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What citrus bloom or flowers can you show us for February 2019

February 2, 2019
last modified: February 2, 2019

I was hoping for beautiful pictures of citrus blooms! Is there anyone here willing to share their blooms with us during this month?

It's been a long winter, so please share so we can all smile.

My Lemon Meyer is starting to bloom like crazy. I will share pictures soon)


Comments (66)

  • bklyn citrus (zone 7B)

    Good luck to you, my father was 91 when he passed and a home was the best thing unfortunately for a time leading up to that. Try to take care of yourself too.

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  • Kelley_GA8a

    I have three trees that are currently bloomin:


    Key lime


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  • Kulasa Kalabasa
    Grapefruit, Makrut and Vaniglia sanguigno
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  • myermike_1micha

    Laura, my God! I had no idea you were that good with orchids. In fact that dendrbium flowering I have 6 and not one has flowered for me yet for years. What the heck are you doing with that one ? Lol. Beautiful!

    Atheen, I’m sorry about your situation. It stinks. The older we get the older our Parents get. Too fast. Hopefully you will be ok and find a way to find more time for what makes you happy and yet your mom too. Before you know it we will be in that same position so we need to find ways to do things we love like grow citrus. Prayers with you )

    Kulasa, great job

    Jeff , those are the perfect windows for orchids so no wonder your tree loves it. Nice

    Kevin, hopefully you’ll get the ones you really want. Would be nice if there were such a thing as a citrus society and shows!

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Mike, I feed them the same as the citrus! I also add a slow release orchid fertilizer from repotme.com. I have mostly phaleonopsis though. They’re the easiest.

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  • nulesm

    Fantastic pics everyone!!!! Jan that GH of yours really has the WOW WOW WOW factor very impressive. Your tree's really seem to be loving it in there !!! I bet that your in there all the time . You have great style love the decor and love all that space . I see that Vancouver is being hit with some nasty weather , your in good company we are to as usual lol . Did you pre purchase any new tree's yet ?

    Love everyone's orchids like Atheen I just have no luck with them .

    Kevin you have two great nurseries you can pre order from Phoenix and Brugmansia Quebec . I can tell you I've ordered from both and they don't disappoint both carry beautiful tree's and both do mail order for May .

    Not much happening in my GH. Looks like my Tango fruit's will be ripe in March.

    What to do with all these Calamondin's ?
    Shasta Gold has been in bloom since late December and still going .
    Just one quick question the blooms on my Page currently have aphids , would using diluted neem with dish soap harm the blooms and possible future fruit?


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  • jenny_in_se_pa

    The only citrus blooming or that have bloomed are my NZL and (thorny) Key Lime - both of them new for me this past year and I've had both for 6 months. The NZL is a FW entry and the Key Lime is a FW premium.

    NZL bloom buds -

    Key lime fruitlet cluster -

    The NZL had bloomed last month I believe but since it is a baby, nothing has set yet.

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  • hibiscus909

    Brian, not sure, but

    I'd hesitate to use an oil on the blooms, I think you'll compromise pollination.

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  • Atheen - 7a - in Maryland, USA

    More blooms, this time on the other side of the tree, if you pinch and zoom in you'll see buds EVERYWHERE. This is insane.

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  • nulesm

    Thanks Hibiscus 75 % of the flowers on my Page are still closed and are unbelievably coated in aphids my other tree's aren't to bad yet . So I guess if the flowers are closed it should be all right to spray . Thanks again.


  • Atheen - 7a - in Maryland, USA

    For whatever reason, it didn't attach the picture.

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  • Jan

    Hi all!!!! Mike lol how’d you know I’ve fallen asleep in there!! Actually we got hit with some nasty weather as of late and I’ve been busy insulating the floor of the greenhouse with some leftover kitchen tiles and wrapping the pots in some double garbage bags with a string of old fashioned Christmas lights around each pot it’s nice and toasty now in here and the plants didn’t seem to mind it went down to about 42 at its coldest and that’s with a 1500w space heater Cranked on high and an hour of dappled sun each day. I would love to see how your plants are doing now mike! Mike I actually had some dinner and some champagne there during the snowfall it was so peaceful for some reason it’s dead quiet when it snows! I wish you all could’ve joined me My family doesn’t exactly understand my citrus obsession everytime I talk about new growth I swear I see their eyes roll lol!

