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Best doubles of 2018 Season

December 6, 2018

Post your best three and as many runners up as you would like. The two doubles I still have bloomed mostly single last year, and I did not photograph them. I'm looking forward to seeing yours though. This is the last category in the Bests. We'll look forward to posting more daylily photos when Sherry starts the Alphabet in January.


Comments (20)

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Only three doubles bloomed in my gardens. I have a few additions I’m waiting on. Siloam Double Delight has been here a long time, it was my first double, very reliable. Doubles don’t seem to be as popular, I think they add a nice contrast to the gardens

    Night Embers has been here for more than a decade. It doesn’t have a prime spot here but does well anyway. The blooms always look the same, consistently good. I hope Celeste posts her’s, it’s color is so different than mine.
    Fancy Buttons is my Runner Up, it bloomed for the first time this past season. It was a bonus for me. If I saw it in person I would have ordered it. Another pink is always good!

  • KarenPA_6b

    I like your Night Embers, Sherry! What a beautiful deep dark color! I have only a few doubles. Madge Cayse is my favorite though bud count is low and plant is not vigorous.

  • celeste

    I agree with Sherry that it seems like doubles are not as popular. (Just like the miniatures). I do grow some just to vary my collection of daylilies but they're not my favorite form. The ones I have, I like. BTW, none of mine have ever bloomed as a single.

    My top three are:


    This one is hands down the winner. It increases rapidly, blooms profusely every year, has great color and makes a good plant. If I could only have one double, this would be it.


    This one grows tall in my garden and blends in harmoniously with it's soft coloring.


    It's an oldie but a goodie. The color is wonderful.



    This one is a bit gaudy and not to everyone's taste BUT it is a real performer. It blooms better than any other of my doubles.


    A good performer and blooms into the late season here.


    I present the 'two looks' it shows in my garden. In warm weather it has more red tones and in cool weather it has more purple tones. It grows on tall, sturdy scapes here.


    This one could have been in my top 3. The two drawbacks are that it has a tough time recovering from my cold winters and it is short. But I love it's sunny face. I always smile when I see it blooming.


    New so I can't comment on performance but it's pretty.


    I always threaten to get rid of this one because it doesn't bloom well. I included it here because it's the last double I have to show. Madge Cayse was beautiful but I rarely saw it bloom.

  • celeste

    I'm back because I just realized I forgot to add SILOAM GLORY BEE. The reason I forgot is because a couple years ago I had dug it up and threw the clump toward the woods to get rid of it. I was tired of it being unpredictable. Well, it decided to be unpredictable again.....by returning from the dead!!!

    I was so startled to see it growing AND blooming away this summer at the edge of the back garden beneath the trees. I hadn't even noticed that it was growing last year because it didn't bloom. But it was hard to ignore this:

    Has anyone else had a plant return from the dead?

  • jkayd_il5

    OK, I have to admit this is not my best double this year but my favorite

    This is a seedling I grew The pod parent is Citrus Sparkler. I lost my sister Isabel from cancer on my birthday in September. I named this seedling Fizzy Izzy in honor of her. The eye is more of a grape color. This picture was taken in a vase but I really wanted to share her with you.

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Such a nice tribute to your sister! It’s a beautiful bloom, I’m betting she would be thrilled.


  • mantis__oh

    Scatterbrain here never had many scapes. Moses' Fire is quite reliable. Never cared for Night Embers, partly because it always seemed to have a lot of diseased foliage.

    Big Kiss was okay.

    King Kahuna grows quite reliably here, but is short.
    Peggy Jeffcoat was divided in a cold spring. This is a picture from 2017.
    Madge Cayse increased quite well from the previous year, but is generally a slower increaser. It blooms late; had some nice ones at the end of a bad season.
  • daylilybedmaker

    I don't grow many doubles but these are the ones that are outstanding year after year:





    That is all for me.

    David Zone 5

  • Brad KY 6b

    I only have two.

    Amethyst Art, such a nice neat double, several layers [3 or 4] reliable bloomer, great color

    Impetuous Fire doesn't double for me which is why I keep it. Once in a great while it will have 1 or 2 extra petals. It is a nice bright red, reliable, good height.

    That's all for me.


