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Claudia_C Davis
5 days ago

I am finally starting a kitchen renovation after planning for two years. The first thing my contractor said was look at sinks and faucets. I am starting with sinks. I am debating about a one bowl, stainless , 90 degree angle cornered, deep sink. Pretty basic but any suggestions of a good one?

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  • PRO

    Single bowl, no corner sink, look at Corian.

  • Claudia_C Davis

    Thank you so much and if you mean Corian like the stone, I was even thinking granite but decided stainless for the easy to clean and hygenics (is that a word). Anyway, I am looking at deep bowls that are stainless. I am now looking at different brands.

  • townlakecakes

    FYI if you’re looking for sharp corners, theyre called zero radius. If you like them for the look, consider that they can take a little more effort to clean out to corners. A lot of people say they’re not any more difficult than more rounded corners, but I‘ve cleaned anough restaurant sinks that I didn’t want any part of a zero radius sInk.

    In stainless sinks, you want 16 gauge or heavier.

    I cant offer you any particular suggestions, but I do know Franke and Kohler offer sinks that meet your requirements.

  • Shannon_WI

    It would help us to make suggestions for you if you provide the budget for your sink (a SS sink can run from $200 to $2000), as well as your sink base cabinet width.

    I agree with the above comment to look for 16 gauge SS. Many people are fine with the thinner 18 gauge, but I think 16 gauge is preferable. It's also not necessarily more expensive than 18 gauge.

  • Helen

    I recommend a "ledge" sink which effectively increases your counter space and functionality. These sinks have a ledge in which you can place accessories like drain boards, cutting boards or other items.

    My drain board can be used to dry the hand washed item - to drain veggies and meat which thus decreases the need to clean counter as dirt as well as any possible contamination goes directly into the sink. It can sit at the bottom of the sink as well. The cutting board sitting directly over the sink also improves functionality.

    Also consider getting a drain to the side and rear. This improves functionality because you aren't covering the drain if you are soaking a pan or otherwise stacking dishes. It also creates more usable real estate under the sink since the pipes are not bisecting the space. For me it meant I was able to fit a full size trash container under the sink.

  • Claudia Davis

    I’m sorry...new to this. I want to say that under 500 would be best. I’d rather spend my money on a great faucet etc. I’ll speak out 18 gauge. Curious, if the cabinet is 30 inches, what would be standard or normal size for an undercount SS sink size in terms of width and length? My contractor will tell me the the max depth but said W and L is personal preference.

  • Claudia Davis

    Thanks Helen. I asked about a rear drain and waiting to hear back. As for a ledge sink, I appreciate the suggestion but for me, it isn’t visually appealing and a friend has it and I don’t love it ( I’ve cleaned her dishs). Lol.

  • Claudia Davis

    Someone did say buy American as it has a better warranty but does it really matter in terms of quality?

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