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What are average house build prices in southern NH

January 12, 2019
I have a 2 acre parcel of land in Chester, NH that is flat and dry and a clear field. There is an existing house I’d like to tear down because I’m not crazy about the two garage under and it’s a skinny tower type structure. Even though the land doesn’t require it to be a garage under. I’m looking for the average build cost of a 2500 sq ft basic traditional colonial with an attached garage. I want a simple build, basic finishes. Simple roof, no valleys. Vinyl siding, etc. As economical as possible.... I am trying to gauge the average build cost before I go and pick a plan! Thanks!!

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  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    " . . . before I go and pick a plan!"

    Home design is not like a nose.

  • doc5md

    1 million dollars!!! Said in my best Austin powers voice

  • PRO

    Somewhere between the 25K yurt with not even running water to 2.5M luxury cabin with the 2 storey solid glass electric privacy window with custom geode crystal fireplace and geothermal radiant heated floors.

    A plan is specifically designed to a budget and specifications. Not specifications and budget in search of an elusive but generic fairy slipper to fit.

  • mermanmike

    You've asked a very fair question and I'd guess your best bet for this type of home is to contact a few local firms that build similar homes and see if they can give you the range. There's a lot of good advice here but it tends to be geared toward more custom homes. Are you familiar with unity homes in walpole? Beautiful houses that are assembled on site and some traditional NE designs.

  • a13xxa

    A lot of people are going to tell you to contact local builders. However, if you are not even at that point a real easy thing to do is go on Zillow and look up new constructions in your area and see what they are selling for. This will give you a ballpark. They will most likely be tract homes, but if you want a basic colonial then the prices shouldn't be too far off.

  • Amber
    Thanks for the two helpful suggestions and a few laughs from the others. Lol
  • rwiegand

    Across the border (in MA) you'd be in the ~$250 to $300/SF range with modest finishes. Looking at other new construction is a good bet, add about $50/sf to the price that similar local spec houses sell for and you will be close on a simple custom build.

  • PRO
    Virgil Carter Fine Art

    Keep in mind that there are at least two prices, combined, for building a new, free-standing house: 1) the price to build and finish the actual house, and; 2) the site development price, including running utilities, grading and paving, landscaping, well, septic, etc.

    Then...there are also the permit fees required for obtaining design approval and building permit. There may be a final fee for occupancy permit.

    The prices, combined, are the cost of a house.

    In your case, there's a yet another price: the demolition and removal of the existing house, plus any remedial site work.

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