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Wlomwls..what's left on my wants list swap 201/19

ishareflowers {Lisa}
December 20, 2018

Poisondart, patrob and I were discussing this swap. It's always been a favorite of ours.
There are so many people that no longer come here due to the many changes since Houzz took over. We can decide if there's enough people to continue with this swap.
Please post here if you're interested I joining in.
For those of you that have not heard of this swap. It's just as it states, a wants list swap. Players post lists of sought after seeds. If you have those seeds you would send them in labeled for that person. All players do the same. Returning seeds are the same amount of packets that a player sends in. If you send in 20 packs of seeds, you receive the 20 back.

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  • drippy

    @Lisa, do not worry about sending back the amount I sent in! I have soooo many seeds, I can't possibly plant them all. I always think these swaps are going to help me lighten my seed list, as my wishes get more obscure (the fate of veteran seedies) - but it never seems to work out that way! Any number is fine, and lol, it's surely any number too many. So now I'm trotting over to see what's in the bonus round...:D

  • drippy

    luvsgrtdanes, are you Sandra Bullock?

  • luvsgrtdanes

    No Drippy I am not Sandra Bullock

    Clue for today...my most notable performance won me an Academy award and a Golden Globe.

  • nottougly

    lvsgrtdanes are you Leonardo DiCaprio

  • primrose1x3

    My seeds should arrive Thursday, January 31, 2019, and will email you the tracking #. My celebrity isn't Julia Roberts either. I'll return later today with a clue.

  • B Maggic-Ontario Z6
    I forgot to say I’m ok with doubles.

    My package is on its way from Canada. Hope it gets to you Lisa in less than a week!

    The bonus link looks fun, thank you to those that send those in!
  • drippy

    luvsgrtdanes, I think I know who you are now - but I used a search engine with your clues, and imo, that's cheating - so I'm going to wait and see if anyone else figures you out. :)

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    I have received envelopes from



    heavenly farm






    Leila hamaya

    I got a notice from the mailman that I had an envelope that needed a signature. The first initial was C. The last name was spelled out but begins with a B. Is this someone from this swap?

    There will be several packets being returned to players that sent them in.

    I have packets here with as ittle as 2 collected marigold seeds, this is not acceptable. I have several packets of seeds with ALL chaff and seeds that are mislabeled. These seeds will be returned to the senders and not counted.

    Luvsgrtdanes are you the only player not found out in the game?

  • mtprairiewinds

    The package to be signed for could be mine. My initials are CB.

  • mtprairiewinds

    My delivery confirmation noted it was delivered Friday 1/25 at 1230.

  • luvsgrtdanes

    I thought I was the only one left but it looks like primrose is still in it too.

    No I am not Leonardo DiCaprio

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Mtprairewinds. The package was not delivered. I receive a notice that I had a piece of mail that needed to be signed for. I work, I'm not home during the day to sign for mail. I'll have to try and get to the Post ofiice before noon on Saturday to pick it up.

    Primrose, I know that you have your hands full but could you please catch up on posting the clues for your actor/actress. There are two of you left playing. :}

    Please do not make choices on the thread about the bonus round seeds...I'm thinking of a better way to share these seeds. I'm going to wait until all packages have arrived and decide how to proceed.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    I've placed this here for my record only...:}

    LEILA sent in : carrot short and sweet nigella hispanica nigella sative montauk daisy sugar maple X2 radish white icicle basil tulsi kapoor basil fino verde rose of sharon white x2 rose of sharon pink x2 rosa rugosa x3 rose mix salvia may night salvia bonfire salvia lady in red bail mixed red rubin, dark opal thai lemon genovese cinnamon daylily stella d"oro onoclea sensibilis x2 mimosa persian silk tree violets native white hosta variegated strawberry wild pumpkin liatris spicata pepper mini serano brussels tasty nuggets ginger mint spearmint geranium macrorrhizum tomato bumblebee tomato green zebra tomato black cherry POISONDART sent: alyssum easter bonnet peach x2 cucumber muncher portulaca happy hour banana tomato gold medal basil compact petunia success 360 salmon vein x2 althea cannibina miribalis marbles mix x2 coleus wizard sunset abelmochus manihut agastache snow sprite rattlesnake master pepper candy cane tomato dixie golden giant butterfly bush orange sceptor f3 unicorn plant dianthus sweet black cherryx2 bail fino verde pavonia missionum alcea ficifolia las vegasx2 streptocarpus cape cool white impatiens super elfin ruby ipomaea nil blush pink with white picotee impatiens impreza whitex2 impatiens rose star begonia nonstop yellow with red nigella shorty bluex2 some big seed with claws that I cant read the name....Help Alana!

