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David Austin Desdemona - do you grow?

Rekha A
February 8, 2019
last modified: February 8, 2019

How does she perform? Would full sun in 9a (Houston) fry her blooms? They look so delicate. Does she ball? We get a lot of rain and humidity and its one more thing I have to watch out for.

How large does she get? Would a large container work?

Thanks for your input!

Comments (12)

  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    Rekha.... this is a 'Desdemona' bloom after 24 hours non stop torrential rain... I'd say it holds up rather well.. I'm not sure about humidity or frying though..

    Rekha A thanked Marlorena-z8 England-
  • Rekha A

    Beautiful...i have her in the cart, just needed to make sure she can handle our wet climate. How large does she get for you?


  • Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

    I’m in Tennessee where 100 percent humidity is pretty normal ( ask my giant hair ! Lol ) and it does not ball . It is beautiful, like a shimmering white color . I say go for it !

    Rekha A thanked Lilyfinch z7 mid tn
  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    Seems to be about 4 x 3 foot but I keep it pruned that way, a little lower as it's against a low 3 foot fence and I don't want it to go much above that... but you should bear in mind that the occasional plant may throw up a climbing cane, like some Austins do... of course this is my climate, so I've no idea about Houston... I'm surprised you get so much rain, I really didn't know that... and your heat and humidity would be something I probably haven't experienced here... although my roses - I have a short hedge of them - held up well in 3 months of drought and 80's and 90's temps last summer without watering.. full sun.. so it's a good do-er by my standards even in extreme conditions [for us]… this may be nothing for Houston though..

    It's a beautiful creamy white rose, here's one of them behind 'Anne Boleyn'..

    Rekha A thanked Marlorena-z8 England-
  • Rekha A

    Thanks Lilyfinch and Marlorena, I'm going to try her.

    Yeah, we get pretty high temperatures, june, july and august we stay in the 90's and we get spells of 100 degree weeks. Average rainfall is 53 inches, not sure if that is high or not, but it seems like it always rains, summer/winter. Very very high humidity. Just for fun:


  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    53 inches?.. goodness, I only get 22 and we think it's wet... your link says long, hot and oppressive... be interesting to see how this rose does in those conditions... do let us know sometime... seems ok in Tennessee...

    Rekha A thanked Marlorena-z8 England-
  • Rekha A

    Oppressive, miserable...several adjectives come to mind. Everything comes to a halt during summer, and picks up again late august. Some vegetables seem to keep going. But in general its too hot to be out anyways.

    i would not mind the summers if I could grow tropicals, but no, once in a few years we get a severe winter that kills everything. 2017 we actually got snowed on 3 times.

    Most houses only have knock outs.

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Can’t recommend Desdémona enough beautiful rose and healthy here. It always opens and It is a sweet sweet rose to have in the garden.

    Sorry old picture. Everything is looking rough right now. You will love this rose.

    Rekha A thanked dianela7bnorthal
  • Rekha A

    Great! I've ordered it, will update on how it does.

  • Amanda Zone10Socal

    I just got her too and put her in part shade because i was afraid she would be toasted. We’ll see how it goes!

    Rekha A thanked Amanda Zone10Socal
  • vaporvac

    Beautiful. Maybe I need a taller white. I've only got The Tooth Fairy, Bolero and a couple of short polys. Hmmmm. So pretty. Oh yehr, I have Sugar Moon, but she defoliates all the time. I keep her for those gorgeous fragrant blooms. Dianela, what is the gorgeous red with her? Is that Dark Desire?

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Hello Vapor, yes that is Dark desire. Dark desire is a beautiful rose with a great scent to my nose, but it is a monster rose in my garden. I had to prune it 3 times last year to keep it from overwhelming Desdemona and everything on its path. In my garden Dark desire is almost 100% disease free also which makes her a keeper.

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