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Heating Vent Issue - How To Cap This Safely For Drywall Covering

Avon `Lady
January 11, 2019

I had to replace an old gas wall heater which died for tenants. The new wall heater is taller so the vent to the roof had to be placed a few feet above it. I was happy to have heat for them. The tenants were in a hurry to go after the job, so I didn't inspect as closely as I usually do.

I came back yesterday and am concerned. The contractor simply cut the old vent and capped it with paper coated in foil. (See pic.) He did not disconnect this old vent from the vent which goes up to the roof. I don't think I should putting drywall over this thing as is. It has to have a proper cap like metal or thick plastic and closed with silicone caulking in my opinion. I'm not a contractor but acting with extreme caution since it's gas and you never know how it interacts with CO.

The contractor says it's fine, but don't believe him. He is licensed...that I did check before I hired him. I paid him with a check and he cashed the check right away.

If anyone has any input, I would appreciate it.

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  • Mike C

    You could always call a city inspector or maybe the gas company.

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  • Izzy Mn

    The city may say you needed a permit for that. A licensed tradesman would have know that.

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  • mainenell
    I had mine bricked up. A mason can do it. That would be the best way. The second best is a cap and seal it with a sealant for flue pipes.
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  • Avon `Lady

    Thanks, all. A licensed heating contractor is no guarantee of a job done to code. Most are honorable and do the right thing. There are always a few who are not honorable. They get blinded by quick money when they believe they can get away with it. It's too bad.

  • mike_home

    It looks like he covered the vent with aluminum foil. He may be licensed but he is a hack in my opinion. It needs to be capped and sealed. The way it is now carbon monoxide to flow into the wall of the house. This is a dangerous condition.

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    Agree, it looks to be a hastily done hack job.

    Avon `Lady thanked Elmer J Fudd
  • Bruce in Northern Virginia

    There are steel caps for HVAC pipes, and I assume they would fit your flue pipe. If the cap was popped on, attached with screws, and also sealed with heat resistant caulk, that should be adequate to close it off.

    This link from HD shows several different sizes of metal caps. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Heating-Venting-Cooling-HVAC-Parts-Accessories-Ducting-Venting-Duct-Accessories-Caps/N-5yc1vZc5h9 
    This caulk should be acceptable. https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-10-1-fl-oz-Red-Fire-Barrier-Sealant-Caulk-CP-25WB-Plus-CP25WB-10/100166701


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