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Window treatments for master bathroom

Flower Girl
4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

I’m looking for ideas on full privacy window treatments for our master bathroom, I’m Lookng for Roman blinds but with a pattern or plain color, the vanity in this bathroom is cherrywood color as you can see onthe lower right, i need help in figuring out the color or a design on the blinds, pictures please thankyou

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  • Mrs Pete

    I like the idea of Roman shades. Since your vanity and tile accent are dark, I'd go with something dark-ish -- but you could bring in a color.

    Alternate thought: Privacy film.

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  • Rachel Lee
    Use privacy film for, well, privacy, and then do cornices as window treatments. You can do wood to match the vanity or fabric for some color and or pattern.
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  • Flower Girl

    Rachel Lee , I’m not sure of a pattern can u help in finding a pattern that would work well?

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    you already have privacy glass on the windows (and the windows are up above neck level to someone outside) so why do you also want shades?

    however, Blinds.com has a ton of roman shades you can look at.

    check out the woven woods too since it would go well w/your dark stone.

  • Flower Girl

    Hi Beth, we only have the privacy on the lower part of the window, on the upper part where we have the romanblinds there is no privacy and our neighbors can see right in fromtheir window, im thinking to do what Rachel Lee said about using cornices

  • Rachel Lee
    Do you have colored towels? Any accents with color?
  • MongoCT

    I'll make the simple blanket statement that I'm a huge fan of top-down-bottom-up shades in the bathroom, especially over a tub.

    The top-down function is especially valuable for allowing natural light while still affording privacy.

    If you have bathroom lighting that can result in silhouette shadows being cast on the shade, the honeycomb cell type of shades are great at diffusing shadow lines.

    I'm no designer, but I'll toss this out and let those with the eyes for pretty things hash this out...would those windows and walls benefit at all with longer shades that can extend down beyond the window sill and just cover the top of the wall tile? Or will that be too sloppy?

  • leelee

    A cornice is a little dated. You'll get the same effect with a roman shade and you can raise and lower it.

    I seriously doubt that you neighbor can see in from a window that high but it might seem creepy just thinking they might, on an off chance, be looking.

  • Flower Girl

    Oh yes lee lee our neighbors can see right in , Ilive in a very high end area and the homes arè very large

  • Flower Girl

    But are roman Blinds more in style these days?

  • leelee

    yes they are much more in style than a cornice.

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  • Flower Girl

    So I’m wondering why they r suggesting a window treatment that is out of style, I thought I was getting suggestions from designers/decorators? Thank you LeeLee for your input.

  • leelee

    There are lots of designers and decorators but many who comment are people just like you who have posted a dilemma. Also, people have many different ideas about what would fix a problem. Then you get to see all the varying responses and decide what would work best for you.

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