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kitchen backsplash help!!

Andrea Abrametz
January 8, 2019

hello and thanks in advance for your help! I am going to get a backsplash installed. the first 2 pictures are of the current kitchen. I am leaning towards a light creamy subway tile with a dark tan grout. Husband prefers a stone tile. photos are to show style and pattern, not colour (just found through Google search).

please help-any feedback or advice is appreciated!

Comments (15)

  • PRO

    Keep it SIMPLE. Your countertop is very busy. I would NOT do a contract grout - it will just give you vertigo every time you walk into that kitchen.

  • PRO
    Mint Design Studio
    I am assuming from your photos that you are thinking about laying the tile in a herringbone pattern. If that’s the case, I would avoid a contrasting grout color as the herringbone can be fairly busy already and it could be too much. Also I would stick with a smooth tile with a consistent color such as porcelain or glass for the same reason. A stone herringbone with that counter would be very busy. If you do decide to go with a stone, choose a lighter color from your counters and keep it very simple.
  • silviakunst
    Keep it simple is good advise !! I would put the same backsplash as your countertop . This way you can , if you wanted it , paint your kitchen cabinets one day in white ..or black ..or give the new homeowner ( should you ever sell, ) a fighting chance to make this kitchen their own by just changing the color of the cabinets .....
  • salonva

    Your cabinets are beautiful! I too would say no contrasting grout. I think creamy white as you suggested ( I am guessing to match the background of the granite?) would be lovely.

  • Karen Rose
    You’re correct here! Overrule hubby!
  • Christine Hatt-Pyne
    Explain to your husband that there should be one star in the kitchen hard finishes and that is the countertop as it has a lot of colour. The backsplash shouldn't be competing with the star - it is a supporting actress. Mixing stone is very hard and usually won't look right.

    I got this advice from Maria Killam's blog and my husband once in awhile thanks me from saving us from his choices for more flashy countertops and backsplash because he knows now that everything looks good and appreciates how it works together.

    Look for a simple subway tile that let's your countertop be the star! He'll thank you later :)
  • jhmarie

    I chose a cream for my backsplash and love it. My cabinets are a slightly different wood tone. I found white was a little too harsh up against the wood and there are both white and cream in my countertop. I was unsure of grout until after I installed the tiles. The not yet grouted tiles give the look of contrasting grout, and I found it too busy for my taste. I prefer a subtle backsplash. With so much going on in a kitchen, including cooking and just the stuff of life, I did not want one more pattern in the space.


  • Andrea Abrametz
    you guys are really amazing! I am overwhelmed. thanks so much!
  • salex

    *sigh* Why do husbands always want stone tile with stone countertops? I agree with previous comments - don't do two different stones.

    Your inspiration photos show backsplash tiles with good color consistency. That seems spot-on for your kitchen. A nice, low-contrast neutral of one of the colors in your countertops would look great (and yes, low-contrast grout).

  • Andrea Abrametz

    update! thanks for all who took time from their busy lives to help me!

    here is our new backsplash! thanks for your great tips!

  • Karen Rose
    It looks great. Good choice!
  • rmsaustin

    Why does the backsplash end where it ends on the right side of pic.?

  • Missi Rogge (4b IA)

    looks great!

  • Andrea Abrametz
    @msaustin great question/:
    Our builders put our light switch right in the middle of the cupboard line.. it's bizarre. Anyway, option was to either go all the way to patio doors or to finish early. We chose early. Neither way was ideal but we are happy with it.

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