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M daylilies 2019

sherrygirl zone5 N il
January 24, 2019
last modified: January 24, 2019

It’s time to see all of your marvelous M daylilies. I found this on the internet, it was a young man’s Tweet, it made me giggle: “ February 22nd 2022 (2/22/22) falls on a Tuesday so we will be able to call it 2’s day, which is really keeping me going.”

I‘m thinking he had a little too much time on his hands : )

Mage Quest has been here a few years finally came into its own this past season.

Mary Todd And Moonlit Masquerade both got divided fall of 2017 and didn’t skip a beat this past season.

Mighty Chestnu, not my favorite color but still here.

Mini Pearl, a great little performer with a distinctive flower shape, late mid season bloomer.

Mysterious Eyes, a beautiful bloom and a good performer.

Metaphor is growing in mostly shade and doing well. I had a clump in full sun that did awful the past two season, dug and divided it this fall. still not sure if the divisions will stay.

Magic Lake, a good performer in a less than desirable spot.

Magic Dancer has been here a short time and has multiplied nicely. It gave me a prolif this fall, I hope it survives the winter!

Mary’s Baby had its first blooms this past season.


Comments (36)

  • daylilybedmaker

    Here are the Ms that I grow:

    Mary's Baby: This is an outstanding plant. Booms over a long period of time. I think it holds up well in full sun when compared to other purples.

    Monterrey Jack

    MABOU: Nice plant, Performs well.

    MAGIC AMETHYST: Took a while to get established. It is slow to increase.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    MAGIC LACE: A very nice old diploid. I have never been able to set a pod on it.

    MALAYSIAN MARKETPLACE: Love the flower. SLOWWW to increase.

    MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SR: I love this plant. TEETH are everywhere (petals and sepals).

    MAMA'S CHERRY PIE: The edges get lighter as the season progresses and the warmer it gets.

    MARY ALICE STOKES: Does well in my garden. This one also changes as the season progresses.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    MEGATRON: Large bloom. Always puts on a good show.

    MEPHISTOPHELES: An old Moldovan. Grows in the shade. This photo was taken in the late afternoon.

    Mormon Spider: This one does well in a neglected part of the garden.

    MOSES IN THE BULLRUSHES: Nice bloom, but the scapes are not tall enough as the blooms are in the foliage.

    MT HERMAN INTRIGUE: One of the more unusual ones that I grow. I love the coloration.

    MR. BUBBLES: It is the light pink flower. Nice late bloomer.

    That is all for me.

    David zone 5

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • AaronK79

    Mary Todd

    Medieval Splendor

  • Brad KY 6b

    Sherry, Mage Quest is quite interesting! I too have Metaphor as you will see. It took a while to find the place in the garden where it would do well [full sun almost all day] but has been consistently good ever since.

    David: Magic Amethyst is so pretty, too bad it doesn't increase. Same for Malaysian Marketplace.

    Malaysian Monarch

    Maleny Debutante

    Maleny Empire Rose


    Milano Crimson Tide

    That's all for me.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    So many beauties starting with Mage Quest and what a nice clump of MM! So glad you have recovered from your cataract surgery Sherry!

    Marmalade looking rough in the drought but it is a blooming machine even in bad years.

    Marmalade up close.

    Moonlit Masquerade

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    I sure do like the flower of Malaysian Marketplace, but it didn't do well for us so we finally got rid of it. Mary's Baby is one of our best purples here.

    Here are my M's.

    I have been very impressed with Mary Ethel Anderson. It was its first season to bloom last year and it rebloomed too. It has a well branched scape.

    Mar the Star grows well but I'm not that impressed with the flower. The colors are a little dull to my eye.

    Marilyn Monroe was new last season (it is growing in a pot in this picture). I hope it is hardy enough for our climate.

    We like the big flat flower on Martha Edson Norris, one of the few full-sized diploids we grow.

    Matthew Kaskel is a tall orange. I like the shape of the flower.

    Max's Miracle is registered as double 30% of the time. This is the most double of last season.

    Mike Longo has a lovely bloom, but it doesn't love our climate.

    Morano was new last season. It comes from Daniel Matton from Canada.

    That's it for me.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Here are some of my "M" daylilies .