  • KarenPA_6b

    jkayd_il5, I am sorry about your sister! I am sure she is very happy with the seedling that you named in her honor. It is very beautiful! I love its puff of petals in the center surrounded by broader guard petals. The darker eye contrasts nicely with the cream yellow color of the petals.

    Peggy Jeffcoat is very nice! It makes interesting kids too. I have a weak double seedling from Peggy J X Rose F Kennedy and one that has not bloomed yet.

  • organic_kitten

    I did not have any this year. Have a couple for next year. Karen that is very pretty I like the colors. Jkayd that is a beautiful tribute to your sister; very sorry for your loss, and I love the name you chose.


  • shive

    jkayd - Fizzy Izzy is a beauty and a wonderful tribute to your sister!

    I'm enjoying seeing some that I used to grow: Frances Joiner, Amethyst Art and Land of Cotton. I'm drawn to Night Embers and all the yellows posted above.


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Jkayd: I'm sorry for your loss. It's nice to know that your sister will live on not only in your heart but in a beautiful seedling.........I've always liked Night Embers and Moses Fire. Don't know how either would hold up in our heat though. Madge Cayse made it for years before finally disappearing over one extra cold winter. I liked her, especially her late blooming, and were I to have a bigger garden once again, she'd be back in it more then likely........The one of mine I will add has been around for many many years. She does fade a bit by late in the day, but she always blooms so well and is so sturdy that I've kept her around even as I cut back on others.



  • lilykate

    I don't have many doubles. It does not seem to be a favorite form, does it? Of those mentioned above, I have Scatterbrain and Big Kiss. I also have Jean Swann but apparently did not take photos this year although it can be quite lovely. Double River Wye is an oldie I grow and is very prolific but also apparently not photo worthy! Here are two I do like and photograph. They bloom very well and also are good multipliers.

    Rose Corsage-a photo from last year. It bloomed this year while I was spending time in the hospital with family members. I did not see it this year. I bought it at a daylily garden years ago because the garden had it on display at the check in table. It was a huge glowing flower and although I had not purchased a double in years I was drawn to it. As you can see from this photo, it thrives in weeds and grass!

    Apparently Houzz is in one the finicky moods and will not allow the other to post. I will try in comments.


  • lilykate

    This is one of Joiner's doubles. I have had it labeled as Savannah Debutante as long as I have had it but Mantis thinks the form and color is wrong for it. Pretty sure it is a Joiner but perhaps one of the other Joiner doubles.

    And of course, the old but reliable and prolific bloomer, Siloam Double Classic.


  • mantis__oh

    Kate, if the height of your Savannah Debutante is at least 30 inches, it may be true to name. Here is a pic of mine that, minus the few single flowers, looks very similar. SD always has a few flowers that aren't as double. I think you also have Savannah Explosion, which is registered as a shorter plant than SD.

    Peach Magnolia, though it is also registered at 32 inches, tends to bloom a bit shorter than SD. Always double too.

    I too did not take pics of Jean Swann, recently divided, this year.

  • lilykate

    Yes, Mantis, you are correct in that I have Savannah Explosion but I think it suffered so much from my vole invasion a couple of years ago that it never recovered sufficiently to bloom last year or this year so I have no comparison there to make. I also had Silent Thunder at one time, another Joiner and also very similar. It was overtaken by Bermuda grass invasion, equally as destructive, in a back bed, and the fans have dwindled to almost nothing with no bloom the past few years. Perhaps I will try to find it this year. That is a bed of older lilies but I am beginning to think they need a rescue mission as they were always profuse bloomers. (Easy to plan missions in the winter, more difficult to perform in the heat of summer reality!)


  • daylilybedmaker

    I also grow SCARLET MARIE and it is a wonderful double. I guess I did not get a picture of it this summer.


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Kate: Rose Corsage is a very pretty double. I'd be drawn to it too........Maryl

  • KarenPA_6b

    Thank you Debra for starting these wonderful Best threads! Thank you everyone for posting your favorites for each category. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful pics as well as performance comments regarding each cultivar. Thank you Nancy for sharing your hybridizing experience. I often refer back to these best posts to scout out good reliable daylilies to add to my garden. As I have very few doubles, I am looking to add Peach Magnolia, Mose's Fire, and Scarlet Marie to my garden next spring. Looking forward to everyone's bests next year!

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