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Why are seed prices so high?

bella rosa
January 12, 2019

Is it just me or are seed pricing skyrocketing? Have you noticed this as well? I haven't ordered any seeds yet, but catalog are coming in and I'm just surprised at how seeds prices have increased recently. What are your thoughts?

Comments (3)

  • 2ManyDiversions

    I can’t comment on seed prices over the last couple years as it’s been 20+ since I did any serious planting. I ordered quite a few seeds this winter (online) and was a bit surprised at the cost of seeds now, though. Apparently, I wasn’t paying enough attention to the seed #’s either as I’d hoped to have some left for spring sowing in case my WS was a bust.

    3 years ago I had a few tiny plots and pots and planted seeds I’d purchased at Lowe’s. 3 of them were not what I sowed/purchased at all, and I’ll not do that again. So disappointing. Talk about lack of quality control.

  • PVick

    I can't really comment on current seed prices, since I haven't bought any in a few years. I went seed crazy and bought more seeds than I can ever sow. But I'm willing to bet that one of the reasons prices might be high is that there are more people into gardening these days.

    For online seed companies, have you ever tried Cheapseeds?


  • Skip1909

    Are there really more people into gardening now? I pay $2.50 to $4.00 for a pack of seeds. I cant imagine its really worth it for companies to charge less than that. Harvesting, cleaning, and packing seeds is time-consuming. Im grateful to get seeds at all, I think most nurseries would make more money selling you the grown plants.

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