    Miss Jessie

    Mauve Decade

    Mary Grady

    Marked by Lydia

    Mardi Gras Parade

    Magic of Oz

    Maude Peacock

    Mary's Gold


    Mighty Heighty Tighty

    Milk Chocolate

    Mount Echo Sunrise

    Seedling MTMS


    Mask of Darkness

    Margot Reed Indeed

    Maxwell Parrish

    I grow Mary's Baby here but truth be told , I don't much like it . I find the color to be a deep but flat blackish purple and that is how that plant leaves me feeling when I look at it . Just flat which is very odd as my favourite color in a daylily really is purple.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Wow, Signet, you have 18 photos on one post! I was afraid to go past 10, looks like something has improved here! I was thinking about adding Marked by Lydia, are the scapes straight?

    Magic of Oz caught my eye today, lovely


  • celeste

    Here are mine. I'm missing a few because I didn't get photos of everything after my accident.











    I can only load my usual 10 at a time so the rest will follow.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • celeste








    one more set to go!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • celeste

    last set.....










    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • Brad KY 6b

    Nancy, I really like Martha Edson Norris, both form and color. Same with Matthew Kaskel .

    Peren, Marmalade is nice and wow the blooms.

    Signet, this post has convinced me that I need The Magic of Oz. I used to have Miss Jessie and Milk Chocolate but they never had enough blooms, However, I know who I gave them to and I still get to see them sometimes. Margo Reed Indeed is a nice white.

    Celeste, MARISKA is my favorite of yours today.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • signet_gw(6b)

    A few more . Mapping Carolina is on its second try . The first plant died within 2 seasons, hoping this one fares better . I also had Mapping New York but can't seem to find it anywhere including the hybridizer's site!!!! Would love to have that one back too.

    Mapping Carolina

    Malachite Prism

    Mask of Time

    Merry Monarch


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Brad , you will love this plant .Here are a couple of older images of Magic of Oz . I fell in love with this plant the moment it bloomed . I am sure you will too!

    Here it is poly-ing

    Sherry this is an older image of Marked by Lydia . It better shows the scapes and buds. It has no problem standing up and has lots of buds even though the scapes are not huge in diameter.

    Perenn.all . love the color on Marmalade! I had not heard of that daylily before . I see it is from a Quebec hybridizer. Dore but is not registered ????? I am guessing that is why I had not heard of it . I have several unregistered cultivars from different hybridizer's . They are just as lovely as any registered ones I have . It just makes them harder to find .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • popmama

    Nothing to share other than my admiration. There are some absolute beauties in this group! What an amazing variety of colors, shapes, sizes and contrasts. Just glorious.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked popmama
  • Brad KY 6b

    Thanks for more pictures, Signet!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • shive

    Signet - It's interesting to read your opinion on Mary's Baby. I added it last fall because of all the nice clump shots of it I saw here. I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom. I'll let you know if I feel the same way.


    Margo Reed Indeed

    Miss Goldie Gold Digger

    Millennium Falcon

    Marlee Jane

    Michigan Nikki

    Mexican Magic

    My Mama Thinks I'm a Star

    Miss Demeanor

    Midnight Castle


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked shive
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    signet and Brad Marmalade does have great colour and is so prolific!

    signet yes, apparently unregistered but introduced in 1950. I am sure you saw this Marmalade

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • Brad KY 6b

    peren, I noticed garden.org doesn't have a picture of it. You ought to upload one of yours!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    hmm maybe I should Brad! It would be a shame for a pic not to be included.

    Edited to add - joined and submitted photo. It will be interesting to see if it gets used.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Celeste: That is a perfect shot of Monocan Trail. It looks almost like an Orchid. Stunning.......Signet: The veining on Mapping Carolina is unique and the color looks greyed. It makes me go hummmm........Have to say Mary's Baby is a total winner in my hot climate. I'm talking 100 degrees plus and it still looks pretty good by the end of the day. Prolific bloomer too. I'm not a big dark purple fan, but this is an exception for me..........Ah, Debra. You've got one of the few UF's that catches my eye posted: Miss Goldie Gold Digger. Do you find it less then vigorous for you or is it still in the shade? AND love Mexican Magic. Do you think that pale peach color would hold for me or fade to off white? Also like Marlee Jane. Looks like a pretty blend of colors..............Maryl

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
  • Nancy

    Lots of great photos, they all want to come to my garden, I am really feeling daylily deprived. Been painting lately and missing out on your photos! Hate painting ceilings.

