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NEWBIE SEED PROJECT - Seeds for Newbies - Dec 2018/Jan 2019

val (MA z6)
December 26, 2018
last modified: December 26, 2018

If you are reading this thread and it's NOT December 2018-January 2019, this offer is expired (but look to see if there's one for the current month). Each month I will post a new thread if I have seeds to offer Houzz/GW members!

WELCOME to Gardenweb!

New to gardening? New to Houzz/GW? Just getting started or coming back to gardening again?

I have a number of packets this month -- Each has a variety of 25+ Flower or Veggie seeds to send out to those newbies who would like them, thanks to generous donations of several Houzz/GW gardeners.

TO PARTICIPATE, PLEASE READ ALL of this post, Make sure you FOLLOW the rules, and read the thread for UPDATES. If you dont follow each step, I will NOT respond to your message/post

1. Post your request HERE -- AND send me a Houzz message via Houzz private message. INCLUDE:
-- your Houzz name AND your REAL name, and address.
-- Tell me a little bit about you and your garden or soon-to-be garden. You do not have to post this publicly
--If you want flowers, veggies or a combination

This offer is for US only and Houzz garden members. It is a ONE time offer for newbies.

2. Please enable your message capability so you can receive messages. (See post below that Leila was nice enough to compile re:TECH HELP -including setting up messaging). It's a good idea to set this up so you can communicate and trade with other Houzz users, and this requirement is so that you have a chance to practice messaging.

3. To receive a mailer of 25+ varieties of seeds, you must send 9 “forever” stamps. I will provide bubble mailer.

If you prefer, you can send $7 via paypal; my paypal email provided upon request. Tell me which you prefer in your message.

The stamps/paypal you are sending pays for the postage to send your seeds to you, the bubble envelope I provide to send them in, and any extra help with extra supplies such as tape, ziploc seed baggies, etc. Additional donations are always appreciated!

4. The packet contents depends on what has been donated, but if you are looking for specific things, you are welcome to send a wish list. I may or may not have what is on your list. This project is to help get you started for a minimal cost. (You cant get more than 2-3 packs of seeds at the store or on line for this price)

PLEASE SEND YOUR STAMPS PROMPTLY once you get my address -- so I receive within TWO WEEKS. Dont use your business or a friend's address. We've had problems in this respect.

5. READ this thread for UPDATES;

This our our way to welcoming you to the GW/Houzz Garden Community! We look forward to getting to know you! We hope you will stick around and join in the trading and the chat and help build our community of gardeners into a larger base for sharing, learning, etc!

There is a thread for newbies here under the Seed Exchange -- feel free to post and join the fun! Introduce yourself and ask questions if you need help!

Have fun and Happy Gardening!

If you’re new to the forums and haven’t read this post, you might find it helpful:


Comments (35)

  • val (MA z6)

    Technical Help for Newbies


    Then go to ADVANCED SETTINGS (<<--click here)

    (located under “Account” on the left side of the “edit profile” page or at-

    https://www.houzz.com/settingsAdvanced )

    Scroll down to "Privacy settings"

    and select the option of “ALLOW ANYONE TO MESSAGE ME” under "Who can message me".

    click on "UPDATE" when you are done to store your settings.


    To add your growing zone:


    Look for - Climate Zone for Garden Forums - and fill in your zone.


    To make/edit your wants list:


    -Then click on the box under “My GardenWeb Trading List”

    -Type/paste in your seeds in a vertical list

    (much easier to read than a horizontal list with commas between).


    To access these settings:

    if you are currently logged in, click on your name anywhere on the
    site, or the “Your Houzz” button at the top right of any page.

    Then go to ===> Edit Profile ===> Advanced Settings (located under “Account”on the left)

    also, this page can be accessed by going directly to the web address - https://www.houzz.com/settingsAdvanced

    this is the page where you can edit your preferences, allow people to
    email you, list your growing zone, and fill in your have/ want lists.

    putting this together!)

