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Flimsy lazy Susan suggested fix?

December 19, 2018

We have a corner cabinet by the stove with a single pole lazy Susan with two metal shelves. At first I was very excited to have a lazy Susan but after a year of battling it I've realized I avoid using it entirely. I actually moved almost everything OUT of that cabinet unconsciously to avoid it.

It wobbles when (very slowly) spun and as soon as any item is added the weight distributes to the edges. This means anything mildly heavy like a jar of olive oil immediately slides to the edges, knocking other jars down.

I got tired of everything falling/sliding around the second I add a new item to the shelf, or worse, rotate the Susan to grab something I need so that EVERYTHING slides/topples around. Now I leave items on the outer edge or lay them sideways or keep them off the Susan entirely.

Any suggested fixes? Should I remove the wires shelves and buy / install solid shelves? Is there a better way to stabilize them? I'd really like to add heavy pots & pans in there but there is currently no way that'd work.

(Sorry for the messy picture, I got tired of fighting reorganizing it only for everything to slide / fall.)

Comments (4)

  • Buehl - We Want SW Back Unconditionally

    Wow, those shelves do look flimsy! I've never seen lazy susans like that, all I've ever seen are wooden shelves that are solid and don't wobble at all!

    I don't know if it can be done after the fact, but if there's a way to remove those shelves and put in a decent one, I would.


    If not, consider installing fixed shelves and then putting rotating shelves on them. - like a super susan This YouTube video shows an example:


  • Sarah
    Perfect, thanks that's just the sort of solution I was looking for. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks these are flimsy!

    The center pole is attached with screws on the upper & lower side of the cabinet so I don't see why I couldn't just remove it entirely and replace it with a shelf and a solid lazy Susans on bottom and top.
  • Sarah
    Has anyone used something like this?


    It appears far more stable with the outer edge attachments and solid base.
  • Anne Duke
    Seems like a terribly inconvenient spot for spices and oils anyway. Is it really worth spending several hundred dollars on? The return on investment is minimal. I’d consider having an actual shelf made and then using the space for seldom used things. In my corner cabinet, we used one and I got 20” lazy susans for stuff rarely used which left space for a pull out bin and colanders.

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