    laura how do you get your orchids to rebloom? I have the worst luck with orchids they turn into sad twigs with many roots but no flowers ever! They’re so beautiful I’m so envious! Do you repot them? Or give them a certain fertilizer? Perhaps I’ll give it another try one of these days :) oh and I saw your budgee on another thread so cute! :)

    atheen, jenny and everyone else just Beautiful! Everyone are such experts I feel so lucky to know the likes of everyone here!

    brian there you are!!! How’s retirement Treating you? :) We have been hit with some awful snow in the west coast but looking at your pictures I consider myself lucky lol! How is your greenhouse holding up? Has it gone below zero inside the greenhouse Brian? Brian your trees don’t look at all effected by the cold weather and snowstorm you guys are having! Your pictures always take my breath away now I’m thinking of getting a tango and shasta gold as well lol your pictures Tempt and enable everyone everytime you post! Brian I did have some aphids too but only a few on one new shoot and not even a jet stream of cold water got rid of them so i just rubbed them off one by one. Hope you find a way to get rid of those suckers! Brian Did you see that Phoenix perennial has their citrus pre order opened already? Have you pre ordered any? Lol I kept looking and looking at the list even though no boukhobza orange I did think about the Australian finger lime Brian it’s very cold hardy and I could use it to cook with perhaps too some raw oysters with them and I heard the blossoms smell heavenly:) speaking of pre ordering have you heard from Amy lately? I hope she’s alright And just busy with her blooming citrus. Anywho Time to go to work lol how I wish I was retired! Stay warm Brian give sugar some hugs! :)

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  • myermike_1micha

    Um, WHERE TO BEGIN....?

    Hey Brian my buddy, everytime I use to use Neem on any buds at all, they would turn brown and drop. What I have used for everything for spot spraying is 'Safers Insecticidal Soap' you can get at Walmart, or Lowes' or Home Depot. It's a God send. It has never harmed even my most delicate plants. You should give that a try. Works like a charm. You could also use a strong spray of water, not strong enough to knock the buds off, but just enough to knock the Aphids down. I hate bugs, but who can blame them for not wanting to be around good company in a very warm place over there? lol Seriously Brian, I get the feeling the only source of food for those buggers in your place! Have you thought of eating 'sloppy Joe'? Lol Got ya. Your greenhouse is amazing as everyone sgrees and you coming around here more often just makes things so much nicer. I love those trees. You may think not much is going on around in there, but life in rampant in there more than you know)) Hugs buddy and to Sugar.

    Jan, your greenhouse is just a beautiful, all you need is a bigger one. lol Forget buying tickets to the tropical islands, just step into your place. You should try letting your neighbors know for that a small price, you would be willing to let them get cozy and warm in there with a helping ot wine to boot. I'm sure a few would take you up on that offer..lol I would love to come up for a visit some day to visit all of you in whom I know in which live in Canada! You are too funny, using a bank of snow to keep your drinks cold. I just did that last night. Hugs to you too and I hope your HD is ok these days.

    Laura, funny you shoud say that about Phals. This past weekend was the Orchid Society Show and many there could not grow one correctky for all the money in the world.lol You must have a green thumb for them too. You fertilize? I never did and they always did lousy. I just started a month agao and I swear they grow a little ore right after I do that! What a difference. Thank you.

    Ateen, I LOVE that picture and teh color of the leaves, let alone the flowers. Great job. That light set up looks familiar ))

  • nulesm

    Hello Jan !!!! First off love the pictures of your GH!!! I so see those photos in a gardening magazine love the champagne in the snow . Jan retirement is the best ever love it . It's amazing how fast we forget if it's Saturday or Monday lol. Lol everyone west of Manitoba thought winter was going to skip right over them surprise. Don't worry Jan another week and winter will be all over for you another 8 weeks for us . Speaking of winter another 12 to 18 inches of snow today :( . This past January was the snowiest ever in Ottawa and it just keeps coming . Jan my GH at night drops into the 40's on the coldest nights haven't had any problems. All my tree's are off the ground all but one . Jan I'm so happy that your enjoying your GH it gets better when the weather warms up a bit . Yesterday I was in the GH all morning and the temperature hit 71 humid degrees with the sunshine with no heaters running really lovely . While I was in there I picked some Calamondins for marmalade guess who helped?

