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It's a llama-rama

bpath Oh Sophie
January 11, 2019

Who are the people gathered at some retreat with pot and comfy pillows and fun games, to spur their creative juices and come up with the trend of the year? Just came from Hobby Lobby where there is a definite llama invasion, then read an article in our local magazine featuring a designer's house with a large llama painting. It's been owls, penguins, poodles, you name it. Maybe it's preschoolers? Then they don't need the weed, just juice boxes and Pirate Booty.

Comments (21)

  • tartanmeup

    Lol I've been seeing llamas online as well. Last year (or the year before), pineapples were on everything.

  • Springroz

    And SO many WORDS!! These children whose rooms are decorated with this stuff are going to feel SO loved.

  • hhireno

    Speaking of the word signs: I saw a small wooden and metal sign with “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” on it, at a hospital gift shop (of all the crazy places). If you’re the type that believes the message, would you really buy that? A brand new, probably made in China and shipped half way around the world decorative sign. I chose to do without and left it behind.

    Last week, I was in Pier One and they had a small, beaded bag/change purse with a llama on it. If you want to be quirky, is buying mass produced stuff at a mass retailer really the way to express it? If llamas are your thing, llama stuff is easier to find right now. You do you.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    This llama knows where to find some fun. (I'm curious, though, about the cats on the barstools...)

  • HU-324894491

    A hundred bucks says no employee of any Hobby Lobby in the United States knows what continent llamas are from.

  • IdaClaire

    Oh, I'll bet they do. Working at Hobby Lobby doesn't make one a moron, does it?

    I had a thing for llamas when we were in the throes of planning a trip to Peru. They're interesting creatures and I can see why they've become a "thing" in home decor. Saw a number of holiday themed llama sweaters this past season as well.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Llamas look charmingly amusing in art, like penguins etc. So I get it!

    I think there's a retreat every year where a clique decides on the Color of the Year (orchid?) Pattern of the Year (remember chevron?), and meme (llamas and pineapples). And of course it's a couple of years out so that everything can be designed, announced, produced, and knocked off. And of course photographed and gushed about in articles and blogs.

  • hhireno

    The llama cartel got to them.

    What do we think the animal of the year will be for 2020? Something cute, non threatening, maybe associated with vision (20/20), like a bird?

    I’m going with a blue footed booby. Then the color of the year can be the blue of their feet. Mark my words.

  • Suzanne

    Ha! I just this minute sat down by the pool at my hotel to read Gardenweb. I went to T.J. max this morning and got a little bag to carry my “stuff” to the pool. Got this “llovely” for $2.50.

  • tartanmeup

    You had me at "pool at my hotel". :) Minus 15 degrees Celsius over here. The air is getting crisp enough to see. Cute bag! I was in an office supplies store last night and spotted the cutest little notebook with llamas all over it. Almost snapped a pic for this thread.

  • arcy_gw

    HU-324894491 why so nasty? What's that got to do with anything even if it could possibly be true or worth saying? uggg

  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    We were just shopping recently and I look up to see a lady in an electric cart coming down the aisle towards us. She had a huge stuffed Llama in the basket! It was so big she could barely see around it to drive. She stopped to talk to me because I was looking and laughing. She said she just loved them and used to raise them. She couldn't resist the big stuffed Llama. Then she showed me another one that would dance and wiggle it's booty when you pushed the button. It was hilarious. She was buying it too. I also saw socks with Llamas on them. It does seem to be a new thing.

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Llamas make more sense than......unicorns! They are picturesque, friendly, and real. I see them frequently around here, where they seem to blend in with donkeys and goats.

  • gsciencechick

    I would love to have llamas and alpacas. Need to keep buying those lottery tickets.

  • dragonflywings42

    We have 6 llama stuffies found over the last 10 years in flea markets & thrift shops. Maybe I should put tags on them with the date acquired so no one will think I'm following a trend. .... Nah.

  • OutsidePlaying

    One of our neighbors used to have some but for some reason doesn’t any longer. We used to hike to Mt LeConte in the Smokies frequently. They use llamas to transport fresh linens for the cabins and some of the fresh food daily on one of the trails. We encountered them on occasion when we hiked that particular trail. They were fairly people friendly but llamas are known for spitting slime if provoked.

    I have noticed a lot of llama-Rama around lately. Wonder why?

  • greenshoekitty

    Just rember, that they my be cute, but the live ones like to spit and bite.

  • writersblock

    Llamas make more sense than......unicorns!

    Ah, clearly you haven't seen the llamacorn, rhizo:

    They're everywhere, too.

  • rubyclaire

    Saw these while shopping this weekend...:)

  • d_gw

    My 21 year old has been obsessed with llamas for years so I have always noticed llama items everywhere. I find it so interesting that the eye and brain often won't register things until something knocks us on the head about it. It must be self preservation, you have to tune out some things or you would go insane.

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