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is the painting of the right size or too big?

January 12, 2019
Is the painting of appropriate size for the space? Thanks.
too big
right size
too small

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  • Lil S

    I believe the general guideline is 2/3 the size of your couch.

  • C Marlin

    I know you didn't ask, but the size doesn't seem as bad as the overpowering artwork vs the subdued color elsewhere.

  • jck910

    Can it be turned the other way and hung where the mirrors are?

  • oaktonmom

    Agree with C Marlin. It’s not the size, it’s the subject.

  • IdaClaire

    I like the size AND the piece itself. I love it when people go bold with their artwork, and when they choose something that's a little unexpected. Art doesn't always have to feel "safe".

  • tfitz1006

    I'd try it where the mirrors are. You didn't ask but I'd see about calming the space a little by having two small end tables and lamps alongside the couch and relocating the orchids. Maybe also bring in a couch pillow with some blue similar to your chair. Nice space!

  • arcy_gw

    It's too large for people sitting in the chairs across from it, or the chairs are too close. One would need to see the entire room to be sure. One shouldn't have to move your head to take in all the picture.

  • Rawketgrl

    I agree with IdaClaire the art is great, I love that it is unusual. Art is individual. Yes ideally they say 2/3rds of the size of the sofa...but it is just a guideline....I have "Stepford wives" fatigue. Embrace the different!

    Maybe add an accessory or two in a teal color (from the art) to the room.

    I love the idea jck910 has above of removing the mirrors.

    Mirrors are best when used for

    1. Function or safety

    2. To reflect something lovely - such as a view, an architectural detail or antique etc..

    Lovely home.

  • tatts

    It's very generic and commercial, as though it belongs in a waiting room rather than a home.

  • lshack17
    The OP didn't ask for opinions on the art, waste of time to post that.

    I agree with others, I think the piece might be better suited where the mirrors currently are. It's such a bold piece, it needs it's own wall with nothing else. If you decide to change it please share an updated photo.
  • hollybar

    If you love it, then it isn't too big. The rulez about size over a sofa are not writ in stone & there are no design police that come and take you away for transgressing. I would not echo the circles on the pillows on the couch,ymmv.

    Upstate New York Residence · More Info

    All that said, consider switching the piece to the mirrored wall. Perhaps YOU will like it better there.

    ps-In the pic above, I love the art and the subtle echo of the circles in the carpet

  • IdaClaire

    Oh, tatts, DO show us your paintings. Particularly since you're attempting to establish yourself as an art aficionado.

  • auntthelma

    It's not too big if you love it. If you don't like it there, I agree to try it on the mirror wall. I love that the mirrors have the circles. I love the yellow pillow on the sofa. I agree that you should find another home for the circle pillows.

  • PRO
    London Interior Design
    The size is great!! Good Job!! But the artworks theme and color unfortunately do not match the rest of your decor.
  • Molly D.

    IdaClaire- I’m still waiting to see if Santa brought Tatts the ability to respond to posters without a demeaning tone. It’s not looking like he did!!

  • ldecor54

    I too would like to see it where the mirrors are

  • Lea Dinell
    Agree the issue isn't size. Paint the walls a complementary colour from the painting and it would fit in more seamlessly.
  • Fori

    Size is fine for that particular piece, alone. (If it were parrots or ponies, it might be too big.)

    I'm not sure if it works with the mirrors that are about the same size and motif though. Too much of a good thing?

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    It really depends how impactful you want the painting to be. If you want to make a big statement, then bigger is better1

  • mnmamax3

    I like the piece and the size, while large, could work but I feel it's fighting with the tan and brown pillows and grey rug. How much do you want to replace? You have the blue in the chair opposite and that works with the sofa and art and mirrors. Try some more colorful pillows first (no more circle patterns, just textural colors - I see lilac and blue and grass greens), then decide if you need to replace the rug. The second picture with just the yellow pillows looks much better.

  • ilikefriday

    The size of your artwork is perfect!

  • PRO
    G.J. Gardner Homes Fresno/Kingsburg

    Its tough when it comes to a personal preference issue, but for my taste the picture is a little large for the modest amount of space.

  • PRO
    Nandina Home & Design

    This design of ours might help when it comes to this dilemma:

    Augusta Stylish Casual · More Info

  • IdaClaire

    Beautiful room, Nandina. I love it when designers are not afraid of large paintings. Some might say the scale of your piece is wrong, but I think it's perfect. Definitely a statement piece. Well done.

  • Kim M

    The painting is nice and bold. The furniture is lovely. They just don't seem to go together. I do think there needs to be an echo of some color (teal) of the painting in something -- even something small like the pots for the plants.

    And is it only me, but I feel like both are pushed too far to the right (leaving more space on the left side for both).

  • dowagercountess

    I think that the size is fine. I would replace the yellow throw pillows on the beautiful sofa with darker pillows to balance the boldness of the art with the paleness of the sofa.

  • jmm1837
    I dont like the size where it's positioned over the couch but I think it would be fine where the mirrors are. The room as a whole could do with a few more splashes of color as well.
  • Joy Peace
  • Anne Duke
    That whole side is too crowded. Can’t take a breath looking at all the stuff.
  • Rawketgrl


  • vandar


  • lshack17
    Good one Rawketgirl! It's really not that serious! :)
  • Hansen
    Love your room. Switch the picture with the mirrors and add some blue pillows to couch.
  • flopsycat1

    I think the size of the painting is fine.

    In your first photo, you have busier patterned sofa throw pillows which, I believe, fight with the paintping. The two simpler pillows in the second photo look much better.

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