    Jan I was looking at Phoenix list of tree's and the only tree I sort of was interested in was the Pixie but I'm still undecided. No Boukhobza this year they are so hard to find anywhere. My Boukhobza is just beginning to put out some new growth with blooms I really hope that it takes off . Jan I have not heard from Amy also really hope things are OK she is such a happy kind soul . Jan a pic of a fruit from my Shiranui it's larger than a grapefruit.
    Stay warm Jan so nice talking to you! !!!


  • nulesm

    Mikey buddy lol you Crack me up great idea but no Sloppy Joe's . Mikey my friend thankyou so much for getting back to me on the neem I will pick up some of the Safers. Mikey I actually tried the water it didn't work the little buggers hang on tight . Mikey it seems around this time every year I get some sort of critter breakout. Last year it was caterpillars and cushion scale yuck this year aphids I hate it . Mikey I love the pic of your orchid very cool . I also love your orchids that have monkey faces very cool . Mikey I see today your weather is going to stink also we are so lucky lol . It's so nice to feel the sun warming up it's actually starting to melt the snow now . In a few months you'll be back on the beach , you better start your workouts again . Hugs buddy to you and mom & Bo . Thanks again Mikey


  • Atheen - 7a - in Maryland, USA

    Mike, I've been using this one when needed, mainly because its listed as safe for pets. Is yours better? I could switch. When the tree isnt blooming, however, they are getting the Neem treatment/drench, lol.


    Jan, I had a good laugh reading you equating me to an expert. You should see my frantic posts for help from a year or so ago when i was still in my citrus growing pains. Trust me, I'm no expert. I just realized that once I finally took the jump to 5-1-1, the less i was messing with my citrus trees, the better they did, lol. They really do aaaaall the work. :)

  • myermike_1micha

    Atheen, that is the exact one I use and the bottle is only 6 bukcs! In the insert it says it kills all those bugs on contact and smothers everything not yet hatched. Safe to eat the food shortly after too, It's the very least harmful in any negative impact a all even on my most sensitive plants, including orchids, cacti, succulents too. I spray even flowers and nothing bad happens. LOVE that stuff. I use it as a preventative on every one of my window sill plants and orchids like once a month. I have yet to have any bug issues.

    Brian, if the bottle is too small to take care of the aphos problem, you can use a nose end sprayer of 'All Season Dormant Oil' and spray everything in the greenhouse. It will soak every nick and cranny and everythig pest it comes in contact with will sufffere even the ones yet to hatch. The least harmful of the products I use to all my plants. The Neem use to harm and stain may plants. It would burn leaves on my hairy plants, succulents and blossoms. I never use dish washing soap. No need too. Maybe a drop or two of cocwet or ivory soap to emulsify the oils so that there is hardly any run off. Hugs to you too. I will tell Mom. She has been so sick and now her best friend just had a heart attack. Mind you, that women has been caring for her sick husband full of brain cancer for years. I feel so bad, Look at Sugar! Add a little of Sugar and you get lemonaid...lol. Look at all that fruit and I'll bet you just love sunny days. I sure do! Boy does my greenhouse warm up even without heat. It will be 90 in there within another week or two. It reached 83 in there the other day while outside was 28F ! I wish I could visit buddy. I can't believe you get to be retired at such a young age. I am working out again. Got to get my stomach flat again and show off the tatoos..lol Hugs from all of us here buddy. Oh, you had to thow a cacatus in there budd? I can't believe you have one. It looks like a happy camper. Put that thing in the coldest part of the area you have and let it dry down to dormancy, and it just might flower for you come summer.