  • leila hamaya

    ok well...i would be interested in the compact basil, and / or the agastache rugosa - snow spike

    (i think its SPIKE not sprite? either way !)

    if you are going to take requests for specific bonus seeds


    if not thats fine too =) i am easy to please.

    perhaps people can just make some requests, 2 - 3 and you say you will do your best but no guarantees ....

    thats my 2 cents....

  • primrose1x3

    My cat sat on my laptop keyboard, and it won't work anymore. However, here I am...

    clue 1: I had to become a French citizen in order to be legally married.

    clue 2: I starred in a movie as a 2 day(?) stand-in for Cleopatra.

    Hopefully I can read what I missed and catch up later.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    I received 2 envelopes in yesterdays mail.



    Primrose/Karen sent in bulk packs of white mirabilis, poppy angels choir and balsam tom thumb in violet. I made up 17 packs of each so everyone interested will get a packet. Thank you Karen for sharing your favorites with everyone!

    PRIMROSE, I sent you an email. I had a couple of questions. :}

    I'm still waiting on a few envelopes to arrive. I hope they come soon so we can wrap this up and get seeds out to those of you in warmer climates.

  • drippy

    @Lisa, I would be interested in a small pack of white mirabilis, if available. Thank you, and thank you Primrose!

  • midwestfarmwife

    I would be interested in the white mirabilis, Angel's Choir poppy, and violet Tom Thumb balsam. I've grown the Camelia Flowered balsam and love it. So do the hummingbirds.

  • B Maggic-Ontario Z6
    I would be interested in the Angel's Choir poppy, and violet balsam, thanks very much!

    @Lisa, are we to hold off mentioning any interest in the bonus round seed options until later on?
  • patrob

    My package will be in the mail today. It has been ready for days, but getting to the post office has been a challenge due to out of town doctors' appointments. It's on my phone calendar for this afternoon before the mail truck leaves town. I should have just sent it priority, printed my own label, and dropped it in the box at night. Lesson for me for next time.

  • poisondartfrog

    Maggic, I THINK Lisa decided to wait until all the packages are in. There may be more to list and she wants to avoid confusion.

    ishareflowers {Lisa} thanked poisondartfrog
  • leila hamaya

    I'm also interested in angel's choir poppy.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}


    Alana is correct. I'm waiting for all envelopes to arrive before allowing any picks from the bonus seeds.

    I'm going to do something different this year and let the players that always so generously share their seeds and send in bonus seeds choose from the bonus offerings first. I'll decide the number of picks after all envelopes arrive and I see how many bonus packets we have available.

    I received 2 packages today

    Cghpnd- once again she sent in bonus seeds to be shared.

    hibiscusfan- Suzanne you didnt put your return postage in with your seeds.

    We are now waiting on just 2 envelopes


    B maggie

    Kelli also sent in bonus seeds BUT she added them into the baggies of seeds for the players that she thought would enjoy them. I'll be leaving them as she sent them in for those players.

