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L daylilies 2019

sherrygirl zone5 N il
January 22, 2019
last modified: January 22, 2019

It’s time to show all the L daylilies. I finally got me stuff together to continue with the quotes of the day. My cataract surgery put me off for awhile, no excuses now! Todays quote, “ The location of your mailbox shows you how far away from your house you can go in a robe before you start looking like a mental patient.”

Lee’s Loss is scrumptious lavender, unlike anything else in the garden. It has a prime spot here and holds up well in the sun. It rebloomed for me this past season.

little Business, a tiny plant that does not like all day sun.

Laura Harwood is a star of the garden here.

Lavender Heartthrob does well here, got moved this fall.

La Belle Dame, another small plant.

Little Strawberry Shortcake is a small plant, an early bloomer with great color.

Little Grapette, a small plant, great grower and prolific bloomer.

More in comments.


Comments (36)

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    More L daylilies.

    Lavender Stardust, another great grower.

    Lovel Miss Laucius, a lovely bloom that I’ve got in a really crumby spot, gotta move it.
    I received Lollipop Kisses as a bonus, it’s done well here.
    Little Showman had its first full season here, looking forward to this season.


  • lilykate7a

    Sherry, Lee’s Loss is a pretty color. That is an especially lovely photo. Lovely Miss Laucius and Lavender Stardust are also striking.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked lilykate7a
  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Laura Harwood obviously loves what you are giving it. Great Picture. Lee's Loss. I've not heard of it before, but it's a beauty and my favorite of the group.........The "L" I'll post is a good yellow. I love yellow, but so few can take our summer heat. Don't care if they have 100 blooms. If those blooms are a bleached out droopy mess at the end of the day it doesn't stay around here very long. This one does well and earns it's place in my collection:

    Lisa Apps Sybrandt:

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
  • daylilybedmaker

    Here are the Ls that I grow:

    LAKE EFFECT: This one sticks around because i live in upstate NY and get lake effect snows. This one is slow to increase and not many buds. I do like the blooms.

    LAVA FLOW: One of the first to bloom in the garden. It is a hot color. Does well for me. I wish it was better branched.

    LEMON FRINGED PASTEL: A very nice plant. I love the blooms. A little slow on the increase side, but I have worse.

    LEONARD SAUTER: New to the garden. I love the ruffles and the overall delicate look. I first saw this in a display garden in MD and bought a piece of it. When I moved to NY, it was one of the 300 that I left behind. I have a seedling out of it.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker


    LINDA GLUCK: This is a very nice edge no eye plant. As the day wears on, it frosts out to a white with a pink edge. Outstanding.

    LINDA SIERRA: I love this plant. It is vigorous, tall, fertile both ways, and every bloom looks like this. It has an overall "blue" appearance in the garden. This is one that I will always grow.

    LONG TALL SALLY: Huge blooms. 13-14 inches. Not a lot of buds, but makes a statement with its size.

    LOVELY MARGIE: Too new to really evaluate. It is one of the striped daylilies.

    LUNAR EMPIRE: A very nice yellow. I need to move the iris, as it is crowding this one.

    LADIES NIGHT OUT in the pm. Fades a little by 6 pm. but hold up well.

    LEDGEWOODS TONY LIKE IT: One of the few Ledgewoods that can survive in zone 5. Love the eye.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    LEGENDS OF THE FALL: Bloomed in late September. Very new to this garden location. Plan to hybridize this with Bennett intros.

    LEXINGTON AVENUE: Love the color of this Munson intro

    LIGHT OF THE WORLD: Great all around plant. Good increaser, pod and pollen fertile, consistent bloomer.

    LIKE A SHEPHERD: This past summer it finally settled in and started to perform. I like the pattern, but not a fan of the petal color. It looks muddy to me. Will still evaluate.

    LILLIAN'S VAPOR TRAIL: Still growing in a pot. I need to get this one in the ground. I like what I see.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    LIME FROST: Taken in the evening, so the green throat fades to a yellow. Good near white to have in the garden. A mid late bloomer.

    LINDA BECK: Great plant that many on this forum grow.

    LINGERING SPLENDOR: Substance is like card board. Make me wonder how it ever opens up. Each bloom looks like this. Vigorous.

    LITTLE RAINBOW: Has pink midribs (tough to see in this photo) Cute little one.

