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Help me pick out a prep faucet to pair with Blanco Meridian?

January 23, 2019

Main faucet is Blanco Meridian. Looking for suggestions a prep sink faucet that would coordinate with Meridian (which sits 10ft away) AND the insinkerator hot/cold Indulge F-HC3300 SN (on the same sink). Thanks!

Blanco Meridian:

Insinkerator F-HC3300 SN:

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  • Jamie Ludwig

    They make a bar faucet that would be the right size for a small prep sink:

  • Jamie Ludwig

    If you need a pull out sprayer on the prep sink you could use this one:

  • Rosie

    Thanks! What brand is the second faucet? I have that Blanco bar faucet in mind, but I worry that the insinkerator arch might have a different angle than the insinkerator hot/cold since they'll sit on the same sink.... am I being paranoid? :)

    Would it be weird to go with a different shaped faucet entirely on the prep sink with the hot/cold sitting next to it?

    Grohe Minta:

  • PRO
    PRM Custom Builders

    Good morning our projects have some bar sinks that may interest this vison. This is a classic smaller faucet that may be idyllic (in a different finish) [houzz=https://www.houzz.com/photo/119665888-abbey-birmingham-farmhouse-detroit]

    Rosie thanked PRM Custom Builders
  • Jamie Ludwig

    What size is your prep sink? If it is smaller it may look a bit crowded with two faucets. If you put the insinkerator hot/cold there why do you need a second faucet? You would have the hot and cold water there for prep.

    Rosie thanked Jamie Ludwig
  • Rosie

    The prep sink is 18" and the hot/cold tap will sit ~9" high. It'll mainly be used for the kids to fill up their water bottles etc (and tea for us), that way the kids out of my way when I'm cleaning up at the main sink! :) and our fridge doesn't do filtered water. But since that sink will also sit next to a 2nd dishwasher, I'm thinking a prep (or bar) faucet, ideally a pull out is needed...

  • Jamie Ludwig

    Have you checked to see if the insinkerator hot/cold could have a different style faucet that would have a pull out?

  • Jamie Ludwig

    Also wondering why you are combining your prep area with a clean up area/dish washer? In kitchen design you would usually try to keep those areas seperate. The usual concept of a prep sink is to get the prep area away from the cleanup area and still have water and a sink avaiable.

  • Rosie

    insinkerator doesn't do faucets per se. Weird, right? Just disposals and hot/cold dispensers! A friend installed this hot/cold though and raves about it.

  • Rosie

    I have a main 30" sink with the primary dishwasher next to it. That'll be the main clean up area.

    The 18" prep sink will sit on the peninsula/eat in area (about 10 feet away from the main) and will have a 2nd dishwasher next to it. Used mostly for glasses, water bottles and overflow.

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