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February 8, 2019
last modified: February 8, 2019

I had a new granite countertop installed 3 days ago. The guy that came today to install the backsplash noticed 7 cracks in the granite and refused to do any work out of fear of being held responsible for any damage. Until he pointed it out I did not notice it. I called the granite installer and he came to see it. He said its not a crack and that this is a normal characteristic of granite. I need an opinion. I can feel it when I run my fingers over them. The go through to the other side. I still owe 40% to the granite installer. Is this something that affects the granite? Is it a crack or a fissure? What can happen to the granite?

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  • adxenes

    here are some additional pics

  • mainenell
    They look like cracks to me.
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  • PRO

    They look like cracks to me, too.

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  • tqtqtbw

    Is the granite under support sturdy enough? Did you see them install it? Do they look filled to you? I can't imagine that they would be able to carry a slab with a crack like that in it.

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  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    They look like cracks to me as well. Also the fact that you can feel them is problematic. If it were a natural vein you wouldn't be able to feel it with your finger.

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  • adxenes

    My husband saw them install it He said they installed it and removed it about 4 times. I have granite in my other kitchen and it doesn’t have a single crack in it and that one was installed almost 10 years ago. The installers left wood sticks holding it up and told us not to remove them for 5 days. Im in love with this blue granite countertop but the cracks have me worried.

  • tqtqtbw

    When our granite counters were installed, they were ready to go. No sticks, etc.

    I bet they broke it on installation and the fix is failing. Time to get the owner of the granite company involved.

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  • adxenes

    The installer works for the owner of the granite company and it’s the owner that says that cracks are normal

  • MountainView

    Can you post a picture of the "sticks"? That sound really odd. And I agree that my non-professional eye says they are cracks, and I'd want a resolution other than "live with it" which I think is what the owner wants you to do.

  • artistsharonva

    That's a crack. Bummer.

    Since the owner is in denial.

    This is what I would do.

    Tell the owner you do not feel comfortable paying in full until you can have another countertop fabricator come inspect & verify it is ok as is. Once you feel everything is correct, you'll be glad to pay.

    Get a neutral specialist to get an unbias opinion on site.

  • lizbeth-gardener

    They sure look like cracks to me and the fact that you can feel them makes it seem even more likely they are cracks. I would be very upset. I agree with artistsharon's plan-just make sure it's an independent fabricator that you select and not one that he sends out.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    The owner is trying to weasel out of replacing this. his installers probably caused this by the many fittings they did w/the slab. This is Blue Bahia, yes? I had a remnant of this and it cracks very easily.

    the cracks you have circled are not normal fissures in the stone. they are damage. they are cracks caused by improper handling.

    when you bought this, was any mention made of these '7 cracks'? No.

    call in a 3rd party and get his opinion. But I would withhold any remaining payment until this is fixed.

  • oldryder

    I am a fabricator. Look like cracks to me … and not unlikely if the installers had to set and remove the pieces several times before the parts fit correctly. (Most cracks happen during install) That said; if the tops are properly installed (meaning they are supported adequately and consistently) a competent fabricator could repair the cracks such that you'd have to look for them to see them. If a feature on the stone looks like a crack, goes thru the edge, and can be seen on the underside it's a crack. Fissures, which are common, do not go thru. If your fabricator can't make the cracks nearly invisible with repair work he should replace the pieces. Don't pay the rest until your are satisfied. Good luck.

  • PRO
    Precision Granite & Marble

    We have been fabricating and installing stone countertops for some time. A lot of the time homeowners have a misconception of what we do with the slabs prior to installing it. As a norm we cut and fabricate the edges only. We do not make Natural stone. We Fabricate and Install what has been hand selected by you - the customer. Part of the beauty of stone countertops are small hairline fissures and cracks - this again is natural. My suggestion to all my homeowners that select natural stone is love every single inch of the slab - imperfections and all because we cannot make it disappear if it is in the stone.

    We work around (where possible) inclusions and holes as best we can but we do not control or make lines in stone disappear or surface polish any material. As long as your Countertops are fully supported, those little lines/cracks can be filled in with a penetrating epoxy and although they will not disappear they should not separate or get any worse with normal use.

  • pigeen

    Except those aren't "little" lines/cracks.

  • NewEnglandgal

    Precision Granite and Marble I would in no way accept those cracks as fissures. I am no expert but have seen enough to know those are not normal. OP were these present when you chose your slab? Do not accept something you are not happy with.

  • artistsharonva

    Do you have any photos of the slab before it was brought to home or during install? If so, blow up the photo & see if the cracks are present beforehand.

    Good lesson for future & to others to get lots of really good photos from mant angles of slabs for proof you got what was ordered.

  • tqtqtbw

    Also, do you have photos of the supports/plywood, whatever they use under countertops to support all that weight?

  • zmith

    I know this is not help but I could not help but comment on how the closeup shots look like a Monet painting of a bluebonnet field. Sweet little blue flowers. :)

    I hope you took pictures of your slab after selecting it at the stone yard, and I hope your fabricator fesses up that these are badly repaired cracks.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    There is no way those are natural fissures and also what the heck were the sticks for unless they glued those cracks and were supporting them which also makes no sense if the granite has proper support .Are you sure that id blue bahia because I have used it quite often and it never looked like that with so much white these are just a couple of samples I agree too that pictures of the slabs could be a helpful tool in this argument.Blue bahia is incredibly expensive and if that is what you have get ready for a fight and do not pay one more penny until this i rectified.

  • Debbie Garrison

    Looks like cracks to me as well, plus you can see some epoxy fills below the crack....So if the fabricator wants to fill those cracks, you know what they are going to look like. I dont see how he is going to get them smooth without grinding them down- IN Your house???

  • Cheryl Hannebauer


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