Quilt to Give, Designed by the late Nancy Ziemen

Karen S. (7b, NYC)
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I just finished piecing this top & expect to pass on to friend & fellow quilter who does the long-arm quilting for our Guild's larger Charity Quilts.

Most of these fabrics were donated, in particular the bright, multicolored foliage fabric.

A bit closer up, both shots in hallway outside my apmt .

I'll post an update when this is quilted.

But perhaps in honor of Nancy & her & contributions to sewing & quilting, I invite folks to make one of these quilts of hers & donate it to charity in her memory. Or, maybe take the idea back to your own Guild & start a group to make one there. She even has an online diagram for its pattern & it's sure Scrap Friendly. Here's the link.

Merry Christmas everybody & Happy Quilting!

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