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Polar vortex is on its way!

sherrygirl zone5 N il
January 28, 2019

Wednesday And Thursday the temps here are going to be around -25 degrees fahrenheit. The weatherman states this is a fifty year low here. This may sound weird but I’m glad we have a foot of snow insulating my plants. It’s snowed each day for the past 5 days. I dug trenches in the backyard for my small dogs. The second weird thing is the temps will be in the 40’s by Sunday.


Comments (7)

  • signet_gw(6b)

    Sherry , the polar vortex has definitely hit here . We are -20 celcius ( -4 fahrenheit ) before wind chill is factored in today . We have had little to no snow until today. Right now a storm is raging out there and finally we have about 5 inches of snow but rain is on the way from the USA. .Just what we need is freezing rain ! It is about 20 mlies from here right now so I doubt the snow will last. unfortunately All daylilies here are dormant , whether they like it or not ..... but many of the EV's and SEV's are tender so if we don't get snow that stays we run the risk of losing them ( I have lost many over the years before I clued in .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • shive

    After five days of snow coming down, you must be tired of it. How many inches do you have?

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked shive
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    We have 12” of snow now. We had a 4” base, the last several days got the total to 12”. We had freezing rain over the snow a little over a week ago, what a mess.

    Signet, I hope you get some snow to insulate your plants.


  • Nancy

    Brrr, I don't like the cold and would not like to be there. We are expecting sorta similar here. Down to about 8 degrees one night, but 60 late this week. Keeps you guessing how to dress. Was actually pretty warm today, but windy, blowing in some rain/snow. Stay warm everyone!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Nancy
  • shive

    We didn't get any snow - like usual. It's been such a wet winter here with rain, I will probably lose some plants.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked shive
  • Julia NY

    We've had snow squalls, ie white outs but with the winds, some snow has been pushed off one of my beds. We are bracing for the Polar Express hitting here Wednesday-Thursday. Windchills will make it feel like -27 F. We will hit 40F by Sunday. Just hope no power outages as we are getting low on firewood.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Julia NY
  • Brad KY 6b

    Low singe digits today, wind chill of -10F. Tomorrow's low will be -4. Then a warming trend and 50's on Sunday! We got a ground covering of snow.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b

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