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Installed a Calcutta oro porcelain tile for our new kitchen floor.

January 15, 2019

The floor we installed is very bold. Now I am struggling with what cabinets, countertops and tile to use with it. This has much more color and movement than I anticipated. Any ideas?

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    **Calacatta** Is this a porcelain tile?

    For cabinets, obviously white or light or medium gray. you could also do a natural oak, a walnut, weathered black oak, or even a deep navy.

    Countertops could be any of the solid grays or whites, or a very subtle white w/gray veining.

    you could also do black granite or soapstone.

    Natural wood tone, or darker wood

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  • mvcanada

    I agree, it is a bit on the busy side but I think it can be OK once you have your other items sorted and installed. It won't be such a wide open expanse of tile at that point.

    What did you originally have in mind for your colour scheme?

    If this were mine....I'd be tempted to pull one of the grey's out of the tile and that is your cabinet colour.

    Then the counters can be something like Silestone or quartz of some sort that is very "not busy", maybe even a plain white or mainly white with very little colour or movement in it.

    I see you have a double oven there. I have one and I LOVE it. It was here when we bought the house and at first I didn't think I liked it or would use it but it is great, especially when you are trying to make a big meal, like a roast or a turkey etc. Great choice and I hope you like it.

    I don't see any reason why you couldn't go with wood grain cupboards as well. But wood that doesn't have a lot of colour variation in it.

    Here are some pictures that might give you inspiration. Both have floors that are quite noticeable, but you can see how it all comes together nicely in both photos.

    25 Black Countertops to Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation - Architectural Digest · More Info

    You could easily do something like this. I like the black counters too and that might be a nice choice in your case. There is a Silestone that looks like black soapstone that I think is gorgeous. Have a look and see what you think. If you want granite, there is a black one that many people like with a honed finish - Virginia Mist.

    25 Black Countertops to Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation - Architectural Digest · More Info

    These cabinets are apparently walnut (gorgeous!) and look great with the floor as well as the red.

    Cupboards like this would look great with that flooring choice. Once again, you could do a black counter, or white or grey.

    I think you have lots of choices available to you - don't feel limited by the flooring you've chosen.

    I know you also asked about tile. Backsplash is the last thing you choose. Find all your other elements first and install them. Then choose your backsplash. Bring home samples and test them in your light and place - you can tape them to the wall, but you need to see them on the 90 degree angle to the counter, not sitting on top of the counter. There are so many choices of tile. When you have everything else done, post more pictures and some of the tile specialists will hopefully pop up to help you with those choices.

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  • mvcanada

    Ah....you see, while I was writing my post, along came Beth H. That's the type of help you want - especially when it comes to choosing your tiles.

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  • annied75
    I like the 3rd kitchen photo that Beth posted -- dark cabinets with the light floor. It's a bit moody, but classic.
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  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    your tile is beautiful, and bold. with that statement, everything else needs to be more subtle, and background.
    kudos on a bold and unusual choice. nice to see something " out of the box" different n
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  • Laura Fulton

    Thank you so much.

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  • troutguy5

    Laura, I agree, a warm gray may work to bring out interesting tile color/pattern. See attached, which is our downstairs bar area. The cabinet is alder with a gray wash and the counter is coincidentally similar to colors to yours...

    The second pic is kitchen, which shows same cabinet color but a little clearer. Good luck!

    kitchen cabinets, same stain and wood as above, just different lighting:

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  • Laura Fulton

    Thank you so much

  • crystalpea

    How much natural light do you get in the room? What is the overall style of your home? White cabinets would be the easiest choice and if you went that route a black hardware would tie everything together nicely. I think the right wood grain or the right dark colored cabinet would be stunning if the other finishes were kept simple (ie: white counters and white backsplash or darker solid color countertop (a leathered black granite could be really pretty) and white backsplash ).

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  • laura_fulton2014

    We've been considering a dark grey with brown undertone cabinets and a white quartz countertop with a long white subway tile. I very much appreciate your help.

  • laura_fulton2014

    does anyone think a slate gray backsplash might look good?

  • PRO

    Don't even worry about the backsplash until counter top/cabinetry finish is firm...............and all installed.