    I especially like your photos of Malaysian Marketplace, Malcom David Brooker, Maleny Debutante, Marmalade, Myhorano, Macklemania, Mountain Bluebird, Monacan Trail, Mexican Magic, Marilyns Dimple, Marlee Jane, and Michigan Nikki. Mapping Carolina is very interesting, not sure quite how I feel about it but I suspect it will grow on me more. Very different.

    My M's start with Marietta's Polkadot

    Mississippi Blues

    Matt, love the flower but usually down in the foliage

    Margo Reed Indeed

    My Mama Thinks I am a Star

    My Dog Barks

    Mystical Rainbow

    Mississippi Man

    Motown Blues

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Nancy
  • celeste

    Hi Nancy! Glad you are joining in! I love your photos, most especially My Mama Thinks I'm a Star and Mississippi Blues. Really pretty.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • tarheelgirl_7b

    Another nice group of blooms!

    Here are my M daylilies:





    MEMPHIS - this one is not in a very good spot in my garden. Planted in fall 2015, first bloomed in 2018.

    More to follow in the next comment...

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked tarheelgirl_7b
  • tarheelgirl_7b






    MEAN GREEN - early morning photo. Looks very melon in color early in the day.

    MEAN GREEN - photo from late afternoon

    Thanks for looking!


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked tarheelgirl_7b
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Wow, Mean Green is interesting!


  • Brad KY 6b

    Nancy, I know what you mean about painting ceilings. Yuk. I don't mind painting walls. I like your Mama thinks I'm a Star. Lori, Moose Man is nice!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Another absolute beauty .....and I am just so so about most eyed daylilies , however Moose Man is talking to me ! I just went to look it up and expecting at least one parent to be similar ......I am always astounded by what can come from a seed cross . One would never ( at least I don't think so ) predict that you would get a daylily like Moose Man from the two parent plants used in the cross to make MM. Take a look,and tell me you are not surprised too.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    I checked out Moose Man, I agree Signet, very interesting!


  • Nancy

    Thanks Brad. I am thrilled with My MTIAS, it seems like it will be a good one. This was its 2nd bloom season. Lori, I am in love with Moose Man! May sound dumb, but I did not realize there are actually polyamorous dsylilies, just thought it was an occasional accident. I need one, and MM really looks good as one. I was really admiring Chief Four Fingers earlier, MM does have unexpected parents. I got Mean Green in the fall, looking forward to seeing it bloom

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Nancy
  • shive

    Maryl - Miss Goldie is in too much shade still. I don't have anywhere to move it to at this time. When it got full sun it performed very well. My yard gets more shade from two directions each year as neighbor's trees grow taller. I have no place left to add daylilies. That's why I don't look at these ABC threads too carefully any more. My goal this year is to get rid of all the ones I have growing in pots, as well as most of them that are in too much shade. I did downsize by 70 last year.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked shive
  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Thanks Debra. I'm going to try and at least add Miss Goldie this year. I understand about downsizing. I'm down by about 45% of what I had and should probably get rid of 1/2 of that, but unless pressed I just can't do it yet. You know how that is. When you start eating into your core daylilies that you love it's really hard to do. You have so many though that you will still have many beauties to post. Also, for me at least, the advantage of old age is that some things you don't remember as reruns anymore. They are brand new to you once again..........Maryl

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Maryl may I ask where in the southern states you are that you experience such harsh conditions and high temps that "melt" so many daylilies . It must be awful . We have gotten upwards of 140 degree f. when the humidex is highhere in south western Ontario but not many of my daylilies melt although there are a few that fade through the day .but they do not melt (and I do believe I understand what you mean by melt.) I believe you mean that they get slick right and are mushy ? I have seen pics from other people but have never experienced it in my gardens.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Signet I'm in Oklahoma. The only difference between heat+humidity that we have from say Florida is the duration of it. Last year we hit 90 on May 1st and by June we went into the mid 90's and up until almost the 1st of November. Heat index was so often in the triple digits that we stopped paying attention to it. It's just miserable for 6 months of the year before the cold weather shows up.........Here's what a melting daylily looks like:


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
  • Brad KY 6b

    Maryl, I couldn't bear that heat. I don't think I'd grow anything because I'd never go out to see it.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b

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