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Have to choose between Miele 30" induction range vs. Miele gas range

January 20, 2019

Have to choose ASAP between Miele induction range (HR1622I) and all gas range (HR1124G). I have a GE induction cooktop in my primary home that I like (although it has scratched and had to be replaced twice due to a crack from a lid and another unit that would not lay flat!) I like the induction cooktop cleanability and the induction around kids. I like the (relative) indestructibility of the gas cooktop. Can anyone give their opinion of these two units? I chose induction but had a gas line run so I can still change my mind in the next couple of days. Thanks (PS not considering any other line due to a friend who works for Miele helping us.)

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  • delray33483

    i have the induction 1622 and love it. Induction is better in all regards. What is really the best part is the oven on the 1622. The 1124 gas oven doesn't even compare to the cooking modes on the induction range

    if you enjoy cooking then get the 1622

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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I am a huge Miele fan. One of their weakest points is gas- and one of their strongest is induction. No contest for me. Get the induction for all the benefits of induction and the fact that Miele is not a super star on gas in general- and it's gas ranges have had less than stellar reviews.

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  • cpartist

    Induction. Hands down. More precise cooking and cleanup is the best.

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  • jdsb2

    I have a Miele induction cooktop and the 36" gas range. I love the induction and would like to replace the gas range with a 36" induction range. That won't happen anytime soon as my husband likes the gas range, but I don't see any need for gas. It is such a pain to clean and the induction is incredibly precise and responsive for cooking and so easy to keep clean.

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  • elliement

    Thank you all, I went with induction.

  • melindapardes
    Looking into Miele. Do you like the induction range?
  • elliement

    Kitchen getting installed this week. I’ll post update when I start using it this summer. Sorry I couldn’t help you sooner, but it looks like people are liking it...

  • melindapardes
    Thanks! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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