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HELP - Backsplash ideas for brown blatic counter w/ white cabinets

Ja Bon
December 6, 2018

Hey everyone,

I'm updating my kitchen and I'm looking for ideas for a new backspash! I just updated it with white high gloss kitchen cabinets and will be painting everything neutral. My kitchen counter top is brown Baltic marble. I"m also having my stainless steel appliances come in next week. What kind of tiles would you do?

Here are a couple of pix of my kitchen (in the dark) and 4 options for backsplashes below. My kitchen will be much brighter during the day:

And for Backsplash, I was thinking one of the following:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Comments (25)

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    I wouldn't try to mix any other stones with the granite. So the last 3 options are out. I'd say a solid white subway tile would work best.

  • Ja Bon

    Thanks Sina. is there another option you would go with??

  • mark_rachel

    I think the marble stone looks nice. You need something to warm up the space to it doesn't turn out looking sterile.

  • Ja Bon

    That's what I was worried about Mark.. which one, option 3?

  • emmarene9

    Only the first one is acceptable and it is boring. Fine if that is what you want but I suspect you are more daring. Could you do herringbone in just solid white or solid black?

    What about the look above in white ?

  • PRO

    " My kitchen will be much brighter during the day"

    If only that was the ONLY time one used a kitchen.

    Worry on the lighting first, and you seem to have little.

  • kulrn

    Hopefully Beth will chime in. White doesn't have to be boring.

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  • PRO
    Skippack Tile & Stone

    Realistically, none of those choices work with the counters. I suggest you look for a color from the counters to go on the wall. Consider glass tiles in a green tone to play up some of the color of the counters; a darker subway will also work.

  • Ja Bon

    Thank you all so much for your comments. I attached a closer picture of my kitchen counter top, I really don't care much for the colors. I'm planning on selling my condo after the renovations; the demographic are young professionals, ages 25-40, and this is a downtown Toronto (Canada) condo, in a metropolitan city with lots of bankers, people in the entertainment industry, I'm looking to keep this classy yet neutral, hoping to attract as many buyers as possible.

  • townlakecakes

    Find the lightest color in that granite and go with a stacked subway in that color. Looks like there may be some specks that are a little more taupe than brown

    And absolutely positively upgrade the lighting. If you’re selling soon, it gets dark awfully early, especially in the more northern latitudes. Anybody out looking after work will not be too impressed by your current lighting. And do that before you finalize backsplash

  • mark_rachel

    This calacatta gold marble tile would look very nice IMO.

  • leelee

    Would you consider going with a color. There are so many that could look fabulous. What are the colors in your furniture? A wild guess--gray!

    You have a relatively small area to cover. Something like one of these?

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    I work out of the GTA so I know your market well. A solid subway tile will be the most appealing to buyers. Either go for a white that matches the cabinets, or pick the lightest color from the stone.

    I will say that lighting is vital. People do NOT want dark apartments. Spend money on lighting before blowing it on expensive backsplash. People don't really care about backsplashes so much in apartments because that can easily be changes where lighting is more of a hassle in a condo.

  • leelee

    Add tile to the back walls only. You could even skip going above the cabinets. Def. no tile on the walls where only the sides of the cabinets are attached.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Calacatta gold subway tile.

  • MarleneM
    I don’t care for any of the marble options either, not with your granite. For a modern look I would go with a subway tile close to your wall colour, which looks taupe? The wall colour looks to go well with granite, and keeping tile in the same tone will make it look seamless and modern.
  • Ja Bon

    I'm changing the wall color..

  • MarleneM
    I thought you might be changing wall colour, but I still think you should consider a light taupe tile to go with the granite, then from that pick a paint colour that’s similar.
  • mark_rachel

    I would go with a much lighter wall color. It will really help with making the entire place seem brighter.

  • mimimomy

    White subway tile or just paint. None of the stone look tile go with the counter.

    As a buyer I'd rather have to tile a backsplash than rip out a backsplash and then tile it! Discordant/jarring/glaring backsplashes are one of my biggest turnoffs. I think it's the area where most people make a mistake in their renovations... so many people want to add "interest."

    Most places need less interest, not more. On the other hand, lighting is crucial. Would far rather someone put in the necessary lighting and just paint the backsplash.

    But that's me! Your mileage may vary! Good luck :)

  • Ja Bon

    mimimomy that's not a bad idea...

  • mimimomy

    Does that mean it's a good idea ;) Just kidding! Good luck with it.... oh, and don't forget undercabinet lighting. When you turn that on it totally helps the sale!

  • Ja Bon

    Sure does!! I won't have much space for under cabinet lighting when the appliances come in :(. I think for now I'll stick to better overall lighting

  • Bri Bosh
    The marbles do not go with that countertop pattern. Simple is better. Agree with just paint and focusing on lighting.
  • PRO

    Nobody wants the counter tops. Put up something plain .

    A banker or music industry whomever will rip the whole thing.

    I mean ALL of it.

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