabulous roses that make me go out and buy. I am swooning all over your pics.
    I can't wait to see your roses in Spring.
    Lisa Adams thanked Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
  • pippacovalent

    I'm in the same boat as Kristine...I had my plan set but clearly I need to work Baronne in now lol. So beautiful!!

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  • Lisa Adams

    She is beautiful, and of all my roses, none say”antique”, or “romantic” quite like she does. Did I mention her scent is fabulous?

    Genevre, mine started out with smaller blooms, but now they’re at least as large as my palm. They’re huge( the blooms, not so much my palms.) lol I’m sure yours is just settling in again.

    Jin, yours looks great! Isn’t her scent wonderful? She actually looks very clean, especially for your climate. Mine has about 10 “dirty” looking leaves near the bottom, that I’ll pick off when I feel better.

    Kristine and Pipa, I’m sure you’d both love her. I certainly do! I’m always happy to return the enabling:)

    Ingrid, I managed to restrain myself. Evelyn is still outside. I think we even got some hail this afternoon. I spent my afternoon sleeping, and just got up because Millie and Dexter woke me up to remind me it was dinner time. Sabby had the right idea for today.

    They’ve been fed, so I’m going back to bed for the night. I feel like I need it, but hope I can sleep all night, after my giant nap. If I’m posting at 2 AM, you’ll know why:). Lisa

    Here’s a bush shot I took this afternoon that I didn’t show earlier, but since a couple of you are considering her......

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Lisa, I hope you get a good night's sleep, and feel better in the morning. I was sorry to read you're feeling not so good. When the rain has a chance to soak into the soil, it will be wonderful for all your flowers. Evelyn seems to stand up to rain pretty well around here, though your rain is a whole lot heavier than anything we've had. Of course, I adore your Evelyn, but Carding Mill and the branch of Golden Buddha are a pretty close second in beauty. What lovely apricot coloring they all have. Baronne Prevost is a beauty, too, and I had to look her up of HMF to educate myself about such a splendid rose......Sleep without guilt to noon. Diane

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  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    gosh... all these nice roses... I wish I could get the scent from 'BP' that others mention because to my nose, there are many others I prefer... I'm just not getting too much so far... on a warm day maybe, but most times it's rather weak in this department even during the heat this summer I didn't notice too much...

    Lisa that's a very nice living room, and love the way you managed to get yourself in the picture... at first glance I thought you had a nice painting on the wall, but on closer inspection I see it's the photographer herself reflected in the mirror...

    It's always fun to see our living spaces...

    Lisa Adams thanked Marlorena-z8 England-
  • Lisa Adams

    Thanks, Diane. I did sleep until 8 AM this morning, so I must have needed it. I think I might feel a bit better today, but we’ll see how the day goes. I slept, but had bizarre dreams, for what seemed like all night long. That may have been due to the muscle relaxant I had to take for the MS spasms. Anyway, the reason I mention my crazy dreams, is that one was that I was walking along a street in Amsterdam (no, not THAT streetalthough I have walked it with my cousin, just to say I’ve seen it.). Anyway, I dreamt that people were asking me, “Hoe groot is jou palm?” In English, this means, “How big is your palm?” This morning I realized it was because of my remark about the size of the Baronne Prevost blooms. Strange how the brain works.

    That was a long explanation for why I took this picture this morning:) Lisa

  • Krista_5NY

    These Baronne blooms are wonderful... I have two Baronnes planted side by side, more like a Hybrid Tea than a shrub in my garden setting. It's a great rose for a vase.

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  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)

    Lisa, I love your dreams. Best dreams are of roses and second best travelling. Can't beat that !!
    I am glad you wrote about the size of the blooms. I wanted to ask you anyways :)
    My BO is barely reaching 2 inches. one is like over an inch and the other is slightly bigger but nothing like yours .
    It does smell wonderful. I also can smell Cecil Brunner wafting thr same night I took pics of Baronne. I was about 1 or 2 ft when I smell it. Hurray !! I can smell roses .
    Here, it is in day time.


    Lisa Adams thanked Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
  • Lisa Adams

    Marlorena, we must have cross posted. I wasn’t sure what you meant about my being in the picture, at first. I hoped you weren’t referring to the painting of the “butt cat”. It is of course a BOBCAT, but “Butt cat” is an old family joke. My dad commissioned a painter who wasn’t native to this country, to paint a series of three wildlife paintings, a heron, a raccoon, a bobcat. On the bill, it said; 3 paintings, one raccoon, one heroin,(as in the illegal drug), and one buttcat. When my parents sold the cabin in Utah, where they hung, we each got to chose one of the paintings. Since I’m the eldest of three, I was allowed to chose first. Since I love cats, and we had always had a hoot referring to it as “The Buttcat painting”, it was an easy choice. Now that you pointed it out, I do see myself in the mirror! I wouldn’t have noticed that, on my phone. I’m thankful I wasn’t in my robe, or pjs:) Good eye!

    Krista, I agree that Baronne Prevost is rather HT shaped. Mine will look more HT shaped, once I cut off the longer canes on each side. It’s obvious that I’ve been cutting in her middle.

    Marlorena, I’m surprised that you don’t get more fragrance. I’m lucky to get good fragrance from any of my roses in my hot, dry climate. I get fragrance from BP even during the summer. I would have thought your climate would be much more cunducive to fragrance. Yours isn’t that young, is it? I don’t remember noticing the fragrance as much the first two years.

    Jin, yours looks so happy with the cooler weather. I know mine is! My blooms were on the smaller side for the first two years. I’m sure yours will just get bigger and better. Lisa

  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    Lisa, my rose is maybe 3 years old... I'm going to hope for some really good scents this coming summer... like you I would have thought my cooler climate would be conducive to great scent on this one...

    …I noticed the Bobcat picture too and what a funny story to go with it, I'm sorry for whoever got the 'heroin' picture... that must be a family joke...

    ...and pleased you could see what I meant in the mirror... I love that mirror, I used to have one very similar...

    Lisa Adams thanked Marlorena-z8 England-
  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    That's funny, I saw you first in the picture, Lisa, then your lovely Sabby and then your lovely living room.

    Everyone's pictures of Baronne Prevost are gorgeous, and I would imagine such a sumptuous-looking rose to have a great fragrance. It seems to do well in very different climates.

    Lisa Adams thanked ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9
  • Lisa Adams

    Ha Ha! I’m only sorry that I had my “granny reading glasses” on, but I had no idea I was talking a self portrait! Thanks, I enjoy my living room, too. My brother got the “heroin picture”. He has a great sense of humor,(as Ingrid knows) and thinks it’s hilarious.

    Marolena, I wonder if you’ll get more scent from Baronne Prevost next year. I don’t remember remarking much about HER:) scent until last year, year three. Lisa

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