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A kitchen faucet that I don’t think I need. Do I? Do you?

January 23, 2019

Just saw an ad for this MeasureFill kitchen Faucet. If you set the dial to the amount of water you need for a recipe it will deliver exactly that amount.

I usually embrace technology and am trying hard to figure out the need for this. When I need a precise amount of water for a recipe, filling a measuring cup to the correct amount just has never been a chore for me. (It’s water, I don’t even need to wash the cup afterwards!)

I think I would spend the first year of ownership double checking that the faucet was accurate, by using a measuring cup.

Do you think these will someday be found in every kitchen?

Comments (20)

  • lascatx

    That's not a feature I need or want. My son got a motion sensing faucet and while he likes it, I am not a fan. You can't control the timing of the on and off as well -- so maybe that's why someone felt the volume control was needed.

    maddielee thanked lascatx
  • Bluebell66

    I think i would quite enjoy it! No, filling a measuring cup isn’t a chore, but how nice it would be to just measure straight into a pan or pitcher and bypass the measuring cup altogether.

    maddielee thanked Bluebell66
  • 3katz4me

    More features, more to go wrong. Quality and reliability are much more important to me than shiny bells and whistles.

    maddielee thanked 3katz4me
  • IdaClaire

    What 3katz said. Honestly, sometimes I truly think that technology is intent on making us stupid and incapable of even the simplest tasks.

    maddielee thanked IdaClaire
  • Mimou-GW

    I think I would spend the first year of ownership double checking that the faucet was accurate, by using a measuring cup.

    Lol! Me too, I'd want to calibrate it daily!

    maddielee thanked Mimou-GW
  • Bunny

    That video of the teenage boys and the rotary phone.

    I love technology, but I'm gonna measure my own stuff.

    maddielee thanked Bunny
  • Lars

    My refrigerator water dispenser will dispense amounts of water in 2 oz. increments, and I use this feature a lot. The default is 8 oz., and so if I want a cup of water, it is very easy just to push a button to get it. I calibrate it when I change the filter. I do dispense it into a measuring cup, but it's just water, and so why not? It doesn't get the measuring cup dirty. It has options for metric also, but I seldom use those.

    maddielee thanked Lars
  • DLM2000-GW

    Oh good grief! A faucet like that would never make it to my must have list. The older I get the less 'interference' I want in my life. There's a lot to be said for KISS.

    maddielee thanked DLM2000-GW
  • Fun2BHere

    That's not a must-have for me, but I can see how you could get accustomed to the convenience.

    maddielee thanked Fun2BHere
  • Fori

    So you have to set it, dispense, and the unset it so it works properly next time? Perhaps a measuring cup is less work.

    Lars, the fridge thing might be a good idea though. Once my kid was so mesmerized by the large digital screen on a friend's new fridge, he overflowed his glass. (Apparently the only people impressed with those screens are about 10 years old...)

    maddielee thanked Fori
  • IdaClaire

    My measuring cups are cute too, so that's an extra point in their favor.

    maddielee thanked IdaClaire
  • lukkiirish

    It’s soooo unnecessary. It also reflects just how badly out of idea’s these companies are. Why can’t they invest their time and money into making GOOD traditional products out of better materials so they will last instead of this kind of “make us dumb” cr*p

    maddielee thanked lukkiirish
  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Reminds me of the episode of Modern Family I just saw, with the interactive closet and an Alexa-type thing that talks to you and helps you select your clothes for the day (of course to great comedic effect in the show).

    maddielee thanked bpath Oh Sophie
  • jakabedy

    It must be technology similar to the fountain set up many fast food places have now for their workers. No more bumping the cup until it's full. Just press a button for S-M-L and the exact amount of soda comes out. That being said, um, no. I don't need such a faucet in my life.

    maddielee thanked jakabedy
  • arcy_gw

    No I don't but even if I did I wouldn't assume it will work well every time for more than a year.

    maddielee thanked arcy_gw
  • arkansas girl

    I would not want that, I wouldn't trust it to measure accurately for one thing! And for another, I think I can measure for myself, thank you very much! HAHA!

    maddielee thanked arkansas girl
  • hhireno

    Maybe it’s because I don’t make coffee, but I can’t think of anything I cook that needs a precisely measured amount of water. I’m sure there’s something but obviously it isn’t burdensome enough that I’d need a special faucet. A faucet that requires batteries, which will need replacing and will create a disposal issue for me.

    I also don’t understand the faucets that automatically dispense water (maybe you touch them? Or they’re motion controlled? I can’t remember.). Sometimes I need cold water to drink, sometimes I need warm water to wash, so how is preset water temperature going to meet all my different needs? It won’t, I’ll be overriding the feature, so why pay for it?

    But much to the borror of many people here, when I needed a new faucet I was satisfied with the replacement the plumber had on his truck. You’ve got a new one, that works, on the truck? Perfect, let’s go with that.

    maddielee thanked hhireno
  • justerrilynn

    Not for me. I’d rather have a countertop that cleaned itself . Or, a refrigerator that alerted me when a condiment was out of date.

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  • Oakley

    If you have these you'll never need anything else. :)

    maddielee thanked Oakley
  • OutsidePlaying

    I agree, and are we losing the ability to just eyeball anything? This is just dumbing down America. Like if you are using a 4 quart pan and you need 2 quarts of water, don’t most of us just fill it half way and be done? Unless I’m baking or using a recipe that requires a Tbsp or something that precise, I’m Not measuring water!

    maddielee thanked OutsidePlaying

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