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Summit 24" installation clearance shock!

5 days ago
Love the Euro look of the 24" wide FFBF192SS but they are telling me it requires 4" clearance on top and sides and 3" in the back. That's insane! HD showed it built in. 4" on each side is 8" of lost space. I know many here installed it. Did you follow that?
Comments (3)
  • townlakecakes

    Here’s all the manual says about it. 5cm is approx 2”.

  • writersblock

    If you decide not to risk it, check out the 24" GE. That allows for very tight installations


    If you watch the videos (that's why I posted the HD link; for some reason not all the videos are on the GE site, although they are made by GE) you can see how it fits.

  • blondelle
    Thanks! The GE is the other one I'm considering, but the Summit looks higher end. So many people wrote about having the 181 and 191 models I would hope they would chime in about the clearances. Also looked at the Bertrazzoni and Blomberg but two plus weeks to order parts.

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