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Big sales if you can stomach more shopping!

January 11, 2019

I know we are mostly shopped out, but I have 2 DDs w birthdays in the first few weeks of the new year, so I need to go right back out there.

Some really good sales. Anthro, for example has 50% off all sale items. Last call and Nordstrom rack also having big sales. I got a $650 pair of Tory Burch boots for $250. A Cole Haan jacket 80% off.

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  • Funkyart

    Ive been hitting some big sales also-- I only intended to pick up a few pairs of leggings and some lounge pieces (for my 2 week eye surgery recovery) and ended up getting a TON of deals.

    My most favorite -- which honestly, I still can't figure out-- was an olivia burton watch at 75% off. I don't really understand how or why the discount -- it stated 15% off but then it came down to $52 (from 195)).

    I love it because it is whimsical without being silly or juvenile... and it looks great with my coloring.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    omg that is so pretty! Never heard of that brand but soooooo pretty!!! Where did you get yours.

    I almost fell for a watch marked down "86%." But i had never heard of the brand, and when I googled it I found a website saying the MSRP were BS. Still pretty tho.

  • Funkyart

    I got mine at Lord & Taylor-- Olivia Burton is a UK company. They used to be hard to find in the US but they sell them all over now. They tend to be mostly flora/fauna designs.

    It isn't a high end watch but it doesn't look cheap either. I don't usually like rose gold but I think it is perfect with the gray.

  • Funkyart

    Sorry, meant to add that it was back up to full price by the time I received it on Wed. (I liked it so much, I was going to pick up a few other designs!).

  • aprilneverends

    oh I love Olivia Burton!

    got them as the present for my DD at some point..wanted to get one myself..Ii is really similar, with a bee on it..the thing is my daughter is slightly obsessed with bees. Has books about bees, was in some bee-conservation club when in college, etc. Goes on for years. So bee watch was really fitting.

    I like your watch colors more though, Funkyart-what I bought is white, they didn't have other colors then.

    Of course one can buy from their UK site but they have some abnormal shipping charges there, I remember.

    If you love flora and fauna watches-also check RueLaLa from time to time, they tend to carry Bertha watches-after huge discount, (several hundred dollars one-which they probably can afford to do, maybe a particular design being season before last or something).

    I myself can't enjoy to wear them as my wrist and hand are too small for most watches incuding Bertha-but I risked and bought some as gifts, and these were liked a lot.

    here's the site


    but I got mine for 7o or 80 $, and the models were "Rosie" and "Camille", and maybe this huge discount is due to them being so whimsical too.

    I always on look out for them now as I always on look out for gifts that other people will love. If they small all the better since I take them abroad.

  • lakeaffect

    Garnet Hill is having a massive sale as well, I just picked up two king sets of 100% cotton, 200 thread count, made in Portugal, Hable print sheets for $67 a set (flat, fitted and pillowcases). I can barely buy Target sheets for that price, and these are much better quality, and far more crisp and comfy for us (we don't like sateen or high thread count sheets). Linen and flannel sheets are also on sale, as are tons of women's clothing and boots.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Yes, I went to their site. Love some of the mother of pearl faces. IDK if my DD would wear watches, though they both have eyed some of mine.

  • Funkyart

    Ahhh April, I do like some of those Bertha watches too. I am really hard on watches though and tend not to spend much on them. I'll check out Ruelala.

    Lakeaffect, I have noted the emails coming in from Garnet HIll and The Company Store. It's definitely a good time for linens, towels, etc. I DO need new towels but I haven't been inspired to shop for them as yet. Maybe this weekend.

  • aprilneverends

    Yes, I just bought flannel set on Garnet Hill for my MIL..she really loved one, but now we found queen bed for her, and she was saying what a pity that bedding won't fit now. So I waited for them to announce sale and bought the exact same in Queen.

    I also bough some flannel bedding for DS..and a-very-grown-up pajamas...:) But that was at some earlier point last year, different sale.

    What I didn't like and sent back-one of their cashmere sweaters. Wasn't bad..just underwhelming somehow.

    (I hope you mention some site where I didn't spend money, lol, because I start feeling strange))

  • Joaniepoanie

    These big sales must just apply to clothing/accessories. I put off ordering house stuff until after Christmas thinking there would be great sales to entice people to still spend after Christmas. No cigar. In fact, a storage bench I wanted at Hayneedle went up $20. Same with Wayfair...nothing I had my eye on is on sale, no "extra 10%" off etc. Sigh.

  • Funkyart

    Mtn, I think a lot of their designs are a little too precious-- but I really like the 3D designs and I also like the mother of pearl. They are larger dials so while precious, they aren't dainty (most are 30 mm).

    You are more likely to find discounted prices on amazon and the UK sites. When shopping at Christmas (my nephew's wife asked for one), I saw very few discounts on US sites (other than amazon).

  • Sueb20

    Pottery Barn and co have been having so many sales. Our bathroom is currently being renovated and I’ve bought a bunch of new stuff from PB. I like their towels. I got some good deals on clothing at Gap and Garnet Hill, too.

  • d_gw

    I gave my daughter some cute throw pillow covers from RH for Christmas. I told her that I'd wait for the after Christmas white sales and get some nice down inserts. This girl, who never misses a trick, said "What is a white sale?". White sales have apparently gone the way of rotary phones.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    I went in person to look at PB flatware. The forks are oddly huge! And I did not like the tortoise quality. The guy told me "come back Monday we announce new sales every Monday" (?)

  • Funkyart

    I'm glad you checked them out-- I thought the utensils seemed oddly shaped. The fork is wide and the spoons look like troughs LOL (sorry!). I am very very picky about how they fit my mouth.. I don't like them too wide or too narrow (how am I supposed to pile a ridiculous bite of salad onto a tiny fork??).

    I was shopping local today and didn't find any sales-- but I did buy (order) a set of vietri copper glasses. I only bought 4 to give them a try-- but they fit my mood today. This picture doesn't do them justice-- they are glass but actually a bit metallic. More rose gold (which is crazy because I never really liked rose gold.. and in the last month I've bought a watch, eye shadow and now drinking glasses all in rose gold).

  • pudgeder

    Funky, I adore that watch!

    If you don't mind my asking, where did you find that bargain?

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    HI, Funky got it from Lord and Taylor but it is not longer on sale there. There is also an Olivia Burton website. If you google the brand and "sale" you may have some luck.

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