  • nulesm

    Mikey my friend thankyou!!!! so much for all that great info on spraying, you have constantly been there to help me and so many others here on the forum your the best buddy. Mikey I have been using neem with the dish soap for the last month with knock on wood with no burn or harm to the existing leaves or new growth yet . It has been taking care of the existing bugs very well but after a week there is a new infestation so I guess I'm not getting at the eggs very well . Love your idea of spraying down the whole GH guess that's going to be the only way to deal the problem. Mikey it's currently sunny out but only 10 degrees with a strong wind , the temperature in the GH is 73 love the power of solar . Currently I receive 5 hrs of direct sun , in a couple of weeks 6hs . In the next couple of weeks we are both going to need T-shirts and shorts when going in our GH . 5 weeks to spring buddy Yippee so looking forward to the long walks with Sugar without having to put his boots and coat on . You better start working out my friend just a few weeks to go lol. Your poor mom that must be so hard on her with all the worry with her friend and now being sick . I wish your mom a speedy recovery and hope that she is getting lots of rest time in . Going in the GH now buddy this is my R&R place . We had a foot of snow yesterday :( and another 4 to 6 inches tomorrow, I'm running out of room for all this frozen stuff . Mikey the snow is near the top of the fence and you wouldn't even know we own a pool nuts .

    Big hug to you and your mom !!!


  • calamondindave

    The Harvey Lemon I got from Stan decided to bloom this month...

  • persimmonbob

    Now the whole house smells like citrus, never seen so many flowers and new growth,hard to beat, no complaints here. Got my containermix down to a science, don,t need any help, my own experiences is the key but Al has been good to me, no question, gave me a good start.

  • Meyermike

    Dave, can't wait for mine to be introduced to warmer temps again to bloom. Looking nice.

    Brian, my dear friend!! I will be back to talk to you. I can't wait but all of a sudden I am getting dizzy. I promise I will be back. Hugs to you buddy and from Mom too!

  • nulesm

    Holy Macaroni Bob incredible !!!! Great job . The citrus fragrance must be intense enjoy.

    Dave your Harvey lemon looks very content beautiful blooms!!!!

    Just a few pics taken this morning, nothing like you Gents but they are starting.

    Gold nugget .
    Variegated Minneola.
    Olive tree . First time I don't even know what the blooms will look like when open.


  • evdesert

    Wow there’s a lot to read and go through on this thread. I’ll have to go back and read it all, in the mean time, here’s a couple flowers.

    the penstemons always put on a nice show this time of year


    Tecoma Orange bells

    And we had a visitor in the yard today

  • persimmonbob

    Brian, are you still planning to stop by? Btw, your tree’s are looking very rewarding, might slide by during the night and help myself.

  • nulesm

    Bob very very tempting your very kind. Bob you can slide on by anytime my friend I have way to many tree's anyways help yourself you would be doing me a favor !!!!


  • persimmonbob

    No Bryan, no plants, just those yellow things hanging of those tree’s, are they pomelo,s?


  • calamondindave

    Evdesert, I really like looking at your pics. Always beautiful. What kind of bird is that with the funky hairdo?

  • Denise Becker

    Looks like a road runner to me.

  • evdesert

    Thanks Dave, Yup, it’s a roadrunner, more specifically of the greater species. I’ve seen some lesser roadrunners lately too, but this one was larger. They’re always in my yard, when spring hits and the lizards start coming out you’ll see roadrunners with them in their mouths running around.


  • jenny_in_se_pa

    Agree with Denise - that looks like a road runner and didn't realize they would jump up on a wall. LOL Edit - I see you confirmed Evan! Ha!

    Brian - since you had a pic of your Shiranui - here is mine today. I was thinking the color on it was due to the light (the bulb pointing to it is a 2700K warm white one) but looking closely at it, it really is starting to color up (mainly on the side where the light is pointing...lol) so it won't be long now.

    Shiranui - February 2019

    Shiranui - December 2018 (for comparison)

    In other news, when looking at that tree and taking the pic, I did my daily look at the rest of the trees in that room and knowing this is the "dangerous" time of year, I spotted scale starting up on the Thai lime. Since I've been using leaves from it for cooking, I hadn't seen any visibly until now. So some time today, I am going to try to get that lime and its neighboring key lime sprayed with ready-to-use HO. I wiped of the scale that I could see with some 91% alcohol soaked in tissues, but need to pull the whole trough thing out in the middle of the floor so that I can get to all sides of both trees. Luckily there are relatively small.

  • poncirusguy6b452xx

    New Zealand lemonade flowers


  • nulesm

    Hi Bob the fruit are Shiranui's. The largest one is larger than a grapefruit much larger . My Tango's and Pages further up are so close to being ripe I can hardly wait.

