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Camellias with Buds but no Blooms

January 27, 2019
last modified: January 27, 2019

My camellias have lots of buds, but they have not bloomed at all. Some buds are starting to drop off. The plants also seem to not have much leaf growth, with leaves only at the ends of branches. I live in Alabama in zone 8. Any help is appreciated.

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  • luis_pr

    Some varieties of Camellia Japonica will bloom late in the year. For example, December through May is the time for these japonicas. Some of mine started blooming about two weeks ago. Other japonica varieties start much later. Etcetera.

    Sudden cold temperatures may throw a monkey wrench on the blooming plans of the plant and it may decide to nap for a while before continuing to bloom or before starting to bloom. For example, these same camellias of mine once started blooming in Jan, stopped and took a month long break after cold temps in January. Another time, they started blooming in March due to cold spells in Jan-Feb.

    One problem area is if the temps girate all over. Say from the 70s and then they crash to the 20s for example. That may cause some flower buds to brown out instead. And then they fall without opening. When announced that this will happen, water the night before deeply to help protect the shrub's flower buds. Maintain the plants well mulched all year around.

    The size of the flower buds in the pictures appear to be large so hopefully they will open soon!!!

    Some leaves appear to have had scale infestations. Try some insecticidal sprays or neem oil spray or Cygon. Not sure if your infestation is still on going; if not, start in the Spring for a while. Repeat several years in a row as they may return. Leaf out (new leaves) will happen in Spring ish.

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