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What's wrong with my fridge - loud noise!

December 6, 2018
I have a very old GE fridge that came with the apt. Surprisingly it's a true 30" counter depth. Didn't think they made them 15+ years ago. Anyway, this afternoon it started making a loud noise coming from the bottom or behind that sounds sort of a loud sewing machine running. It's still working. It's not a frost free and some frost build up. Could that cause it? Anyway it doesn't pay to repair it. Does the loud noise mean it's not long for this world. Trying to guess how much time I have to get a new one!
Comments (2)
  • weedmeister

    Even at 15 years old, it likely has a fan underneath. Probably rubbing on something.

  • dadoes

    Condenser fan is a reasonable guess at the problem but she says it's not "frost free" (not self-defrosting). Those models typically have a bedspring condenser on the back without a fan. Can't say for sure without the model number, which is not referenced as is so-often the case on questions about appliance problems.

    That being said, it's unusual for 15-yo refrigerator to not be self-defrosting. She may be guessing at the age. Or maybe it is self-defrosting and the defrost function is not working (reference to "some frost build up"), which could also be related to the noise problem if frost/ice accumulation is to the point of contacting the evaporator fan.

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