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Carrera Marble - Does anyone have it around their stove or bathrooms?

Angela Ferris
January 12, 2019

Hello! I'm building a new home and have my heart set on carrara marble for my kitchen island (calacattas are out of my budget, unfortunately). My dilemma is I'm wondering I should choose a quartz for the perimeter counters around my stove? Will normal grease splatter etch/stain? Obviously, I would prefer to use the same carrara throughout the entire kitchen... And, does anyone have experience on using this same marble in the bathrooms? Thanks so much!

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  • David Cary

    Had Carrera in bathroom. Water would make marks that were not bad. We sealed it of course but not as often as we should.

    Carrera in a kitchen is begging to be stained unless the kitchen isn't used. As an isolated baking station - perhaps. But anything else - you are crazy.

  • roarah

    I put marble in my kitchen over 13 years. It has not a single stain but it is etched all over. Etches look like water rings on wood. When I installed this kitchen the Quartz like marbles were very fake looking. I prefer my etched patina to the available lookalikes but I wear linen and like age but if you are a person who likes pressed, new and flawless things go with a Quartz. Etching is inevitable.

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  • Helen

    My friend has Carrara marble in her kitchen which was installed about 15 years ago. She is not particularly fastidious and her husband who cooked a lot was pretty much a pig. She also used it for the kitchen table which was used extensively for eating; gathering around; crafts etc by her family who grew up there.

    No stains anywhere but there is of course etching. People go on and on about etching but it's not some terrible thing. You don't normally notice it unless the light hits it right. Also, you can have the stone polished after awhile if it really bothers you. But keep in mind that old French and Italian bistros have marble counters and the beautiful patina is actually the etching.

    I just installed marble in my bathroom - counter is slab and shower floor and bathroom floor are marble basketweave tile. I had asked friends with marble whether it was particularly problematic and they said no.

    I opted for polished tiles in the guest bathroom and honed marble in the master bath. This was both for aesthetic reasons and because I liked the softer look of the honed marble in the master bath and thought that it was going to get more wear so why not get it etched already :-).

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  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Get yourself a sample 12 x 12 and just bet it up - stain it etch it scratch it clean it and see what it looks like. Inevitably it happens, it how you feel about what it will look like that matters. I have many customers that love the "character" it brings and I have others with small vanity tops and can't wait to tear them out and put in the quartz tops.

    The quartz patterns have come a long way from where they started out. I would suggest getting to a yard and seeing a full slab if possible to get the full effect.

    Good luck to you... and be happy with what you choose

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  • worthy

    I've had Bianca Carrera floors and walls in different bathrooms and homes for up to six years with no problems-- except they could have used a professional polishing after three or four years.

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  • Heather N

    No issues with grease as long as you seal your counters and are reasonable about cleaning up after cooking. Oils can sit on the counter for a while, but it’s preferable to not leave them overnight. I’m pretty clean while I’m cooking - if I make a mess, I just clean it up. Anything I don’t want to deal with that night goes in the sink for tomorrow morning.

    We’ve had some minor etching, but it’s all from other people using the kitchen, not from me. People who should know better...we specifically told our babysitter “nothing acidic” and she put lemon juice on the counter “because it is natural”. A caterer put a container of fruit salad on the counter and left it there and it made an etched ring from the juice. When I personally cook in the kitchen, no issues.

    if you get a marble counter, would recommend a workstation type of sink where you can put the cutting board inside the sink and keep any acidic mess contained.

    I love love love my marble counters. They feel so much nicer than quartz. The marble has some variation in it and I think it is so beautiful. It’s nice and cold and just feels REAL. The stains and etching are avoidable if you aren’t a complete slob in the kitchen and are mindful of other people using the kitchen. I would never use it in my beach house where we have tons of guests all the time.

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