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Camellia japonica covered in scale. Zone 8, central Mississippi

Mary Johnson
January 6, 2019

My 35 year old Governor Mouton camellia is covered in scale. The backs of the leaves are white. I’m afraid I let it go too long. I took some leaves to my local garden center and was told to get some horticultural oil spray but not sure when to use it. The directions don’t give a temperature range and the bush has lots of buds so not sure if now is best time. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you

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  • luis_pr

    It varies by product but, let's say that when it is very hot, you should not use it. In the southern hemisphere, now would not be a good time. In the US, Canada, the UK, etc, it would be ok from a hot temperature wise.

    Likewise, the emulsion does not hold well together in very cold temperatures so also skip using it during freezing temperatures. Now would not be a good time in very cold areas of northern US or Canada. In Miss, you should be fine above 32F. I have applied it before in December with good results.

    Plan on using it earlier next year in case these visitors show up again.

    For exact info, google the website of the manufacturer.

    Here is some general info:


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  • Embothrium

    In general sprays for scale insects need to be applied when the "crawlers" are present, the adult insects being too well protected by their shells to be affected.

  • Mary Johnson

    Thank you kindly for the good information. I will try to stay on top of this going forward.

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