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Can you soften the tone of heart pine wood

January 7, 2019
last modified: January 7, 2019

Hi fellow Houzzers,

I need input/advice on heart pine wood. We are giving our kitchen a makeover and my dad built a stove hood out of 125 yr old heart pine. Our new island countertop is reclaimed as well, but is cedar. Attached is a photo of the two wood tones together. I’m wondering if I can soften the amber tones of the heart pine hood to blend more with the cedar island. ?? I don’t want to stain a dark color, I would like a tone along the lines of the flooring and the table (see red circle) in the attached photos. Is there a way to achieve this tone with both pieces?

(I have sampled different stains, but I can’t seem to soften the tone of the heart pine).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • stanfield95

    Sorry, the photo of my hood & countertop didn’t attach.

  • klem1

    First off I'll say the world would be really boring if all trees "matched" and flowers all looked the same. Second,if and when you want wood to look this way or that,chose wood that does it naturally without help. I would injoy it like it is but to answer your question. As a diy project,you risk making it worse and wishing you had left it alone. To ace it,you need a pro there in person.

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  • remodeling1840
    Embrace the difference. I love the idea of reclaimed wood for your hood, the history it adds to your new kitchen. I would add a third wood in accessories— perhaps to hold utensils, bowl for fruit, antique cutting and biscuit boards, etc. wouldn’t it be boring if all our friends were alike? Treat these woods as special friends and add a new one in cherry or walnut or olive wood.
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  • remodeling1840
    P. S.: in my kitchen I have cherry, walnut, tiger maple, and pine.
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  • Bette P
    Lucky you, how nice is that?
    The last paragraph in this article mentions Heart pine will darken naturally when cut or planed and exposed to air. It may get to where you would be happy with it. If you do stain it, it will change on it’s own over time anyway.
    What type of finish will you be applying to the stove hood?
    Food grade oil, mineral oil on the wood counter?
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  • dan1888

    The hood design does not fit regardless of color, imho. Ask your dad to make another one and pick the design with him that fits the rest of your kitchen.

  • Hillside House

    I love the hood. Leave it as-is.

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  • stanfield95

    dan1888, sure, I’ll get right on that. I’ll ask my 72 year old dad, who drove 1 hour each way for two days to help do something nice for us, to just rip it all down and start over because “you” don’t think the design “fits”. IMHO, you should stick with the original question on future discussions unless otherwise addressed. Nothing is more annoying than seeing people ask simple questions on here and folks respond by telling them to tear down, repaint or replace as if it’s so easy. Some folks do actually live minimalistically.

    And btw, I’m the one that designed the hood and the kitchen makeover is still in progress. :)

  • PRO

    Dan is right. The shape and integration into the cabinets is all wrong to work. A hood with flared sides like that needs more open space on either side to be able to have that shape work.

    Either the cabinets next to the hood need to be made smaller, or the hood needs to be straight sided, wider, and join to those cabinets with no space between them.

    Then sand any finish off of the island counter and do a very light stain with a bit of red, that echoes the pine of the hood. Maybe Minwax Provincial or Cherry, cut with Natural to keep it light. Then put a polycrylic finish over the island. The two woods do not need to be identical. They just need to be in the same color family. Pumpkin and gold do clash.

  • shead

    Wait 6 months before you do anything. I think it'll bother you far less then than it does now. I wouldn't touch the hood so if you do anything, it would be to the countertop.

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  • Fori

    I prefer the woods being a little different. This is the appeal of reclaimed wood. Let them be what they are. It's good!

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  • twinfield
    I think they look beautiful together and how special that he made it for you.
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  • daisychain01

    My first impression when I looked at the pic was "WOW". It may not be exactly the right colour or shape, and dan and green may be right about proportion and size, but if I try to picture it with the hood they suggest, I know it wouldn't get a "WOW", it would just get a "blah".

    I like it the way it is.

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  • stanfield95

    Thank you, daisychain01, and everyone else for their positive remarks and advice related to the *actual* question.

    My kitchen represents “my“ style. I search everything - for far too long before I do anything that I’m going to have to look at for any stretch of time. I looked at loads of photos for hood styles and I didn’t like the straight sided hoods because they lacked character. I wanted the hood to look unique (as it’s a focal point when you walk in the front door) - and I think I’ve achieved that.

    It‘s pretty comical to read “hood design does not fit” and “the shape and integration into the cabinets is all wrong to work”. Let me say, the hood “fits” rather well - I actually have about 1/4” clearance on each side :). And it also “works“ just fine - I press the ON button and there are no flashing messages that scream “hood shape not compatible with power button”.

    I think what you guys meant to say was the hood design could be more “complimenting” to the space. ??

    I recently read in a design book, “Rather than following arbitrary guidelines, focus on incorporating the things that matter to you and the people who share your home. Sure, some people have a knack for decorating and design, but here’s the thing: it’s not rocket science. Allow yourself the freedom to mess up, whatever that means. Creativity goes much further than money and flawless taste when it comes to making a house a home. “

    With that said, I’m pretty proud of the hood style and I know it will not cause a kitchen controversy all over America...maybe just here on Houzz. ;)

  • Cyndy

    Stanfield - your hood is gorgeous! I have a similar design in the works and was planning to use reclaimed wood as well, but just changed to match our island. My reason was time and logistics - my dad is no longer really able to do woodworking projects like that anymore. Enjoy your hood and I hope it makes you think of your dad every time you see it. I think wood colors in a house don't need to be all matchy matchy...

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  • PRO
    HALLETT & Co.
    Heart pine is naturally orange... That said if you are trying to make it look like the floor you will have to try some combination of bleach and pickling. Hopefully your dad has some scraps (don’t experiment on the hood!)
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  • stanfield95

    I’m not brave enough to touch the hood. :) I dropped off wood trimmings from the countertop and hood at a local paint store and they are experimenting with toning down the heart pine without hiding the grain.

    I’m not trying to match the various wood tones in this room, just keep them in the same family. I also have a reclaimed heart pine dining table that my dad built as well (made of 166 yr old wood!) less than 8ft away from the island, but it’s nothing like the hood - much more neutral.

  • Ellen Tracy

    Do the very top part of the upper cabs open? Might be nice to put pretty and/or interesting pitchers or bowls up there just for show. Second hand stores have bunches of those things. Ps hope you show us the results on the hood.

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