    LOCO BO: I need to move this one as it gets too much shade.

    LORD OF RINGS: Slow to increase. Flowers don't always open flat. May need more sun, but then I run the risk of it melting.

    LUCKY DEBUT: Bennett intro

    That is it for me.

    Have a great day.

    David Zone 5

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • AaronK79

    Ledgewoods Silver Lining

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked AaronK79
  • celeste









    (hot pink)




    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • Brad KY 6b

    Glad to see you have L's Sherry, and several are real standouts: Lee's Loss, Laura Harwood, & Lavender Stardust. Ladies' Night Out is a beauty, David. Aaron you only one is very pretty.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • celeste












    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • Brad KY 6b

    Lavender Dew

    Lavender Frost

    Lily and Petals

    Lake Norman Spider. I love its colors.

    more below...

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • Brad KY 6b

    Loch Ness Monster, an early one.

    Lord Chamberlain. It hasn't done well the past couple of years, too much shade. With the tree gone, it should have a good year this year. It is very much Like Strutter's Ball.

    that's all for me.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • celeste












    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Here are some of the "L" daylilies I grow . The name is under the image .

    Let the Games Begin

    Lava Flow

    Little Grapette

    Laughing Clown

    Lavender Stardust

    Limited Edition

    Linda Sierra

    Lights of Detroit


    Lyndell's Pink Lemonade

    Lurch I have had Lurch a long time . Then I got Morticia. I am thrilled to be adding Igor this coming spring . It took me a long time to find it here.

    Lady Scarlet

    Lotus Position

    This is a really bad shot of Lounge Lizard .

    More images in the next post.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Lavender Stardust

    Lace Cookies

    Lois Burns

    Linda Touchstone ( needs to be moved to more light )

    Lady Fingers

    Lynn Hall

    I found this past season to be really difficult to get good images. The sun was constant this past season and we got no rain so plants were stunted and colors muted. Often the suns rays were too harsh and affected the image. I tried many time to cast a shadow over the plant as I took pictures to enable true colors to come through but still I was not impressed with the colors that my camera picked up .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Sherry you certainly started off with a beauty. Lee's Loss and so many others are really lovely!

    I hope to get Lavender Blue Baby planted this year.

    Little Business

    Little Wine Cup is a very generous re bloomer.

    Little Missy is underwhelming to say the least. I should try relocating it before I ditch it.

    Luxury Lace is a really old one but I find the colour quite pleasing.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • Brad KY 6b

    Oh my! Celeste-the purples and lavenders! I especially like Lady Liz, Last Lama, Lyrical Ballad, Lavender Handlebars, and of course Liberty Banner!


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • shive

    Lots of pretty L's out there!

    Lost Love

    Lady Betty Fretz

    Lake Tahoe Autumn

    Little Light of Mine

    More later ...


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked shive
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Celeste, Lady Liz and Liberty Banner are my favs today, I remember Liberty Banner from previous post, gorgeous!

    Brad, I love the color of Lily and Petals, a great shade of orange.

    Signet, I really like Lights of Detroit and Lois Burns. Do they keep that nice green throat all day, looks so nice with the yellows.

    Aaron, L Silver Lining is lovely.

    David, Lunar Empire is a real eye catcher, my fav of yours today.

    Maryl, your Apps daylily is a great yellow, glad it does well in your heat.

    Laurie, another lovely clump!


  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Debra, I’m enjoying seeing Little Light of Mine, hoping I see blooms on mine this season.


  • signet_gw(6b)

    Sherry , yes to your question . Both of these yellows have intense green throats and both hold up under temps reaching as high as 40 degrees celcius (104 celcius ) with humidex raising temps even higher at times without any wilting or melting .

    Perenn.all I wonder if your Little Missy could be one of those dayliiies that need to be divided on a fairly regular basis in order to bloom well. From your image it looks like your Little Missy is a fairly large clump . Just a thought .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Yes signet I will divide it when I move it. This one needs all the help it can get. It has always lacked presence and it might surprise me with a little TLC. It better, otherwise it is out of here and I hate to give up on any plant lol!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    I'm jumping in here a little late. Our children were visiting for the last couple days and I have been busy. We sort of had Christmas in January since my daughter and son-in-law couldn't make it on Christmas. We had a nice time.

    Here are my L's.

    Last Snowflake doesn't do that well for us but we keep it since it is large and beautiful.

