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Which tile would you use in this family bathroom makeover?

Laura Grosmaire
January 10, 2019
last modified: January 10, 2019

I've attached pictures showing the bathroom layout. ALL the blue stuff is going, will be replaced with white tub, toilet, 2 sinks. The faucets, shower hardware will be brass. The oak (grainy and dark, not honey) vanity w/2 sinks is staying. The new counter top will be a quartz we used with these same cabinets in the laundry room. It is a warm white (white with small multicolor tan/gray flecks). I am going to put a 4 cm mitered edge on counter top in this room as the standard 3 cm slab in the laundry room doesn't quite stand up to the weight/style of the cabinet to my eye, at least. In the laundry room your eye is drawn up by the faucet/wallpaper, but in this bathroom, you will walk in to a long eight foot expanse of countertop/cabinet, so I think the mitered edge will help. The bath/shower alcove will be tiled with large plank white matte tile (12x24). It is a warm white (not gray tone). Both floor tiles are white, matte porcelain and a bit "cold". I was going to use a pale beigey grout to warm them up a little, but not so dark that the tile becomes highly delineated/busy. The room will have a lot of white, but hope cabinets, brass fixtures, and shower curtain (enclosure has to go, space issue relative to toilet) will warm it up. I may paint walls pale green, but that is further down the decision tree. . .

Which tile do you prefer? Six inch hex or oct/dot?

Do you think pale warm grout is way to go? Or darker grout?

Thicker (mitered) counter top edge on quartz?

This shows dimensions/cabinets - those are the 6 inch hex tiles


Together for perspective:

Tile with pale beige grout or darker brown grout (approximate colors):

3 cm slab Quartz countertop on same cabinets in laundry room, will add 4 cm mitered edge (+ 4/10 inch):

Brass fixtures:

What do Houzzers think? Any and all ideas/suggestions welcome!

Comments (8)

  • Mrs. S

    I'm limiting my comment to the tile. The design overall sounds really nice. I would not choose such small tiles. Even the 6" hex is rather small. Why not a 12" hex? Or at least an 8 or 9" hex. My concern would be all that grout, especially since this is a "family" bathroom. Grout is harder to clean, although I would admit that more grouted small tiles is probably less slippery.

    So, I would choose a tile that was not slippery, and I'd choose a tile that permitted the least amount of grout possible. Look for a rectified tile.

    Lastly, if you're putting a white tile on the walls, and a white tile on the floor, check to be sure the whites look nice together.

  • Elizabeth B

    The larger hex for sure !! ..

  • Sammie J

    I love the dots, the not the amount of grout I'd have to clean. So, my vote is for the hex with the lighter grout.

  • adawn5

    I prefer the larger hex.

  • Nancy in Mich

    Because you have modern, slab front cabinets, I would go with the larger hex. The mosaic tile is too traditional and would go with paneled or painted doors.

  • Laura Grosmaire

    Thanks everyone for your comments, just wanted one final check before pulling trigger!

    @Mrs S That 6 inch hex has a slightly textured surface so it's not slippery, it also softens the white a little because of its reflective qualities. It's a cool product.


    A large part of the front of our home (entrance/kitchen/laundry room) has 8 inch "saddle brown" ceramic hex in it (you can see it in laundry room/countertop pic above), that is part of the reason I went with hex for this room also. I was concerned about the size vs the width of the bathroom, I thought 3 1/2 tiles across the width would look a little odd. Maybe I should do some mock ups. Thanks for your ideas.

    PS Who is Sophie? I see that name in several monikers.

  • Mrs. S

    To answer your ps: Sophie is Sophie Wheeler, a very long-time pro who was a prolific poster on this website since before it became Houzz. She was incredibly knowledgeable about everything design/construction, and tried her best to knock some sense into people. She was funny, smart, and just seemed to know everything about everything, so she was widely respected for her knowledge. She wasn't universally well-liked, however, due to her direct sharp nature. She was banned from the website, but I don't think it was over her direct bluntness....since there are several pros and others still here who are at least as direct, blunt, and sometimes offensive. A lot of people were offended by the way this website treated her, and some people left, never to return (apparently). I'm sad she left, and sadder to hear that she is in poor health.

    I believe you can do a search for her name, and read through some of her comments. It's a good way to learn a lot about building a house and remodeling, without making horrible mistakes.

    Laura Grosmaire thanked Mrs. S
  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    By the way, did you realize that there is often a buyer for those older colorful sinks, tubs, and toilets?

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