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All my Chicks, gather around Mama's apron

January 27, 2019

There's no way to say this other than outright. I'm dying. I have lung cancer. I chose to leave the hospital to come home and tell the kids but I have to return tomorrow but it may be tonight as the pain is not yet controlled.
My mother died from this in 08,
My sister lays in bed in NC now on hospice care with lung cancer.
I ignored symptoms too long, pains everywhere, no energy, ect...in my defense I didn't think cancer for a second. Once I'm readmitted the doctors will lay out their plans and goals for me. You can bet Mike is not pleased that I checked myself out of the hospital at 5.30 this morning. But I have to be the one to tell the boys, at home where they won't be quite so scared.
Larisa, please get word to Adam (Larsi) for me.Thank you. And please Larisa don't be mad at me, I just could not take from you at that time when I didn't absolutely need to.
I will continue visiting you all here as long as I'm able...The Laundry room always did have the best folks that visit Houzz.
I'll be back later. Thank you all my Chicks

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  • blfenton

    mamapinky - I'm sending you as many good wishes as possible for a short and successful journey. It sounds like you have a daily plan that will help you feel and be in control of this diagnosis and that is a good thing.

    You have so many reasons to be strong and to fight and I know you have it in you to do so. (((((mamapinky and family))))

  • cooper8828

    You can do this! You have been through so much and always come through with flying colors. I don't expect any different outcome this time - it's just not your style! Sending healing thoughts and big hugs your way.

  • blkline

    This is my first post and I am so sorry to read of your diagnosis. I so enjoyed your posts. Hugs.

  • homepro01

    Sorry to hear about this diagnosis Mamap. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please reach out as you go through this journey, we are all here to help! Stay strong!

  • Jody

    I am so late posting and am ashamed of myself for not checking in sooner. I have sent you a PM.

    Love to you mama

  • Jody

    Mama I am so sorry. I am so late posting this. I am ashamed for not checking in sooner. I have sent you a PM. Lots of love MamaP

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Wanted to mention a couple of things.

    My Mom had lung cancer and at the time, it wasn't that well known that there are lung cancers that have estrogen receptors on them similar to breast cancer. Wanted to mention it as I believe Mom's cancer was related to her being on HRT for 25+ years. Her oncologist did say hers was not tobacco related as she survived much longer than she would've with tobacco-related cancer.

    Also, I wanted to mention Cancer GRACE (Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education) (https://cancergrace.org/). It's a wonderful organization. It has a forum where real oncologists from all over volunteer their time to answer patients' questions, and you can read other patients' questions and answers too. I found them most helpful when I was dealing with Mom's disease and thought they might be a useful resource for you.

  • AvatarWalt

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this, but words are completely inadequate. You're a central part of making the laundry room part of home, and your home part of this community. So many good thoughts are--and will be--heading in your direction, from all of us. I hope a good plan from the doctors will make things easier for you and your family, and I know you'll be a champion, even if you may not believe it at times.

    As for pain and hunger, you don't live in a state with medical marijuana do you? Anything helpful is worth a try.

  • Andrew Roark, FACOG

    I have a patient who's done a complete 180 at MD ANDERSON cancer center. Is there anyway on Earth of getting you there? Someone posted this to Larsi on FB and we are all devastated. PLEASE take care of yourself as best as you can. We are all praying for you.

  • Elaine Ricci
    So sorry, Mama Pinky! Sending hugs and well-wishes!
  • gardener123wewantsophie

    mamapinkyyyyy Isn't it just like you to be more worried about the boys and your family than yourself? I'm so glad to hear you are formulating a plan. Be kind to yourself, remember how loved and respected you are, keep the faith and stay strong. xo

  • Raye Smith

    Andrew, I again second the recommendation of going to MDA. The majority of cancer treatments are developed there and they have trials and therapies that none of the other hospitals have access to. They are also one of the few locations that have Proton Therapy (they were the first place it was avaliable in the US), it's far superior to regular radiation therapy,

    Also they have a nurse to patient ratio of 1:1 or 1:2, no nurse is responsible for more than two patients per shift. Another area that they excel at is billing, they are careful to make sure that the correct codes are used so that all your treatments will be covered by your insurance.

  • mamapinky0

    I have mortified myself. Starting a post with **I'm dying**....my excuse....I was in pain, scared and pumped up with pain med I'm not used to. I'm sorry.

    OK Feb 20th seems to be the day that has been chosen to go in and look around and decide if they should remove my lung. First I'm supposed to have a pet scan which I'm waiting for them to call with the date. That's all I know so far. On a good note. The doctors thought that the fluid surrounding the mass was pneumonia and it was the fluid pushing on things causing all the pain. I was on two antibiotics.. azithromycin and Augmentin...happy to report the pain is now below a 1 and even than only once in awhile. So I've stopped pain meds. I haven't been given a stage yet because they want a pet scan first..

