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Stuck with living room ideas

January 11, 2019

I cannot figure out my living room layout. I would like it to be comfortable for the entire family while keeping into account convenient traffic patterns and welcoming atmosphere. It is our late night TV watching room so the kids don't hang out in it much. When we have company over it is not very practical for sitting and talking. It's basically a TV room for my husband and me. The measurements of the room though are weird so that I can't really figure out a comfy area for watching TV and a practical area for talking to guests. I only have a few pictures to share right now, but you can see there is a large empty space right now that is akward. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We've been playing around with the layout for 4 years now.

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  • auntthelma

    My first thought is that you have the sofa in front of a door. I’d pull the sofa away from the door so that the long end faces the fireplace. Then move the tv to one side of the fireplace. Pull the large chair into the sofa grouping. then the two green chairs can stay by the window, but won’t look so lonely.

    Use the fireplace as the center of the room and start there.

  • cakehome236

    thank you for your advice! There is a barely visible, large doorway to the dining room behind the couch that would be obstructed with that layout though. I don't mind blocking the back door because we don't use it, but I agree it is not ideal and wasted. The width of the room between the fireplace and the wall is so narrow.

  • Hansen
    Can you switch the short part of the sofa to the other side. If yes, do so, and bring the sofa forward from the end wall. Turn the coffee table around. Bring the chair and ottoman closer to the couch. I would also bring the green chairs forward from the other end wall.
  • decoenthusiaste

    The problem is where you have chosen to hang the TV.

  • Denise Marchand

    Great space!

    The best way for me to help is to post a thumbnail sketch with all the dimensions and more pics. I would be happy to do a floor plan for you. First, measure the overall dimensions of the room, Then, start in the corner and measure the corner to the window frame, then the window (include the frame), window to corner, corner to fireplace, etc. You get the idea.

    Take pics of entering the room and any other details that are important.

    Measure all the furniture in the room.

    Make a Wish List indicating everything you want this room to accomplish. i.e. when you entertain, how many people are you accommodating? Do you want two distinct sitting areas? Bookcases? Art? Bar or bar cabinet?

    I am sure we can put our heads together and come up with something fantastic.

  • Nicole R Dsp
    Hard to tell proportions but based on your furniture I’d play with placement of that, then incorporate the TV. A TV can go most anywhere, not to mention it looks to high to be above the fireplace especially when you have a lot of other locational options.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    your pictures are very small. can you take some better ones?

    can you mount the tv on the wall where the round, white wall hanging is?

    where you have it now, in front of the french doors, is horrible! lol. I know you say you don't use the doors, but they are nice looking.

    Would you be up to a new sofa if needed?

    what about closing off one of those doorways? Is that something that's doable?

    what about building a bookcase that could hold your tv? is that doable? (I agree that your TV is far too high and just isn't the best option.)

    yours would be done on the right, but see how much nicer it looks? This one below isn't the best, but you can see it off to the right. Notice the FP and furniture layout

  • arcy_gw

    You have a doorway directly across from your fireplace. I think that is tripping you up, that and the sectional. It appears if you moved the sectional in front of the fireplace there is room to exit and enter. That tells me you could, using better scaled chairs and maybe a love seat or two arrange a comfortable seating/TV watching/conversation area with the fireplace/TV combo as the center piece. A game table or bar at the other end would makes sense when entertaining. Leave the beautiful expanse of doors open and approachable. Do you need the privacy of the curtains on the doors? If not I would leave them w/o curtains. They are beautiful.

  • PRO
    Nandina Home & Design

    We think if you move the sectional over, turn it around so that the long side is floating in the middle of the room facing the fireplace you will have a better set up. Remove the console table/planters and just put a piece of artwork on that wall and you will be able to walk behind the sectional. Then place the TV on a console where the round white medallion/piece of art is hanging. Place a mirror above the mantle and you should have a better layout. See in our layout below how the sofa is floating in the middle of the room facing the fireplace?

    Columbia Timeless Transitional Home · More Info

  • njmomma


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