  • HU-981196514

    Greetings. I am preparing to start winter sowing and would appreciate any seeds you have to share. TIA

  • Tangela Davies

    I'm so excited to try my hand at gardening this year. I would love to receive a vegetable seed packet. TIA

  • Kat Hartsell

    Hello! I am new to Houzz, have been trying my hand at gardening for the past 3 years. I start a lot of my seeds indoors, we are in zone 6b. I am looking for some small and medium tomatoes, I'd love to try some flowers, and bush varieties of other veggies. I have raised beds set up for square foot gardening.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  • cba2014

    Thanks Val! Cant wait to finally start my large garden! I also have a clean slate to start flower beds, so I wouldn‘t mind a variety of veg and flowers!

  • htwo82

    Very cool, Val! I'd love some veggies! Sending pm now!

  • Mike Wright

    Amazing thanks so much! We are starting a mountainside garden this season and would appreciate any seeds you have to share; looking for any fruits and veggies or medicinal herbs as well

  • Syd Vang

    I'd love some veggie seeds to start off my garden this year. Will send a message shortly.

  • WarriorJK

    I'm new here. Would love some seeds to start. Thank you for this opportunity, Val.

  • tomatofool

    Just wondering has val replied to any of you newbies?

    I tried leaving a message on a post similar to this one last month but was never contacted. Also i noticed val responds almost never in thread. I . noticed she made a new post for this month now. Just curious. Not pointing finger or anything . just wondering why no reply for a month. I

  • val (MA z6)

    Val had hand surgery for shattered wrist and is recuperating slowly, so no, I have not been responding in the thread but am responding via personal message. I do not respond to closed threads. This is why I post for one month at a time. I've had people leave posts MONTHS Later. If you read the instructions, it indicates you should post AND message me. I'm happy to send a newbie pack to those who follow the instructions and make it easier for me to coordinate :D This year has not been an "ordinary" one in my ability to do as much of what I like to do.

    I have responded to all of you above who have posted here and sent me a private message as instructed. Thank you. Please remember to indicate if you want a veggie or flower pack.

    Tomatofool, please feel free to post in this month's post for a newbie pack.

  • Andrew Carso

    I'm making a small 'micro garden' this year. I'd like to test a wide variety of different plants to see what does best in my climate [ zone 6a, Missouri ], as well as what produces well and has good flavor, so the vegetable / fruit seed variety pack would be PERFECT for my garden this year. Wonderful offer, very excited!

  • tomatofool

    Very sorry about asking that question . i shouldve been more delicate sorry for that. I hope your healing goes well and please try your very best to exercise as instructed.

    I would like a veggie pack. I got lots of space in garden and im planning on giving back this end of the year. So any non hybrid varietys would bwbe greatly appreciated. This is my first year gardening but after all the youtube videos and research ive done im confident i can start them early under lights .

    also i have a bit of a problem sending messages ive followed instructions but sometimes it wont let me message other hous

  • val (MA z6)

    tomatofool, NO problem. I'm sorry you waited so long. Always good to send a follow up private message when you dont hear back from someone. Occassionally messages dont get where they are supposed to. Houzz is funny sometimes! I responded to your message this am

  • Caitlin Marsters

    Val, I would love some veggie seeds to get my garden started this year! PM sent!

  • Elysse MacLeod

    Hello, we have an empty lot that is being turned into a community garden space. We have cleaned out the property quite a bit, installing several raised beds and placing a polinator flower bed at the entry way. We will be adding more raised beds this spring as well as an herb garden. Any seeds would be appreciated! The neighborhood where our space is located does not have a recent history of other gardens, and residents are welcomed to start their gardening experience with a raised bed and free seeds provided by my group. We are volunteers and gift the produce that we ourselves grow. Thank you!

  • Thelma Dameron

    thank you . I'm looking for veggies mainly. I'm returning to gardening after 10+ years.

