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Laundry Heaven, a dream come true, Miele PW 6080

February 5, 2019
last modified: February 5, 2019

Well as you can se from the title I am getting a dream washingmachine of mine.

For a long time now I have wanted to replace my US sized washingmachine from Bosch

Sorry about it on the wrong way but this is the washer on the right hand side and the other machines I got. I might even take out the small Bosch and only have the Mieles.

The new washer is a 1,5 year old Miele pw 6080 that has very low use just over 1600 hours.

I found it in Denmark and it is being shipped tomorrow and will arrive on friday.

Hera are 2 pic. First of the machine and second shows how many hours the machine been used.

My Bosch is now 11 years and has done good. Nothing needing repairs, just descaleing due to hard water. It has started to rattle alot during spinn and haveing a hard time balancing loads so I mostly use it for big load or loads that are similar in weight and size.

I have been looking for a replacement for a few years now and alomost bought a electrolux professional last year but it was the wrong size machine.

These Mieles are super expensive new and could not afford one new but this one is 1/5 of a new machine.

It has beem used in an apartment building and when the new board came they wanted to renovate and replaced all machines, did noy matter how old.

It has been looked over and serviced and cleaned anf looks bran new.

I am so happy for finding this find. In my laundryroom I need to have the elecrician over because this needs 400 volt 3×16 amp fuses and need to sort out the pluming of wastewater because it does not have pump just a valve so in about 2 weeks it will up and running.

Comments (14)

  • Cavimum

    Congrats Linus! I hope you will get many years of good service from your "new" Miele!!!

    linus2003 thanked Cavimum

    Congratulations Linus! I can tell you are excited :) I'm very happy for you!

    I look forward to your reports after you receive it and get to know it. Horray!

    linus2003 thanked SEA SEA
  • mamapinky0

    Bjorn, this is just wonderful for you. I'm tickled **pink**. You know I would love to play in your laundry room which in my opinion is more of a castle ball room. Really I'm happy for you and I bet you can't wait for it to arrive. Congratulations Bjorn and I'm sure your new Mile will serve you well for many years.

    Hope your staying warm and not catching any chills.


    Much Love!

    linus2003 thanked mamapinky0
  • H Seattle

    You hit jackpot Linus2003!!! Congrats

    linus2003 thanked H Seattle
  • Jeffrey Caban

    Congrats Linus,

    That looks like a great machine, post up once you got it hooked up and running.

    Regarding your Bosch Nexxt "started to rattle a lot during spin and having a hard time balancing loads" I would bet the shocks are on their way out and need replacement.

    The replacement shocks Bosch now uses are much better made the the ones that originally came on the unit, much heavier duty.

    If you keep the Nexxt it might be a good idea to replace them and see if that remedies the problem.


    linus2003 thanked Jeffrey Caban
  • jtc

    Congrats. That is one awesome machine and you got a very good deal. Is that a shared laundry room with 3 washers?

    linus2003 thanked jtc
  • linus2003

    Thank you all for the well wishes. It is a dream come true and I am blessed to be able to do this, that I do know❤️

    Jeff: my. Machines have been haveing trouble balancing almost since day one, I adressed it with Bosch and they were fine. I more or less only use them for full loads of like stuff and big stuff like comforters and area rugs. They clean well but with only a 1000 watt heater and and only cold water connection, this differ from the US ones that has both it takes forever to wash.

    Jtc: it is my homes laundryroom. I live on a farm, no animals besides 2 rottweiler dogs and my partner. We have alot of people over and since it is somewhat far alot stay over so I do alot of laundry. The big Bosch and the miele are 11 years and my small Bosch I think is 8 or 9 years. My lundry is in a other boulding on the farm 10 steps from my front door and is 2 rooms, one for dirty and one for clean drying laundry and ironing-folding-mangleing.

    I will report back when they are in operation but it will be few weeks since need powerlines need to be put in with more amps.

  • jtc

    Hope your washer arrived without incident, and you are enjoying looking at it.

  • linus2003

    Thank you for remembering but:

    Slight hickup.

    The shippingcompany had trouble of some sort and I wont get the washer until tuesday between 9-1. Sad I know but since the electrician has not been here I cant use it anyway until the week after so not a big deal. The seller is gonna call the shipping company on monday again for a discount due to delays.

    I will take a photo on tuesday when it has arrived

  • enduring

    I love it! give us a detailed report. Do you have to winterize it for the trucking trip, so things don't freeze inside the workings?

    linus2003 thanked enduring
  • linus2003


    I missed you, no need to winterize, we dont have any freezing temps right now. As it does notnhave a pump just a valve ther is no water there and the hozes for waternhas been taken off.

    You all will get a report as soon it has arrived in my laundryroom and moore wjen it is up an running

  • jtc

    Any update?

    linus2003 thanked jtc
  • armjim

    The description of your homestead is fascinating to me. You said earlier you live on a farm but don't have farm animals-do you mean you live on a ranch of sorts? The fact that you have a building dedicated to your laundry must be a thrill. I hope your property is quiet and peaceful-what we don't get living in the suburbs in the US.

    linus2003 thanked armjim
  • linus2003

    jtc: no update as of now. Still waiting for the electrician to do his work. I just stand looking at my wonderful washer right now. Hopefully next week we will have power.

    armjim: I do live on a farm but in Sweden. It is a four row farm were the houses form a rectangel, so a house on each side so I have a sheltered square in the middle. This a traditional farm in the south of sweden, mine is a larger one. Were my laundryromm is located used to be farmworkers rooms.

    When we moved in the washer and dryer were stacked in the bathroom.

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