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Poinsettia 2019

January 5, 2019

Hi Guys

It's Time to kickstart the New Have You Still got Your Poinsettia Thread.....

I Have a This Years Ordinary Red and a Princettia Sweet Burgndy....

Any One else still got Theirs?

Comments (9)

  • puglvr

    Here is my standard (single trunk) poinsettia planted inground colored up very nicely this year :o)

    ninecrow thanked puglvr
  • Feathers11

    I still have my white one. It's fairly large and was a holiday gift about a month ago. I never expect them to last long, so it fell off my radar a few weeks ago. I've watered it once since xmas, but it's still hanging in there. It's kept indoors in a bright, cool room but no direct sunlight.

    ninecrow thanked Feathers11
  • kitasei

    I have my red from LAST year! It spent the summer in the shade outside and came in before frost. To my astonishment the leaves turned red. I can't say it looks like a hot house plant -- the leaves are smaller - but it's attractive. I will never toss a poinsettia again!

    ninecrow thanked kitasei
  • ninecrow


    Found 2 Female Flowers on the Red todady!


    HOPFULLY the Pollen will take and I get some Seeds

  • ninecrow

    I Have 2 of These.....

    I'm Hoping at Least One of Them takes, This the Better Looking 1 of the 2.....

  • ninecrow

    Update 01/02/19

    Looks like I have 2 Seed Pods Growing.....

    HOPE I have at Least 1 Viable Seed in these 2 Pods.....

  • ninecrow

    This was taken on the 4th, They haven't Grown much bigger but They are still There.....

  • ninecrow

    Poinsettia Pods Still Hanging on......

    HOPEFULLY, I'll get at Least One Viable Seed out of the Two

  • ninecrow

    Anybody Else got any updates on how Their Point's are doing?

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