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Bluestar backguard needed?

January 12, 2019
last modified: January 12, 2019

I recently remodeled my kitchen and have a 48 Bluestar range with a griddle. The backsplash behind is white tile. Given the high heat output from the range, I am worried about staining the tile. Wondering if I should add a 6 inch stainless backguard, also Bluestar, to the range? (My range is the standard stainless with black knobs).

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  • catinthehat

    Per your range’s installation instructions, you are required by code to have a backgaurd installed if all you have is tile over drywall. Beyond aesthetics, this is a fire hazard and for your safety.

  • vinmarks

    What do you have there now. We have a 48 inch Bluestar range and the installation instructions say:

    • All ranges require a backguard. Most models have the option of using: grate height trim; island trim; 6”
      inch standard; 17” inch hi-back; 24” inch high shelf. Heritage Classic models require a 24” inch high
      shelf for all installations.
    •  If you are using an island trim or grate height, a six inch clearance between the back of the range and a
      combustible surface is required. If an island trim is to be used without this six inch clearance, the back
      wall must be constructed using non-combustible and heat resistant materials that extend below the top
      surface of the range a minimum of six inches.
  • AboutToGetDusty

    Janiest, did you go with the RNB or the Platinum? Trying to decide between the two. Do you like your range?

  • janiest

    Hi. I have only had the range for a month but I love it. I got the RNB with the built in griddle. For my needs , it is perfect. I use my bbq for grilling. Hope that helps. You cannot go wrong with either.

  • Sammy

    At the very least, you must install the 6” back guard.

  • PRO

    The back guard is not optional, even though they sell it as such. It is required unless you pull the range at least 6" off the back wall and get into a lot more complicated ventilation.

  • janiest

    Thanks for all the comments. Just ordered the 6 inch back guard.

  • AboutToGetDusty

    Do you also need the backguard if you are putting in a range top, not a range? I assume so, but I do not see many pictures on Houzz with the backguard with the range top.

  • catinthehat

    Hi there, it should all be described in your installation manual, anything else is just guesswork =)

  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    Yes, the range too also requires the back guard, or a non combustible wall assembly behind it. Or the 6” gap.

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