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Are these things worth buying and ID...(all are small btw)

January 4, 2019


Mammillaria with hooks- and it may be one of those species with large flowers

"fake flowers". Could be good , could be bad.

And these 2.. heyderii complex?


idea what the last one is but i kinda like it.

Comments (10)

  • socks

    “Worth buying”? We don’t know what he price is, so hard to say. But if you are looking to add cactuses to your collection, I think they look very nice. Even the “blooming” one. Some could use a repot in the spring.

    No ID from me.

  • Stefan

    They are cheap, but i am saving money for seeds. On top of that , i am already lagging behind with 7 plants due for a repot. I am not in the mood for 7 more.

  • socks

    But you are tempted!!! Pick 1 or 2 as a compromise.

  • Stefan

    "why not both"?

  • Alain (San Jose, CA;9b)

    When tempted, one should buy, otherwise it will be regrets,,,

  • hellkitchenguy Manuel

    you say they're cheap, so if you have the space, and can provide them sunlight, get them

  • Randi Holbrook

    I agree with Alain! Every time I've been tempted, and haven't bought, I've had super regrets! Like not being able to stop thinking about them, dreaming about them at night, and then finally giving in and going back to get them, and they're gone! Believe me, get them or you'll be sorry.

  • J

    Always worth buying. Buy them and also do the growing from seeds. You get the instant gratification of having your plant in addition to the satisfaction of growing your own babies from seed.

  • robinswfl

    For what it's worth, here's my story about not buying. Long time ago, I saw a mammillaria elongata cristata ("brain cactus") at Lowes, but didn't buy it. Thought about it, went back the next day and of course, it was gone. I wished for a year that I had bought it. It was a big regret.

    Then, about a year later, I saw another one at Lowes and I immediately bought it. That same year, there was a single Euphorbia lactea cristata ("white ghost crested) -- not a grafted one, but a freestanding one in soil. Some people never learn. I ALMOST made the same mistake twice. I didn't need it, so I walked to my car....then SAT in my car for about 10 minutes, and fortunately went back into the store and bought it. I am very pleased that I did -- both times. They are both healthy plants, and the mammillaria has grown considerably. It has been repotted twice, and although it has few and paltry roots, the plant side of it has expanded to nearly twice its original size. So -- I agree with others. If you really like them, buy them.

  • Stefan

    Ive not bought plants and regretted it, and ive bought plants and regretted it. So, im quite neutral in that field.

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