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Time for more hair talk...smoothing serum

January 21, 2019

Do any of you use a smoothing hair serum? My hair fine, semi-thick and just below the shoulders.

Right now I'm leaning towards Paul Mitchell Super-Skinny smoothing hair serum

It gets great reviews everywhere I've looked and the price is decent. Unfortunately, youtube doesn't have many good videos on the product. To give you an idea of what my hair looks like after I've washed and dried it, on the website above scroll down a bit and on the left side click on Videos.

There's only one video, it's a girl putting skinny braids in her hair. Look at the back of her head when she takes the braids out. That's the area I have a hard time blow drying with a brush for smoothness.
Time for a smoothing serum!

Comments (23)

  • arkansas girl

    I think most people are using straight irons or curling irons to achieve the smooth hair. If you purchase this from a store like ULTA or Sephora, you can always return it if it doesn't work like you are expecting.

  • Oakley

    A, there isn't a link. I don't want to mess with either because it takes too long, and I can't do the back of my head. The serum only takes a minute.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    I really like Bedhead After Party smoothing creme despite the bottle.

  • baylorbear

    I asked my hairdresser how to get that smooth-just-left-the-salon look and she said to make sure that you're really drying your hair all the way. Dry your hair until you think it's dry, then keep drying it until the cuticle closes and your hair looks smooth. I tried it and it really works! You can almost see it happen. It goes from looking dry but maybe a little frizzy/poofy to looking smooth and sleek. It takes me an extra 3 minutes of dry time.

    I occasionally use Semi Dilino Diamond Cristalli Liquidi serum by Alfaparf. It adds shine and also helps with smoothing. It does have a pretty strong fragrance though. I bought it from the salon, but I think you can find it online for a better price.

  • IdaClaire

    I agree with baylorbear. If I hurry the process and don't dry my hair until the cuticle closes, my hair has a tendency to develop kinks in places which completely ruins the smooth look I'm after. I really think that's the secret -- not serums. Occasionally I'll use a tiny bit of serum if my hair is especially flyaway, but for the most part I dislike it because it tends to make my hair feel greasy even in small doses.

  • Springroz

    If you use a serum(really just a light oil blend) for your face, just use a couple of drops,spread in your hands, for your hair.

  • Oakley

    Springroz, smoothing serums have silicone in them which is wax. Now I'm reading how bad silicone is so I'm on the fence.

    I had no idea drying my hair all the way helps smooth it! The hair at the back of my head is thicker and that's the part with the little waves.

    Baylorbear, is there a certain way you dry your hair? I also aim for lift on top of my head so I first dry my hair with my head upside down to get the crown and part. Then I just lean sideways to get the back.

    I'd really love to have a Brazilian blow-out but that's a big no-no now, and very expensive. I sure do like them though.

  • d_gw

    My stylist suggests that when you are done drying your hair, shoot your ends with the cool setting to help seal the cuticle.

  • morz8

    I can come close to all smooth, but not quite as perfect as my stylist can with a flat iron. I just haven't fine tuned using one on the very back of my hair - and I'm not likely to without practicing. And there's the problem, I don't take the time to practice ;0)

    I have approx a 2-yr stash of Redken Glass which has been discontinued. It's not an oil, but a silicone and works for me. Three drops before blow drying. When I begin to run low, if I haven't found a product to take its place I may have to master the flat iron.

  • jojoco

    Before I had the keratin treatment, I used the super-skinny hair serum. My hairdresser used it on me. She got better results than I did. Honestly, though, since I've had the keratin, I haven't had to use anything. (To be honest, though, I am due to get it again but am waiting til after a trip to FL next month. Salt water is not good for it.)

    Just curious, why is a Brazilian blow-out a big "no-no" now, aside from price?

  • tinam61

    Smoothing serum won't help "kinks". As someone suggested, a straightening iron or drying. What does your hair do if you don't try to straighten it?