  • B Maggic-Ontario Z6
    Thanks Lisa for confirming. Makes sense to do it that way for the generous sharers!
    I also forgot to send in the return postage fee because I’d like to PayPal it to you as I’m unsure of the cost to Canada. We can work it out through email. I’m really hoping Canada post processed quickly to US so you receive this weekend as it was airmail east coast to east coast.
  • patrob

    My package is on the way. Tracking number: 9500 1104 4756 9032 0869 83

    Estimated Delivery Date: Monday, Feb. 4.


    ishareflowers {Lisa} thanked patrob
  • leila hamaya

    well in a somewhat relevant note, i did manage to get to a germination test of all the hydrangea seeds i saved this year, and got some ok results. i wouldnt say i got a huge germination rate, less than 50% for sure, but i put quite a bit of those tiny seeds, just sowed them with the bits of chaff (these are quite tricky to clean good!)...and now have a lot of little sprouts.

    it is as i suspected- a bit fussy. gentle misting water from spray bottle, no rough watering, dome, surface sow, etc...but just happy to get ok enough results, cause i would think this is a trickier one from seed. now getting them from baby sprouts to mature plants is probably also on the more advanced side, you know just lots of babying....

    now that i got them to sprout for the germination test i am just going togive them the stun treatment...sheer and total utter neglect. i know thats harsh...but i already have a lot of those as plants, layering them and cloning them is so easy so i have a bunch already. i will be curious if the ones i just sprouted will be resilient enough to survive the stun treatement. i mean i will water them...but no more dome and no more misting every day, etc. see if they can make it or break it with a regular lazy gardening style.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Generous seed donors, Please see the bonus round thread.

    It has come to my attention that some are disappointed in the way I have chosen to disperse the bonus round seeds this year.

    My normal way of sharing bonus seeds was to toss a packet into envelopes until they were gone . This way made it so that someone might get seeds they already had or didnt care to grow!

    I decided this year that I would take the time and list the seeds so that players could choose what they would enjoy growing. As I was listing these seeds, I realized that each year the same people send in bonus seeds.

    I know that all players take time to look through wish lists, pack seeds and they share commercial and garden collected seeds with those that are wishing for them.

    The players I referred to as "generous seed donors" took the extra step and packed commercial/ garden collected seeds they thought others might want but didnt know it yet :}.

    This is why I decided to give the "donors" first crack at a few extras first.

    There are plenty of seeds to choose from and I'm sure that everyone will receive a bonus of something they will enjoy growing.

    I apologize if this has offended or upset anyone, it was not my intention.

  • leila hamaya

    well it makes sense to me, and is an extra effort on your part.

    and its a bit sad in a way, having some precious interesting seed for something that even though you don't have the space/time/interest in growing it out...you know someone else would.

    so i get it.

    and yeah, i work on a larger scale than most perhaps, and i have a lot of extras seeds that i won't be able to ever grow them in lifetimes...and certainly not before they arent viable and fresh anymore. so my habit is to collect seeds early on for this swap, and with some duplicates and some things i know i won't have room or time to sow, and just throw whatever is left over after laying out each person's baggy...into a pile of bonus seeds to send in for other's to try.

    it seems that the thing with bonus seeds is even if it's not your favorite, it was a freebie, so no complaints =)

  • Zeak Rice

    You don't have to apologize. We are all getting to do this and get lots of seeds we want because you are doin this in the first place. Do it your way and we'll be glad we got to SWAP seeds. Thank you very much, really!!!

    ishareflowers {Lisa} thanked Zeak Rice
  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Good Morning,

    I'm still waiting on 1 package of seeds to arrive. If by chance there's anyone who wants their seeds mailed out now, let me know. I

    It appears that Primrose is busy and hasnt been able to check in so I'm going to declare Luvsgrtdanes the winner of our actor/actress game. Luvs, I'll return your package on me. Congrats!

    Also, I'm not going to wait any longer to open up the bonus round seeds to everyone. Please remember to copy and paste the list in the post above and add your name to what you would like to have.

    Every player, including donors, feel free to choose 2 bonus packets each today.

  • luvsgrtdanes

    Thank you Lisa!! My actress was Angela Basset!

  • drippy

    @luvsgrtdanes - So even looking on Google I was wrong - I was going to guess Meryl Streep. Congrats to you! :)

  • leila hamaya

    i was tuning into the game a bit, and i too thought the actress was meryl streep...

  • heavenlyfarm

    Yes I am just grateful to be enjoying this swap again this year! Thanks Lisa :)


    ishareflowers {Lisa} thanked heavenlyfarm
  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Geez, I had typed and thought I posted this early today!

    I received the last envelope yesterday and we are nearing the end of this swap.

