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Help! Onion stained inside of my cabinet!

Adrienne Parmelee
January 12, 2019

Hi all,

I'm hoping I can find some help here. I was just cleaning and I found an old onion in one of my cabinets. Unfortunately when I went to remove the onion there was a stain underneath. Can you tell I don't clean out my cabinets often? I'm kicking myself right now for letting that happen, but lesson learned, onions don't belong in my cabinets... I'm hoping I can find some advice here to make the stain less noticeable, assuming I can't get rid of it altogether. I initially wiped it with a damp paper towel, bad idea... some of the first layer of wood came off. So then I took a microfiber cloth and wet it with some soapy water and wiped it gently, but obviously (not to me lol) nothing came of that. If the stain can't be removed or minimized through cleaning is there any way I could use a wood stain or something like that?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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  • hummingalong2
    Have you tried Barkeepers or a Mr Clean magic eraser sponge? If it's permanent, cover it with some matching...or not..shelf liner
    Adrienne Parmelee thanked hummingalong2
  • Adrienne Parmelee

    Is the barkeepers the same type that is used for cleaning stainless steal? I do have some... Maybe I could test it in an hidden area first. Do you mix the barkeepers with water? I'll definitely keep the shelf liner as a last resort idea... or maybe I should put them in all my cabinets now before I ruin anymore lol.

    Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate it!

  • hummingalong2
    Barkeepers Friend is the name of it, it's a white powder, it may also come in a liquid? You use a sprinkle with a damp sponge. Test a hidden spot.
    Adrienne Parmelee thanked hummingalong2
  • Adrienne Parmelee

    Ok, I'll try this out (and test in a hidden area first). I have a feeling the stain will be permanent unfortunately.

    Thanks for the info!

  • functionthenlook

    They use to use onions to stain material long time ago. Maybe some bleach would lighten the stain.

    Adrienne Parmelee thanked functionthenlook
  • Adrienne Parmelee

    Thank you for your response, sorry for the late reply. I was looking at where the stain is more and it looks like the material is a veneer or something? It feels kind of waxy. Hopefully one of these methods will work, at least to lighten it. Interesting fact about onions being used as a stain, I didn't know that, but it certainly makes sense now!

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