    I have not told the boys..I've only told them I have had pneumonia and other pulmonary problems and I'll be having testing done. They seemed satisfied. .probably because pneumonia is something we've delt with before. They will be told when the time is right besides I need to know and understand where exactly I stand first.

    I'm OK....I even had a ton of energy today.

    I really do appreciate all of you. Everytime I read all of your kind words to me I feel strong....I am woman hear me roar. LOL

    I'll beat this. I'm 200% sure of it.

    Thank you all dear friends


  • drbevdc
    I’m reading this post from between my freshly laundered, crisp white cotton sheets, washed the MamaP way. All the credit for this little slice of heaven goes to you! :) I’m usually a lurker here, but I just wanted to offer up my support and prayers! If you bring the same determination to this battle that you bring to banishing our bad laundry habits, this beast will be slain in no time!
  • Cavimum

    mamap + thank you for the update. And how is Lil doing?

  • mamapinky0

    Thanks Cavimum...ahh my Little Lil. Well she's been pretty good. Rosy had another bout of diarrhea last w-end, sigh..and I noticed something gross...yep roundworms. Rosy went thru the treatment when we got her but they never gave a second dose saying it wasn't needed. Guess it was. Both dogs took the med last night. So far no grossness. I am wondering here...Lil gets her stool tested 2 times a year and it's always negative but another vet told me it is very common to not see anything in the stool...so what if Lil has had this parasite for years and we didn't know...what if this is the cause of all her problems..is this even possible..

    I'm pretty mad because I find out that with Lils gastrointestinal issues the first thing a vet should do is out rule parasites...and Rosy should have had a 2 week follow up dose of the meds. I'm looking for a new vet. I'm not saying Lil's problems are from parasites but I do wonder if it's possible to have them for years and not know..anyway thank you for asking about Lil.

    Drbevdc, aww Thank you. ...sheets washed the MamaP way....LOL.. I like it..it could be a great catch phrase. Haha. Thanks dear.

  • linus2003

    I am so happy to se you are up and about almost as normal.

    It is stressful to be sick, and we all deal with it diffrently and what you needed first were a way of letting out steam and your worst fears, nothing to be sorry about, we love you as you are❤️

    Glad doctors are doing there job and looking into possible treatments qnd do agree on holding back for your boys, at their age they have alot on their plate just growing up.

    We are. All here for you and we all let each other be who they are without judgement, this is a happy place.

    ❤️ Björn

  • always1stepbehind

    I woke up this morning thinking about your MamaP. I hadn't check for any updates the last few days...glad to hear some positive news. I think not giving the kids any more info than they need is a good idea. No need to worry them at this point.


    lurker here but have enjoyed your posts, here's to positive vibes to beat this cancer!

  • Joy Peace
    may you be healed!
  • my4cowboys

    All my love and prayers to you and your family!

  • mamapinky0

    I had a few pity parties for myself the past couple years because I've allowed myself to become a hermit...not going out and making friends. But just look at all of your wonderful and loving posts in this thread. I do have friends, many friends. I have truly been blessed. Thank You all.

    I feel really good today. I'm following the doctors orders. I even took a short walk down the pretty country lane since it was 65 deg F. I only walked about 30 minutes but it sure felt good in the fresh air. Saturday I'm going grocery shopping, I'm ashamed to admit how long it's been since I did this chore. Mike will be really pleased not to have to do it knowing he will get the wrong stuff and have to.....I was gonna say face my wrath, but we all know I'd NEVER yell at Mike...LOL. ((((HUGS)))) to all of you and Thank You.

  • boba1

    Thank you MamaP.

  • DawnInCal

    Glad to read such a positive update, MamaP. Sounds really encouraging. Also happy that you are feeling so much better. I hope you'll make walking regularly (if you feel up to it) a gift to yourself. It's not only good for the body, it's good for the soul and its free! With spring on the way, leaves will soon be popping out, flowers blooming, birds singing, etc., which is bound to make anyone feel good. :-)

  • larecoltante Z6b NoVa

    Keep it up, MamaPinky. We’re rooting for you!

  • Lucille

    I do wonder if it's possible to have them for years and not know.

    Yes, encysted parasites can live for years, inactive, in a dog. But far more likely is reinfestation from roundworm eggs that get into the soil via dog feces and can live for months until ingested and starting the parasite cycle again.

    I'm glad you a feeling better and hope that trend continues. A walk like the one you described is good for you physically but it also creates a feeling of well being.

  • Pat z6 SEMich

    It's February 16 and I just found this post because I've not been doing much on the computer.

    What can I say? Mama, you just fight like hell. I need time to process this, godamit!

