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How do you deal with a long, skinny, floppy cutting?

last year

I rooted a cutting from an old rose bush that was dying. The parent plant is now dead and I've had this scrawny little plant in my house for...I don't know how long. A year or two maybe?

(I didn't plant it when I should have because we were "about" to redo the backyard and it took a long time to get started. With luck, I can put it in the ground in a month or two.)

It staggered along until I fertilized it for the first time a few months ago and it started to get long. But it hasn't really branched. It's just one long wiry skinny floppy stem. Should I stake it and try to train it into...into what? I gently staked the first 6 inches because it was mimicking a pothos. How do I encourage it to stiffen up or to branch? I think I will have to put it in a tomato cage when I plant it because it can't support itself.

The parent plant had a weird structure so I don't know if this is similar or just what you get from keeping an outdoor plant inside. I don't know if the parent was grafted or what it was, or how it was trained in its early years. It had been espaliered, sort of. I see how this thing could lend itself to that treatment.

Any suggestions or advice? Should I treat it like a climber and get it a nice trellis? (The parent could have been a climber, but was woody and didn't do any growing by the time I got it.)



Dead parent

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