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Thermador 48" cooktop vs. Miele 48" cooktop

December 6, 2018

Hi All-

In the final stages of our kitchen renovation. Can't seem to decide between the 2 gas range tops. Ovens will be separate. I liked the idea of indoor grilling on occasion and didn't love that it wasn't actual flames on thermador but willing to overlook if it's the better choice. Thoughts?

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  • wekick

    The "best" rangetop is the one that suits your cooking style the best. Why have you narrowed it to these two? What type of cooking do you do? Have you looked at BlueStar? Have you read any of the pros and cons of indoor grilling?

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO a 48” gas range or cooktop is overkill in a home unless you cook for 20 evryday. The venting itself is a huge expense and indoor grilling makes that an even bigger issue. As for which one you get appliances for how you use them and to be honest I would never grill in the house it makes a big mess stinks up the house for hours I use an outside grill all winter and I live in Canada. Even most restaurants don’t have 48” ranges so maybe rethink that part . BTW the appliances should be chosen before kitchen design starts

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  • Joe T.

    Indoor cooktop grilling is best done with a grill pan, and needs very strong venting. Using a grill built into a cooktop is very, very messy.

    That said, I have a 46" cooktop (no grill in it) and love the space it provides, even if I'm only using two burners. It can seem like overkill if you don't cook large regularly, but then again, I cooked for 16 last night.

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  • wilson853

    We have a 48" Capital Culinarian with the grill and like having more real estate so I can put hot things out of the oven rather than on the countertop. The grill is a versatile tool. Had a Thermador in previous kitchen but wanted open burners this time. We have a 27" deep Wolf hood with 1200 CFM.


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  • catinthehat

    I have a 48” BS. Excellent size for a home if you have the room. Two people can cook at the same time on it without banging elbows. Perfect for a family with more than one person who likes to make themselves a little meal. I use to work as a line cook part time in college for many years, large ranges are quite common. The places I worked that used tiny 6 burner setups also had other equipment like dedicated stand alone burners for 4 foot pots, dedicated wok elements, etc etc.

    Regarding grill...with a 48” you can skip it. Use the broiler element in the main oven, they are typically larger on 48” units. Save the rest of your space for burners or a griddle if you have use for that. At least that’s how my BS is. I use my broiler every week for steaks, kabobs, corn, etc. Nothing beats the flavor of a charcoal or hickory wood grill, but a gas grill is the same as a broiler minus the mess.

    *edit* sorry just saw you are using seperate ovens. No idea if stand alone ovens have broilers or how good they are.

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  • spotydoty

    I narrowed it down to these 2 because of the reviews and recommendations.

    Also, both are available display units at my local store on sale when I know they are both usually fixed pricing. I currently have an indoor grill and use it for grilling vegetables often. I like the flavor there more so than a grill pan. It’s a vaulted ceiling so haven’t had issues with too much smoke. I don’t really use a griddle.

    Im not married to the grill idea but would love help deciding between these two models. I was convinced I was going to get the thermador but the salesman really made the Miele sound better. Thoughts between the two on best overall cooking and performance?

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I love Miele, but I have never heard anyone here who was thrilled with their gas cooktops or rangetops.

  • wilson853

    There have been lots of previous discussions on here concerning both. Search in the bar above. Here's one.


    Make sure that you have a warranty just in case.

  • wilson853

    Just wanted to add that if you get a grill with a stainless cover, I accidentally found this inexpensive trivet from Ikea that is the perfect size to protect it from scratches. Looks like it is part of the range top. I purchased others to use on the island when I am serving a buffet with hot pots.


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  • Joe T.

    I second those Ikea trivets.

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  • jdsb2

    We have a Miele 36" all gas range with a griddle. We love it and have not had any issues. The griddle is fantastic. I wish we could have gotten a 24" griddle, but it was not an option on the 36" -- we also have an induction cooktop, which I prefer for every day cooking, but my husband prefers the gas.

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