  • bbnny

    MamaP, I'm like Pat, I haven't been in the Laundry Room for awhile and just saw your post. I'm so sorry to hear this but encouraged that you are feeling better and that you and your docs are working together to beat this. I don't post much but, trust me, you are well known in our home. Hubby teases me when I tell him about how much I've learned from MamaPinky and love doing laundry. Sending you a big hug,

    One of your chicks, Babs

  • happy2b…gw

    I have been away and not on the forums as much as usual. I am so relieved that you are posting, feeling better, and have a plan. Don't feel mortified. As you noted, we are friends and friends help and understand.

  • mamapinky0

    Thank you.

    Think everything's off for Wednesday. I'm sick. Pneumonia AGAIN. The doc put me back on Augmentin Sunday. I don't feel any better actually worse. I'm told not to go anywhere except the ER. I will be at the ER tomorrow and I suppose admitted. I suspect the last antibotics didn't kill it all and now it's back with a vengeance. I'll keep you all informed or Amiee (BabyPinky) will. I'm trying like heck to stay hydrated...I'm guzzling Gator aid which I don't like but I'm drinking it. I am really mad that this stinking pneumonia has decided to visit me again expecially at this time. My doctor did call the advanced lung center this morning to let them know what's going on..they than called me to tell me they will see me in their office Wednesday morning at 9.45 but I can cancel my labs that were to be done this afternoon as there's no way I'm going into surgery at this time. BUMMER. So I'll be at the ER tomorrow and if I'm not admitted I'll be at the lung center Wednesday. I will be admitted though as my doc says if I'm no better I need IV drip antibotics and cultures. I'll touch base with you all tomorrow....I think everyone of you are terrific to care about my old carcuss..Thank you.


    I'm sending you get well thoughts. When I had pneumonia, I too had it twice in less than a year. Quite discouraging. I think some people's immune systems are not strong enough to beat some extra strong bugs. Anyhow, what did finally knock it down for me was high dose antibiotic injections plus tablets. Maybe something similar or the IV antibiotics will get you well again. See if taking a good probiotic would be safe with your upcoming treatment. Those antibiotics wipe out all your 'good bugs', which you need.

    Feel better soon.

  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Sorry you have pneumonia yet again. I‘m with you on the gatorade, it’s foul but drink up.

    As to the worm issue with your pup, yes, certain types can lie dormant for years and be released upon stress(to make it simple). If you have further issue, pm me and I can give you some pointers. I owned a dog daycare and training center for many, many years and had to frequently help clients with rescues who would have seemingly entrenched cases of worms.

  • hcbm

    Oh MamaP I am so sorry. Think of you often and sending positive energy.

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Sending warm thoughts your way {{{{mamapinky}}}}

  • linus2003

    Sending all of my love and well wishes for a speade recovery this time❤️

    Do as doctors orders and keep hydrated good.

    Xxx Björn

  • Elizabeth

    Also sending my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I KNOW you will beat this!

  • boba1

    Include me with the continuation fo thoughts and prayers.

  • lorilou72

    Praying for you MamaP.

  • MizLizzie

    Big hugs, MamaP. Know that all our energy and light goes with you.

  • mamapinky0


    The advanced lung center just called...my morning app is being rescheduled....we have about 1/8th inch or more of ice with more coming down along with 4 inches of snow expected today. I have been looking out the window watching the snow and ice thinking...how the heck am I supposed to safely get to my apt which is 45 minute drive from me. I was torn between calling myself to reschedule yet knowing the importance of this visit, but they called taking the decision out of my hands. School was also cancelled.

    Road blocks, that's all this is....

    I didn't go to the er yesterday...figured the lung doc was seeing me this morning. At least the antibiotics is kicking in as I'm breathing easier and using the nebulizer less since yesterday afternoon.

    Thank you all for caring....your support has helped me tremendously.


  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Letting you know I'm thinking of you and sending strength, courage, comfort and healing thoughts your way.

  • recordaras

    Mama I just saw this - please know that you are in our thoughts.

  • Elaine Ricci
    More get-well-soon mojo sent to you, Mama P.!
  • PRO

    Mama, I hope you were able to get to your appointment. Please take care of yourself.

  • PRO

    Mama, I hope you were able to get to your appointment. Please take care of yourself.

  • sealavender

    Yes, please do take care of yourself. Hugs sent your way.

  • enduring

    Warm Hugs to You!

  • venmar

    Mama P, I've been away on holiday while you have had this to deal with, big tight hugs to you and the family.

  • cooper8828

    I'm continuing to send healing thoughts your way. Big hugs!

  • armjim

    I hope by now the Antibiotics have begun to eradicate the pneumonia and that you feel ready to get started on your appointments. Praying you soon will have strength for the journey.

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