  • Oakley

    Tina, I don't have kinks. If you were to look at my hair when I've done nothing to it you wouldn't think my hair was curly. It looks like a super loose beach wave. Under the top layer of hair at the back of my head the waves are closer.

    Don't get me wrong, my hair looks good, but I want a more refined look like the Brazilian Blow-out.

    Jojo, the chemicals in them, unless they've changed, are dangerous for people. Remember when the blow-out was popular about 5 years ago and saw it on everyone? I never see the hairstyle anymore.

    I'm going to look up keritin treatments.

  • baylorbear


    It sounds like we dry our hair the same way. I bend over so my head is upside down and dry the hair around my hairline and the back/underside close to my head. Then I stand up and use a brush to brush my hair out as I follow it along with the dryer. (I try to do what my hairdresser does as she dries it). Once it's mostly dry, I put the brush down and use my fingers to comb out my hair as I get it really dry to the point where it has smoothed out. Sometimes I do the cold air button on it at the very end.

    My hair is pretty long (about halfway down my back) and it's somewhat wavy, but I can get it really straight drying it the way that I do.

  • jojoco

    Oak, mine was a keratin Lasio treatment. It is my understanding that it is not a chemical process, but rather the addition of the protein keratin which is heat activated and washes away after about 5 months.

  • Oakley

    I went ahead and ordered Bed Head and Paul Mitchell. If I didn't have two left hands I could be beautiful! lol

  • Springroz

    Ingredients in the one I have:

    water, vegetable glycerin, gum acacia, citric acid, horsetail extract, aloe Vera oil, Arian oil, d-panthenol, witch hazel, calendula extract, echinacea extract, lavender extract, xanthan gum, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate

  • Funkyart

    Maybe your hair isn’t as fine as mine — but I’d never put product as heavy as a smoothing serum in my hai. It would be plastered to my head!!

  • pb32

    Funky it's not even so much the fine-ness of the hair as it is the texture. I'm "blessed" with very fine but extremely frizzy hair. Without a lot of product I wouldn't be fit for public viewing. :) Serums and heat protectants along with a flat iron keep me from scaring small children. ;)

  • Funkyart

    LOL.. understood, pb.

  • Oakley

    Funky, apparently a little goes a long way and you don't put it near the roots at all. It goes on about a third down, some people only do ends.

    After ten years I finally hit pay dirt finding a wonderful video on how to blow dry my hair.

    Blow drying

    I've heard of blowing the opposite side of your part for lift and I'll be trying that. I did find out I was drying my hair the wrong way when I held my head upside down. lol

    I ordered the wet brush and uplifting foam she uses. There's a link to her blog showing the products she uses. Which are way too much.

    Beautiful blow out though.

  • Bunny

    I'm addicted to Youtube hair videos, most recently curling shorter hair. My hair is straight, with a bend and a small area that can frizz. Strangest thing. I find straight, smooth hair severe on me. I'd rather there be a bit of a bendy wave and texture for a softer look. I was all thumbs when I tried a curling iron, until I finally found a video where it clicked. I'm trying not to get carried away.

  • terezosa / terriks

    Sorry, I've got no input on serums, but I just wanted to say that I bought a new hair dryer, and my hair has been so much smoother! I had followed a previous thread here about hairdryers and wanted to buy the Rusk that was highly rated, but it was no longer available. So, after Christmas I was in Costco, and they had a T3 hairdryer on sale. I bought it and I was surprised that it actually does dry my hair faster, and my hair is and remains smoother. I really never believed that these expensive hairdryers made a difference, but apparently I was wrong. After I dry my hair I briefly run a straightening iron through it - much less than in the past, and then my hair stays smooth for several days until my next shampoo.

  • Bunny

    I have the Rusk. I bought it on Amazon, but they sell it at Ulta. I've switched from high velocity air to lower air but hot. It seems to do the trick without blowing my hair all crazy.

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