    Beautiful Jenny those fruit will probably be orange within 4 weeks. My Shiranui's are coloring up very rapidly now . Pictures really don't give the fruit size justice , they are much larger than the pictures show .

    Steve very nice . My New Zealand and Shasta Gold have been producing flowers since I brought them in last fall , they just won't stop .


  • persimmonbob

    Brian, I have two of each of the Gold Series, two Lee Nova,s. They are all in bloom. Since I don,t have bee,s flying around yet, except the tree,s that we’re out during a warm spell I have to spray them with GA 3.

    All my fruits are gone including the Page, mandarins and oranges, still have the Meyers.

    Got 4 more containers to finish my uppottings, so that part is done.

  • Meyermike

    Brian buddy, I knew tghat was an olive tree. I love those. Mine has flowered a couple of time. usually in spring and fall. They smell so good. O you ar so funny. I was in my greenhouse this morning with swimming trunks and sandels.lol It got up to 80 degrees by 10 a.m. So I went in there with the hose and washed off all the leaves and filled the little pond in there while the faicet was thawed out. That frog was singing up a storm. I'm not sure if it was because he saw my bare legs for the first time since summer of that he was happy to get fresh water, Ha. What a very nice looking color on that variegated one. MInes like the greenhouse too. It's taken off. I would have the move the trees blocoking from getting to it to take a picture. Oh, I can't wait for the weather to warm up enough to take them out and wash down the whole greenhouse inside.

    Do you get green algea to build up on the glass in there? I don't know how to stop that. I guess I should be grateful I don't have bugs at least, or from what I can see. What's the update on the Apids? are they gone now? YOu knwo you might hate that much snow, but I will tell you this. When you get those sub arctic temps, the snow is a great insulator all around your greenhouse. As long as the snow stays around the foundation of mines. my heaters work less and it stays much warmer in there all night and day. Thank you for asking about my mom and fo caring, I can always count on you! You are a good friend. Hugs buddy

  • Meyermike

    Jenny, very nice fruit . Amazing. I have one tree in my greenhouse that has yet to bud ou. It did grow alot since winter, almost doubled in size. I love the smell of the leaves too. Nice job.

    Evan, hey, I can always depend on you for quite a show. How amzing are those plants. Are they 'perennials' for your area'? Are the native plants? Just amzing the color and I love that bushes that throw off flowers on almost bare branches. Do any of those have a fragrance? So many beautiful colors. They certainly brighten up ones day. Do you grow anything outside other than citrus in which the flowers are very fragrant? I'll bet you could grow anything, even a jasmine, a honeysuckle of fragrant roses of some sort. Thank you for having a part friend.

  • Atheen - 7a - in Maryland, USA

    I put the fallen blooms in small bowls. The whole house smells incredible. I'm in citrus heaven.

    Mike, I buy this soap on Amazon by box of 6 or 8. It's cheaper, and they deliver, lol. I just pour the whole bottle in my handy small pressure spray bottle. The mist is finer and it's easier to get the underside of the leaves. And I don't have to worry about getting it on my skin or my pets or anything because it's the only one that is completely safe. I always have at least 2 bottles of that stuff on hand. Love it.

  • Meyermike

    Atheen, my goodness! You should buy a squeezing press for flower pedalsand make your own 'citrus oil'! That is a whole bunch of them. I hear you about that soap. I have maybe 12 or so bottles in all rooms. It does a fantastic job for anything first spotted and kills them for good. It stops anything from spreading. Can't grow without it for sure. Great job and I know what you mean about the fragrance. I have one that has opened up in my sun room and I have left the door open for the fragrance to permeate throught out the whole house. A natural deodorizer for sure.

    This little thing would be the culprit. No more than a foot and a half high)

  • Kevin Benoit -zone 4b

    ponderosa is blooming again

  • TheyCallMeDave

    My Ponderosa is also about to bloom. I was looking at it today and saw buds on a few branches. I'm really liking this lemon tree... lets see how I like the fruit this time round.

  • TheyCallMeDave

    I forgot to mention, my limequat is also about to bloom... but it might be blooming because death is near.... The tree itself doesn't look great but the fruit is almost ripe.... I'd say it's 65% ripe. I'll attach a few photos soon.