  • Shannon Greenberg

    Hello and thank you for coordinating this resource for us. Please include me in the Seeds for Newbies with a combination of flower and veggies. Thanks :)

  • val (MA z6)

    Update on mailings for this post: Kat & Heather your newbie packs went out yesterday. Today Buttercup and Andrew's are being sent. Received stamps from Joe and Syd. Will be packing those to go out in the next few days, possibly not til Tues due to snow and Monday holiday.

  • Andrew Carso

    Very excited. Going to be the best garden ever!

  • Diana Deckard

    Hi, we're moving to the country and are somewhat new to gardening but want to branch out to grow more perennial food producing plants, bushes, trees and also have a big vegetable garden. I think drought and heat tolerant seeds would be especially great. But any flowers or seeds you can send us will be used and the bounty shared to feed many

    I've already sent a private message and thank you!

  • Angela Warren

    ***Sorry, accidentally posted this on your request for donations post so this is a duplicate but wanted to get it on the right thread!

    Hi Val, I'm not technically a GW newbie but haven't used it since I lived in Kentucky a decade ago. I live in Minnesota now and I just moved from a house/garden I worked on for several years to a new home with nothing but a compacted yard, a few scraggly hostas and Lilly of the Valley, and 3 struggling hydrangeas, ack!

    Unfortunately the sale and move happened so fast I wasn't able to bring any of my plants with me so I'm starting from scratch again.

    Would be grateful for a starter package of seeds to get a jumpstart on the scope of work I have ahead of me! Not picky, a mix of flowers and veggies, or anything for z4 would be so helpful! Once I get some plants established, I'd be happy to donate back for the next gardener in need!

    TIA - Angela

  • prathyusha maddela

    Hi Val,

    Looking to get a school garden started this year. Would love to get vegetable and flower/pollinator seeds, Thanks Vish

  • Delhi Su
    Hello there I want to start a new phase on my garden. And would love a starter kit.
  • Unnati Hall

    Hello! I am a newbie gardener and I am looking for more seeds! I am interested in veggies, fruits, herbs and plants. I'll PM you my info! Thank you!

  • HU-981196514

    Wow! Thank you so much. What an assortment of flower seeds! You are very generous.

    Thanks again!

  • HU-68110443

    Hello Val,

    I am new to gardening and I am creating a garden in zone 4. I would be interested in any vegetable seeds you would be willing to send, especially heirloom varieties. I am very intrigued by the movement to increase the genetic diversity of fruits and vegetables in the US.

  • Frederick Hyman

    Hi Val. I left you a DM and would love a newbie starter pack. Let me know what to do. Thanks so much!

  • WarriorJK

    Val, thank you and the donors very much for the generous package of seeds. So much variety! Looking forward to planting some soon. Thank you for setting this up for us all! -Joe

  • Caitlin Marsters

    My seeds just arrived today, and I can't believe the selection! Thank you so much for your generosity! Now if spring would just hurry up!

  • Unnati Hall

    Thank you for the seeds, Val! The selection is amazing! I am so excited to get these babies in the ground.

  • meghan122

    I may have totally missed this, but just in case I haven’t...

    I am a very new gardener, trying learn and absorb as much as I can over the last couple of years. I am slowly adding to a blank slate of a yard, whenever possible, and learning through successes and failure what I can do. I have never attempted a vegetable garden, but I am hoping i can make that happen this year. I would love any seeds that might be available for vegetable or flower garden. I am zone 7b.

  • val (MA z6)

    As of this am, Im all caught up with messages, and those I have received stamps from have mailed their newbie packs

  • meghan122
    Val, just checking on here to see if you received my messages. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but I figured this is a good place to make sure.
  • Cyntia

    Hey guys, My name is Cyntia just wanting to say hi. I'm a newbie gardener in the northwest. I'm very excited to be here! looking forward to interacting you guys.

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