    With any veined tile? Always FIRST buy an entire box and test for a larger view of a potential result.

    Second idea, is to PLAN the kitchen with layout, appliances, finishes and all major selections excluding backsplash and hardware .........in advance and all together before any order or install. Of anything.: )

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  • laura_fulton2014

    Jan Moyer we went with a off white cabinet and Virginia Black granite, stainless appliances by Samsung and now are working on the white subway tile and calacatta gold, siena tile from the Tuscany Collection. I will let you know if it works.

  • Joy
    Your floors are gorgeous! A gutsy choice, something different. Please post your finished kitchen. Enjoying your choice of flooring.
  • f1241
  • laura_fulton2014

    Making some progress on the kitchen but would love feedback on paint for walls, pulls and backsplash.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I love the rug w/the warm wood flooring next to the marble-look tile. I pulled some colors from the rug that I thought would look nice on the wall. What you don't want is a warm side and a cool side.

    As for backsplash, I'm sure someone will say, "just do white subway tiles". yes, because it's safe and easy and it would work.

    But you could also do a taupe-ish glass tile like this one from Oceanside Casa Calif. collection. Ignore the square shape. it comes in a 2x8 subway tile. Also comes in many colors, frosted or polished. I just like this shade because it works perfectly w/your tile and the warm accents.

    This is another color in the subway tile (which would also work)

    or Lunada Bay, watercolors glass tile

    Winchester crackle glaze subway in 'Dunwich' (a griege shade)

    ShadeBox tiles in light-white

    porcelain subway tile that looks like marble

    marble and tan marble to play w/the warmer tones in the other room

    Dove Gray 4x12

    Lantern polished glass

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  • PRO
    Stecki Construction

    Yes I agree that you should stay with the warm colors to go with the rest of your home. Unless you are going to update the rest of your home as well! Love the flooring! Would like to see the end results! Thanks for sharing!

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  • laura_fulton2014

    Thank you for the ideas. I will stick with warm toned paint in the kitchen and perhaps warm window coverings as well. Providing a couple of different daylight angles for review of existing colors. I will paint the top half of the dining room as well.

  • Pete Global
    I would do the rest in all white ! Dramatic and beautiful .....!!!!
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  • laura_fulton2014

    Back splash tile being installed today. Subway by Pure around perimeter and the inset above the stove. More pictures to come. And now for a wall paint color....

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    Beth H. :

    nice Laura. for those end tiles, is the tiler not using a bullnose?

    or how will they be finished?

    and for the pickets, make sure he butts flat edges (instead of those pointy ends with tiny filler pieces) against the edging.

    see how the edges were cut off so that it's a level border?

    or, it can be done like this, but each one of those triangles has to be perfectly cut and installed for it to look good. This example is good!

    and hopefully he won't be using the tile turned vertical for the edging! !

  • laura_fulton2014

    Thank you Beth, no tile turned vertically, he is using a bull nose. He does have another full two days. I will post more pictures. I appreciate the feedback on the details. It's very helpful. any feedback on grout? I was thinking of grey.

  • NewEnglandgal

    Beth is always excellent with colors and tile. Cannot wait to see everything once it is painted. Love your floor!

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    laura,,,how is the tile guy using bull nose here? (are those bull nosed?)

    I assume you're ending at the line? or the countertop? you should take it all the way to the end of the countertop. that last inch is going to look weird if you don't tile it.

  • laura_fulton2014

    Here is the final trim pieces Beth H.

  • Karen Rose
    It’s lovely backsplash!
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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    laura, it looks great! nice tile job too, from what I can see.

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  • Holly Brown

    Beth H. Can you tell me what tile that back-splash is behind the polka dot tea kettle? I'm in LOVE with it!!

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    Holly,,,sure It's MSI Harlow picket. a lot of different vendors sell it, but here's a link to HD


    can go either direction. I like the top one best

  • Holly Brown

    Thanks, Beth!! I prefer the vertical too :-)

  • laura_fulton2014

    Almost done, need to install a vent hood, switch covers, perhaps paint and a wooden island. Making progress.

  • troutguy5

    Very dramatic color combination with dark countertops and white cabinets...nice!

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