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Can I use 3 - 13"w x 26" high pendants for an 8'6" island?

January 10, 2019

8'6" ceilings and sink is off center?

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  • PRO
    SH interiors

    I think that will work nicely to fill the space. You will want 10", give or take between each one.

  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    Too tall to be proportionate. You only have 102” to work with, and the bottom of the pendants should be at 66”-72” above the floor. 10”-4” is not nearly enough negative space above the pendant.

  • PRO
    SH interiors

    I understood this to mean that the width of the island was 8'-6". And if the ceilings are 96" (Standard 8') there would be 34" left between the bottom of the pendant and the top of the island (standard 36")

  • PRO
    SH interiors

    ...and pendants above an island should be approx 30 to 34" above the counter top as a general rule

  • live_wire_oak

    It says right in the one sentence post that the ceilings are 8'6". Don't know how you missed that, or the math that 26" tall lights would touch the 8' ceiling that you assumed. Which means that those lights are WAY too tall.

  • PRO
    SH interiors

    I just saw that it was listed as a side note underneath. And it would easily be missed as the island width and ceiling height are exactly the same. GEEZ you guys are rough.

    And if that's the ceiling height, then the lights are absolutely perfect. As I said before, they should be anywhere from 30 to 34" above the counter top which is typically 36".

    tootht thanked SH interiors
  • Michelle misses Sophie

    As The Cook's Kitchen points out, with the bottom of the pendant 30-34" above the island top, the TOP of a 26" tall pendant will be just a few inches from the 8'6" high ceiling. They will look like three semi-flush ceiling fixtures, and not like pendants.

    Height of ceiling 102"

    Height of island 36"

    Space above island 30-34"

    Height of pendants 26"

    Maximum available above pendants 102"- (36+30+26) = 10"

    Minimum available above pendants 102" - (36+34+26) = 4"

    tootht thanked Michelle misses Sophie
  • pink_peony

    I think they are too tall. Not only that , depending on the style of pendent, three might look a bit busy on an island that is 8'^' long with ceilings that are only 8'6" high you may get a very closed in feeling. Can you share a picture of the style pendent you're considering? I am sure there are better proportioned ones in a similar if not the same style.

  • PRO

    So now SH is trying to SPAM? (Duly indicated) Is business that bad? I guess it must be if basic math can't be done. Makes you wonder about those "reviews".

  • chicagoans

    Draw it to scale on graph paper. I think you'll get your answer. Or if you're already in the house and the island is in, hang balloons or paper mockups the size of your pendants on strings above the island. You can adjust the length of the strings to see how they would look at different heights and whether they interfere with your line of vision.

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