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Staining a portion of flooring to math excisting flooring

January 23, 2019
last modified: January 23, 2019

We are in the process of updating our home and recently removed a large built in tv cabinet in our living room. Unfortunately, as it turns out the floor stain appears to have been done after the built in was put in place. So, now, we have an area of unstained hardwood. We would prefer to try and patch this area in lieu of refinishing all our hardwoods as we have 3 young children and it would be hard to basically move out for several days. We are realistic and realize an exact match is impossible but would like something semi aesthetically pleasing and budget consious as a temporizing measure for the next couple of years until we redo the entire flooring. Any suggestions? Can we DIY this? Pics attached.

Comments (4)

  • samondragon

    You already answered your own question..."budget conscious" & "temporary" meaning the solution is to buy a wood stain and stain that portion left undone AND it's a very easy DIY project. It looks like oak wood from the photo you included. You will need to determine the stain color and top coat finish on the already finished portion. Either eye ball the color & take a chance or get pieces of oak & experiment with a few stains. You will also need to determine if the top sealing coat is a gloss or satin finish & purchase that accordingly. You'll also need the usual tools...the correct brushes, sand paper, etc. Ask for assistance at a paint or big box store. Better yet, look up videos on how to stain for step by step instructions. You are correct in that it will be nearly impossible to completely match even if you have the correct color but you can make it look very close. Preparation, neatness and attention to detail is half the battle.

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  • SJ McCarthy

    To me this looks like an oil based polyurethane over top of wood. The "orange" is from the oil based polyurethane. We call it "ambering". I bet dollars to doughnuts you can get an OK match simply with a quart of Minwax finish. To test my theory, it will cost you $15 and a little bit of time.

    I would test a 1ft x 1ft area. Coat that area with 1 coat and wait over night. If you are (roughly) 1/2 to the desired colour, you know you are on the right track. Another two coats and you will have a very close match.

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  • acm

    Agree that it looks mostly like a natural coat, not really a separate stain. Just need to seal it.

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  • Susie .
    I would bet SJ McCarthy is right. Looks like plain poly to me. Sometimes if you rub it with mineral spirits it will look similar to how it will look sealed.
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