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What's going on with these mango leaves?

January 10, 2019

I'm in northern CA and got a pickering mango tree that I keep indoors by a south facing window. I haven't grown trees before so I'm unsure as to whether everything is OK with the leaves as some of them have developed these drypatches while others have this white residue on them. Any thoughts on what could be going on?

Possible related: I found what I think is a fungus gnat on a leaf (though it could be from one of my other plants), what may be a scale (or a little unrelated black spot).

Comments (3)

  • Jean

    The final image shows a mechanical ter/break.

    The tiny black spot is unlikely to be a scale. Is it attached to the leaf? If yes, rub it off. If not, is it on the surface? If yes, remove it.

    The whitish residue could be from previously applied spray and/or moisture.

    If the suspected critter in the first image is a fungus gnat, it will fly away when you try to touch it. In any event, squish it.

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    when did you get it.. and how ...

    if recent... it could just be shipping damage from the grower.. thru the seller to you .... with trees.. things happen in slo motion ... and the superficial damage you are seeing now.. could have happened weeks or months ago ... which is saying the same thing jean said.. mechanical ....

    as to the bug .. what jean said... and try to clean up your other plants ...

    with a single leaf problem.. i would just snip off the ugly leaf .. and hope thats the end of it ...


  • tropicbreezent

    I agree with the others. The damage from shipping and the white looks like a water stain, from minerals in the water.

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