    Please choose 7 from the bonus seeds today!

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    If there are wanted seeds left on the bonus round seed list please pick them today! I have all the envelopes ready, I think...lol

    I would like to add in the bonus round seeds tomorrow and be able to address and seal everyone's envelopes for a Monday mailing. :}

  • drippy

    Thank you, Lisa!

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    I see that everyone has made their final bonus round choices.

    I did notice a typo on my part. Primrose didn't not send in bulk packs of her 3 offerings. She sent in 1 bulk pack of each which I divided into multiple packs for sharing. I dont want anyone to be disappointed. there are plenty in each packet but not what one would consider bulk.

    This morning I'll be pulling out all the return envelopes and counting to be sure everyone is getting back at least as many as they sent in. I'll then go through the bonus round seeds and add them into the envelopes.

    Of course, there was some shuffling done to meet numbers for players. If you see a packet with someone elses name/number on it in your package, it was intentional. It's not always possible to give every player all the seeds that were sent in for them.

    SEED DONORS. There are going to be some of your seeds that have not been taken. What would you like me to do with the packets that didnt get taken? I'm happy to toss them into your envelope and return them to you if you'd like.

    Alana, I haven't checked how many of your bonus offerings didn't get taken. I do know that most were commercial for 2019. I'll return any that were not taken, they can be used next year for swapping :}

  • leila hamaya

    hey i am good with any bonus seeds to be distributed to other players, thats why i sent them in. it is cool that we got everyone, well everyone who responded to get specific ones they requested as bonus items...i suppose i figure the bonus seeds could help with sorting...when you need to add bulk to someone who didnt get as many in as they sent...and being able to juggle and replace some of the packets with the bonus seeds...but yeah it's good we get some great bonuses, and i am good with you passing them out as extras however you want.

    ishareflowers {Lisa} thanked leila hamaya
  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    LEILA HAMAYA, please drop me a line and confirm your mailing address.

    Heavenlyfarm, I'm working on adding in some bonus packs of seeds from my stash. I'll mail no later than Saturday.

    I mailed some of the packages on Monday, Tuesday and more today. I have conf#s if needed.

    BMaggie. please email me for the amount due for shipping to Canada.

    If There is something that I told you guys/gals I would add in for you an forgot, let me know!


  • Kelli

    I got my seeds last night! Thank you so much to everyone! Now its even harder to decide what to grow! :)

  • luvsgrtdanes

    My seeds came today! Thank you all who sent my wishes and all the great extras!

  • midwestfarmwife

    Just opened my seeds. Wow! Thank you so much to everyone, and thank you to Lisa for organizing this swap. I should be able to start seeds in my little greenhouse in another month. Don't know how to decide what to plant first, but it will be so much fun.

  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio

    Received my seeds today and I want to thank everyone in the swap and to Lisa for all her work and the extras. Now I have got to go to work putting them in my seed file and winter sowing some.

  • nottougly

    I received my seeds yesterday. Thank you everyone for the seeds and thank you Lisa for the hard work and time you put into this. I love all the seeds I received.

    Thank you,


  • B Maggic-Ontario Z6
    It’s great to hear about all the packages being received! I’m excited for the rest of the players, while I wait patiently because maybe my envelope has the furthest to go. Since this was my first time swapping, do you all continue to share your seed successes? Or even failures, because I can learn from that too.

    @Lisa, I did email you about sending the proper amount, just let me know when you can as I would surely like to send that PayPal ASAP.
  • heavenlyfarm

    Thank you! Can't wait for them to come! :) Me and the bf are celebrating two years this weekend and monday/tuesday...I asked him if the seed swap comes back if he wouldn't mind helping to winter sow a bunch and he said absoloutely! YAY! :)


  • patrob

    Such a nice assortment of seeds and so many of my wishes fulfilled. Thanks to all of you, and Lisa for hosting.

  • poisondartfrog

    Mine is in Knoxville. I will get it today! Thank you Lisa, and everyone else, too.

  • mtprairiewinds

    My package arrived yesterday. Thanks again to everyone involved but especially Lisa! Can't wait for spring!

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