  • TheyCallMeDave

    Here's the photo of the limequat...

    I'm soo excited to have limequats again... And most likely throw this tree out and buy a new one...

  • nulesm

    Bob sounds like you and I have a very similar collection. I have 2 Gold Nuggets that are growing like weeds and a Lee X Nova which is currently in bloom. My Page fruit are so close to being ready to eat , aren't they one of the best ? Sadly Bob I have no more room for any new varieties but I'm figuring that I already have the best of the best .

    Mikey buddy I have visuals of you in your flip flops and bathing suit lol in the middle of February in your GH , who needs to go to the tropics for vacation when it's all in the backyard. Mikey very jealous of your pond I would so love to have one in my GH what a fantastic idea!!! . Maybe this summer I'll put one in there but that would mean a few tree's having to go . Mikey my friend I have no algae on the greenhouse walls they are super clean . I have no sooty mold on the tree's either. We have a industrial size fan in there this might be helping. Buddy the worst is over in the next two weeks we will gain almost a half an hour of sun in the morning incredible.

    Dave love your limequat, it looks like a very happy camper .

    Mikey and Atheen incredible blooms on your citrus it must smell beautiful!!!!


  • persimmonbob

    Yes, Brian,Page is a keeper but it has seeds, use it for juice only for her. Friend of mine in California has Daysy, he and his family says it is tops in his collection . He knows because he has a good collection of fruit tree’s. I just send him a good collection of Asian persimmons/Spanish. He going to send his top choice avo,s in trade.

    I have send out 11 packages of budwood in different States last week and got offers from them of anything they grow, but I am like you, already have too many. Anyway they are very happy. My tree’s became friendship tree’s.

    With friends like that, you can have the finest verieties in no time, doesn’t that make you happy, been with citrus only a few years and already have the finest, case close!

    Btw, : Smarts plus cheap equals happy tree’s, that’s my motto.

  • nulesm

    Bob I've heard Daisy is near the top for flavor . Bob my Page fruit's are 9 times out of 10 totally seedless possibly because it always flowers inside the greenhouse were there's no cross pollination going on . Lol Bob always good to have lot's of friends who enjoy similar hobbies makes collecting much easier and also the benefit of making some very good friends at the same time . Bob I'm eyeing a couple of apple varieties for now, the Honeycrisp and Ambrosia they are delicious!!!!


  • TheyCallMeDave

    Limequats are turning yellow quicker than I expected... When I moved the plant, the smallest of the 3 fell off.... I wasn't expecting much because it was about 60% green 40% yellow and quite small.... I ate it whole and it was surprisingly good and juicy... again, wasn't expecting much. I can't wait to have the 2 bigger ones, should be ready by the end of the week.

  • persimmonbob

    Brian, if you like cheese and wines, try Melrose. Do not grow them on m7 rootstock, stay away from that one, use M27 dwarf for better taste.

  • poncirusguy6b452xx

    what about M111 rootstock. Proved very heat and drought resistant at my place.

  • persimmonbob

    M111, makes too big of a tree, what you could do, use m111 as the rootstock and than graft a piece of m27 first than your variety. called inter stem, what you get is a tree with a good root system and still have a nice size tree. M27 has not a great root system.

  • poncirusguy6b452xx

    I'll be climbing 20 feet off the ground to pick apples. I have 2 pears grafted to hybridized Bradford rootstock that should top 40 feet, where the light is.


  • Meyermike

    Brian your too funny. Lol. You know loooking outside it looks so nice and warm with the sun at an higher angle until you step outside. I can almost feel spring but defintely in the greenhouse buddy. Lol Thank you buddy. I’m forced to keep most of mine cold and semi dormant but a couple are allowed to grow all winter. Brian I took a hard fall on ice last night and I’m feeling today. Might of chipped my elbow. Ugh. It hurst a lot. Alwa a problem with algae. I think it might be because I keep the walls wet all the time. Dry humid in there because the orchids like it. The pond is tiny but enough to create humidity. Just a hole in the ground with plastic lining. This frog now calls it home. Lol.

    Hey. Text me later. I am worried about Cory. im not sure if I still have her correct email. Usually she andwers when I write her. Thank buddy. Hugs


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