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Transplant flowers & plants too early

February 6, 2019

We just moved February 1st and will be listing our home by the end of the month. I have daylilies, irises, amaryllises, and about a half-dozen shrubs that I want to bring to the new yard, but am worried about losing them because it's too early to do this. Got any suggestions as to how I can save & transplant them? We live in Zone 8.

Comments (4)

  • signet_gw(6b)

    Can you leave them where they are and put a clause in your sale of your home that you can come back and get these plants at the earliest date possible? I doubt the new owners will be doing anything with these plants in the mean time as if it is too early to move them for you , it will be too early to remove the plants for them too.possibly.

    You would have to make sure to repair the ground where you take them from , i.e. put a little sod down where you took the bush from . Fill in the holes with soil where you removed daylilies, iris etc. Just a thought !

  • jstropic (10a)

    Geebeega, why is it to early to do this in zone 8?

  • dondeldux

    As long as your ground isn't frozen and where you want to move them isn't frozen, I don't see why you can't do it now or at your earliest convenience.

  • jane__ny

    Not too early.

    What works the best with shrubs is to make cuts to the roots now, don't dig up. Cut a large circle around the shrub with a spade. Don't move the shrub. When time to move, pull the shrub out, put in a large box or bag and replant as soon as possible. The reason is to cut the roots now, give them a chance to recover in the ground then move. Best to do this a month or longer before you dig it out.

    The other plants can all be dug out when you are ready to move. Bulbs can be transplanted now in your zone.


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