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Orientation of continuous floor design for the whole house

abiel woldu
January 10, 2019

Hi folks,
I'm going to install continuous floor vinyl planks on my house. Now I have to choose the trying to choose the plunk orientation.I heard if you install in one room the plunks should be parallel to the long side of the room. But what happens if you want to install continuous floor where some rooms are long but others are wide?
To be more specific this is my floor design and I tried to draw both orientations. How do I choose which one is right for me?
Option 1. Vertical

Option 2. Horizontal

The drawings are not perfect -- I did this quickly just to give me an idea, but the closets and entrance to the bathroom etc will all be part of the continuous floor.
I plan to do the stony oak vinyl floor. All input, comment, question and advise are welcome.
Thanks in advance,


Comments (12)

  • mindshift

    I vote for Option 2 because your longest walls are in the living room and the hall. The bedrooms will appear to be nearly square once the closet doors are on, and your kitchen floor will be at least partially covered by cabinets and major appliances.

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  • luscious111
    Option 2.
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  • PRO
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  • sheepla

    Option 2...I would let the hallway dictate the design.

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  • PRO
    Johnson Flooring Co Inc

    It's unanimous, #2.

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  • floorfreak

    2 will make the area appear larger. Make sure if you're going with a "click" vinyl installation, you're aware of length limitations. Some vinyl products can be laid no more than 30 feet before you have a transition break, other products upwards of 50.

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  • abiel woldu

    Thanks all for the advice. I'll go with horizontal orientation (option 2).

    Thanks @floorfreak I'll be using Stony Oak Gray Vinyl -- Home Decorator from Home Depot. The specification doesn't say anything about installation-length-limitation.


  • floorfreak

    It probably won't, message me directly and I'll see what I can find out.

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