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Single vs double door pantry

December 7, 2018
Hi. Do double door pantries with pull out shelves get damaged if both doors are not fully opened? We are thinking of getting a 30 inch pantry and it’s only available with two doors. I am worried it will get damaged with kids not opening the doors fully. Is it more practical to get a smaller pantry instead? 15 or 18 inches?
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  • artistsharonva

    If ease of opening is of concern then a 1 door, but the con is less storage space.

    2 doors is easy to open, just more doors to open.

    It also depends what you plan on putting in it and how much space is available for placement.

    I would measure the widest item you plan to put in pantry to help decide how wide to get.

    The pullout shelf interior width will be less than the width of total cabinet.

    18" wide is much skinnier, so narrow items inside

    24" wide to left & 30" wide to right to compare visually whatcan go in them.

  • remodeling1840
    Most certainly they will be damaged. We had a similar cabinet that had been retrofitted with drawers. Although only two adults used this, the insides of the doors were inevitably dinged and scratched. Additionally, instead of one simple one-hand movement to open this, you will need to use both hands and then a separate movement to slide the drawer. It was really annoying and only seldom used serving pieces were stored in that cabinet.
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I like actual pullout pantries instead of doors and interior pullouts I find it is a hassle to have to open a door to pullout shelves. I find 18” wide ones are easy to open and hold a ton of stuff.

  • PRO
    Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC

    Ditto Patricia above - the tall pantries bring items out to you rather than having to go in after them. If you do pull-outs, use corner bumpers on the trays.

    Here's an example of both on one of our recent projects:

    Tall pantry pull out:

    The Social Kitchen · More Info

    Bumpers on the corners of pull out trays:

    The Social Kitchen · More Info

  • cat_ky

    I have the pull out drawers in a lower pantry cupboard. No damage to the doors, and the cabinets were put in somewhere between 1966 and 1968. However, I despise them for pantry use. I use mine to store things like extra extension cords, platters, etc. I like the type of pantry in Patricia's post. I also like pantrys that have double doors, but, are shelves inside, and nothing to pull out. The pull out drawers, are,to me anyway, just a place to put items that you use very seldom, but, do need to keep, and for storage of screws, nails, hammers, screw drivers, etc that one needs off an on in a house. They are a nusiance as pantry type storage.

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