    Laurelwoods Ankle Biter is one I am very excited about. It's a small flower. I love the teeth.

    Lemon Pixie is not a fancy flower, but it is a great grower in our garden.

    Let's Dance Tonight is not registered as a double, but it was on several occasions last season.

    Lillian's Thin Ice is a lovely shape.

    Linda Beck likes it in the garden.

    I bought Little Anna Rosa at a home improvement store for $3.

    I'd better put the rest in the next comment.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Little Miss Understood is new to the garden. I can't wait until it is well established and can show what it can do.

    Little Peanut is a miniature.

    Little Red Dragon doesn't like our garden. It has stayed at one fan and took about 3 years to bloom.

    Little Summer Star is a new miniature to the garden.

    Love All Serve All is tall with large flowers. It is quite fertile too.

    That's all for me.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • Brad KY 6b

    Nancy, Linda Beck and Last Snowflake are standouts to me. Too back Last Snowflake doesn't do better for you.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Nancy, I really like Last Dance, it makes a great double bloom, too bad it’s not like that all of the time!


  • tarheelgirl_7b

    So many beauties!

    Here are my L daylilies:

    LEEBEA ORANGE CRUSH - performs well every year



    LIBERTY AND JUSTICE - bonus plant


    I will add the rest in the next comment.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked tarheelgirl_7b
  • tarheelgirl_7b

    LAVA FLOW - one of the earliest to bloom

    LUCKY DESIRE - added summer 2018

    LIVE FROM NEW YORK - added summer 2018, early morning photo


    LULLABY BABY - performs well and has a high bud count

    Thanks for looking!


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked tarheelgirl_7b
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Lori, I’m looking forward to seeing Live From New York this season, it looks intriguing!


  • Brad KY 6b

    Lori, lots of beauty! Live from NY, Lucky Desire, and Lava Flow all caught my attention!


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • shive

    Lori - Live From New York is an interesting one. I don't think I've seen it before.

    Here are a few more of mine.

    Landon Lee

    Lace Sampler

    Lust Without You

    Last Snowflake

    Lavender Stardust

    Lillian's Thin Ice

    Linda Beck


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked shive
  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Way too many to comment on all of them, but some of the pictures here are real eyecatchers. Debra: I like Landon Lee and your Linda Beck is always a showpiece. Linda Beck is an exception for me about keeping faders. She's just so beautiful here until mid afternoon that I haven't had the heart to ditch her.......Lori: In amongst all the pinks/purples etc. I'm drawn to your Leebea Orange Crush as a cool melon change of pace.........Signet: I like your Lyndell's Pink Lemonade even if it is a UF. Pretty color..........I must be in a pastel mood because CELESTE, your Laughing Lion looks good. The color on Last Lama sends me too.......David: If I am able to garden long enough I still want Linda Sierra some day. It always looks so pretty to me.........Aaron: I'm not a big fan of purples, but your picture of Ledgewood's Silver Lining is wonderful.......Brad: Another melon colored one I like is yours. Lily and Petals. Is it colorfast/sunfast for you?.............Maryl

  • Nancy

    Somehow Lonesome Stranger above jumped to the beginning, so I am just gonna leave it there :)

    I keep scrolling back and forth, wearing out my computer. Love Lees Loss, Lavender Stardust, Leonard Salter, Legends of the fall, Linda Sierra, Lotus Position, Liberty Banner, Lurch, Laurel Woods Ankle Biter, Landon Lee.

    My Ls: Lady America is an oldie, one of the first daylilies to my garden, nothing fancy but blooms well and the blooms have a heavy texure

    Light of the World bloomed really nicely this year

    Last Reward

    Lavender Cascades

    Lavender Lilt, another oldie that blooms pretty well and the scapes and blooms are so thick and sturdy

    Linda Beck, fairly new and I love it

    Lip Smack

    Lord of Rings, someone else mentioned this is slow to increase. I have had it 8 or 9 years, started as a single fan, is now all of 4 fans, although til last year it was not in a good location.

    Lemon Crinkles

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Nancy
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Oh boy, I’ve had Lord of Rings for two seasons, it hasn’t bloomed. I did move it last fall to a better location, we will see. If it doesn’t bloom this season I think it’s a gonner.


  • Brad KY 6b

    Nice ones Nancy. Lavender Lilt is my favorite of these.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b

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