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Best placement for Refrigerator water line

January 9, 2019

Should it be behind the Refrigerator or should it be run from the sink through the cabinets/underneath the countertop?

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  • M

    No matter which option you choose, make sure that you have an easily accessible shut-off valve -- typically, that would be in the back of the adjacent cabinet.

    If you want to be extra careful, and you probably should, install a water sensor that sounds an alarm and automatically turns off the water supply, if it detects a leak.

  • kudzu9

    I like to have a half inch plumbing supply line in the wall, with the valve recessed into a small box and just about flush with the wall. If you choose a valve orientation that allows the connection to be made with the line parallel to the wall -- rather than having the line come straight out from the wall -- you will minimize the possibility of the line getting pinched when you shove the refrigerator in.

    Also, don't skimp on the length of the line since you want to leave yourself plenty of room to hook it up in the first place and to disconnect it if it ever has to be replaced. Just arrange it so that the line forms a big loop that will be pretty much up against the wall when the refrigerator is in place.

    I don't like to run line through cabinets because it is easier for it to be damaged or kinked from stuff getting shoved into the cabinets, and you still need enough slack behind the refrigerator to get at the line.

    Jim thanked kudzu9
  • 2ManyDiversions

    Our new fridge will be far to heavy for us to pull out and access the water line anyway, but as M says, that shut-off valve being accessible is important - be sure to place it where you can access it quickly if needed.

    We put ours in the wall behind the fridge, which happens to be our coat closet on the other side - with a panel for easy and quick access.

    Be it under the sink or wherever, you want to be able to shut off the valve without pulling the fridge out. Under the sink or in another cabinet is fine.

  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Do not run the thin ref lines through or under cabinets. The water line should be a regular copper line 1/2 as previously stated to the valve. This really does give you the most protection.

    Good luck

  • Jim

    Thanks all, I was also thinking of running the ref lines and shutoff valve to the basement just below where the Refrigerator sits. Would this be a good option as well?

  • dadoes

    We ran the copper water line a distance through cabinetry, behind the gas range, and through more cabinetry to the sink when an ice maker was added to my grandmother's refrigerator. Never had trouble with it.

  • kudzu9


    Sounds fine to me since it would be protected and presumably readily accessible. You'll still need to allow enough extra line behind the refrigerator to have room to connect/disconnect things. And, when you sell your house, it would be nice if you mentioned to the new owner where you hid this shut-off valve ;-)

  • Jim

    Haha, that would be a good idea kudzu! I'm probably leaning towards the ref line and valve behind the refrigerator in a recessed box as you mentioned.

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